expired Aldi Kuchef Bread Maker $69.99

  • Three browning levels and loaf sizes (750g, 1000g and 1250g)

  • 13 hour programmable timer with LCD screen

  • 13 different programs (Basic, French, Whole-Wheat, Sweet, Gluten Free, Rye, Quick, Italian, Dough, Pasta, Milk Bread, Jam and Bake)

  • Auto keep warm for 1 hour

  • Power failure back up

  • Cool touch exterior

  • Large viewing window

  • Non stick bread pan with two kneading blades

More info at kuchef.com.au 

Design and features look similar to the Panasonic SD2501, with the welcome addition of a view window.

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  • +10 votes

    making your own bread can save you a lot of dough


    Anyone gotten one of these in a previous year?


    This is just the same as the last year with a new name. I am using the last years one to roast coffee. dont know if it makes good bread thou.


      I hardly ever make bread, but I make pizza dough often. I just want to know how good it is at that. My current bread maker is okay but small.


        well if kneading is all you need i dont see why it wont work. It should hold more dought than most bread makers as its a rectangular container as opposed to the normal square container


      how does it go with the beans? i used a popcorn maker but it kept burning the beans

      • +2 votes

        its quiet good with beans. I suggest you move to bread maker. Much much better than a popcorn maker. and buy a heat gun with adjustable temp.

        Not sure if this Aldi i s the best one unless you modify it or are satisfied with the short kneading cycle


          I was going to give away my old bread maker until I read this. What settings do you use for roasting coffee beans? Is the heat lamp strictly necessary?

        • +1 vote

          you mean heat gun? I think it was the pasta setting to roast the beans.You get around 2+12 min(2min intermittent and 12 min continuous) And yes you use the heat gun to control the temp(not the bread maker heating element). remember that with roasting coffee beans you want to ramp the temp and not provide all the heat at one time.


    Can you make yeast free sour dough with this?

  • +2 votes

    Bought this last year, wasted days trying to get it to actually bake a loaf that had a decent rise. Bread always collapsed in the middle, tried differing quantities of water, differing flours and yeast, bread improver, you name it. Nothing worked. Frankly I think that it doesn't get hot enough.

    Conclusion, does not make bread. An immense waste of my time and money with regard to ingredients. Took it back for a refund but won't get the time back. That said I learnt a lot about bread,

    Have a breville one now and it does the job, heard good things about the Panasonic too. Don't buy it.

    • +2 votes

      The Panasonic SD-2501 or the Breville BBM400 are much better than this.

      • +2 votes

        Agreed, pricier though. But, they work.

        That's kinda important. I bet people still read this and buy it anyway though. Aldi's weird like that.

    • +2 votes

      Some more info: I bought this around Oct 2013. Lumina Signature brand but looks identical to this kuchef. It was on run-out for $49.

      Also tried it for the full 60 days. Used Laucke bread mix and also felt it did not get hot enough to bake properly.

      Almost sent it back until I decided to try one of the recipes that came in its booklet. I realised, they recommend much less water (around 270mL for a 750g loaf) than with other bread mixes or recipes suggest.

      Anyway, tried the french bread setting for smallest loaf, darkest crust, 1 1/2 teaspoons yeast, and 1 1/2 tsp bread improver and it turns out a fantastic crusty loaf (but the top is still a bit softish).

      I have had to stuff the fruit and nut dispenser which I don't use with multiple layers of foil to stop excess heat escaping. I also generally cover the entire inside of the lid with another layer of foil.

      Anyway, this is what works for me. If I had the money I'd definitely get a Panasonic, but if this lasts 3 years for $49, I'll be happy.


        That's correct, "crater bread" indicates too much liquid.


        I did everything but block that vent, should have tried some foil. And yes, drastically dropped the water content of my mixes and still no success. Good to see you had a win.


    i knew i should have waited before buying a bread maker. why do aldis always have to keep people guessing when they are putting certain items back on the shelf. sigh.


    I have a lumina bread maker from Aldi. Was the same price as this… almost looks the same. I use the lumina at least twice a week, and have done so for more than a year.

    I had to figure out a basic recipe as the one in the book wasn't the best… but it works..

    Can't argue with this price…

    • +1 vote

      May I ask what recipe you worked out because a lot would be keen to hear..
      Thanks in advance.

  • +2 votes

    Never understood the concept of making your own bread.

    1. Takes you at least 3 hours to make.
    2. Ends costing you much more than buying a loaf for a few dollars.

      To be honest, not one single bread maker machine able to make a better loaf of bread than Helga white bread.

      It's not worth making your own bread unless you live in a country area or a remote town where no supermarket near you within 20km.


      You forgot to add in the electric cost about 50 cents to make a loaf of bread. Plus good bread mix, yeast sachet and bread improver. total cost per loaf reach up to $4.00. Is it worth all the hassle? No!!

      • +3 votes

        I think you're a bit wrong with the electricity cost. A lot of the 4 hour time is allowing the dough to rise, almost no electricity at all. Perhaps 1 hour cooking and that uses 800w for part of that time to warm up and much less to maintain a temperature. Then some mixing time where the unit might use 100w.

        "Hot" fresh bread is probably an experience you may not have had with Helga bread.

        You could literally make 50 loaves with a big packet of yeast or bread improver. Bread flour can be had for about $10 for 12kg.

        Once you really get a recipe that agrees with your breadmaker, it really is about 5-10 minutes to measure ingredients and set and forget.


          Yes, constipated's calculations are more like it.

          Also even if you go for ready mixes, it's not as much as PW thinks. 5kg of multigrain mix makes 10 full loaves. That's $1.25 of mix each time. I've got the prep time down to a few minutes before going to bed.


          Yeah it takes me afew minutes to get the preparations done and everything else is start and forget. My breads come out far better than any store bought bread and i have many orders from friends and family for my breads including at BBQs etc. I make about 2-3 loaves a week and have been doing so for about 10 years now. Never considered going back to store bought bread, BUT store bought bread does last longer and does keep its texture longer.

    • +1 vote

      Hahaha, you need some taste buds.


    I've given up on this bread maker and will be returning it to Aldi. I've been making bread in bread makers for 15 years and this one isn't a patch on any of the others. I have a Panasonic which is amazing and has never produced a sub-standard loaf - only bought the Kuchef because of its horizontal loaf. Sick to death of wasting time and ingredients so I'll be using my Panasonic from now on.


      Sounds like it is the same as the previous model I bought. Take it back, wasted a lot of ingredients too.

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