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FREE PINCHme Sample: Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp Cereal


New PinchMe sample up, was hidden and is now public

Uncle Tobys have introduced delectable new flavours to the Oat Crisp range including Hazelnut & Strawberry which combines delicious strawberry pieces and roasted hazelnut along with an old time favourite Oat Crisp Almond which has a delicious sprinkling of sliced almonds.

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  • +16

    another ozbargain exclusive :)

  • awesome ! thanks !

  • +4

    This is great, getting the early notifications - thanks, OP. It always seems to be such a bun fight to get PinchMe samples.

  • +1

    These are my daily breakfast and loving the taste!

  • damn my account got locked

    • For what?

      • as a newbie, you are only allowed to receive one sample a week.

        • complete your advanced profile - 3500 extra pts, give feedback on the other items you recevied, should get you well over the line (5000+ pts)

      • If he mean he got ban then most probably double dipping is the cause.
        7.4 Each member is only entitled to have one membership account with us. We reserve the right to close any multiple accounts belonging to the same Member without notice.

        • +2

          Nah, I believe you have to leave feedback or they'll lock your account until you do - if you don't have an email address you check too often, it's easy done.

        • Yep this is what happened to me. Now they want me to email them. Hmm…

        • It was from not answering surveys.
          Usually it's not a problem and it still lets me get new samples, but I logged into the homepage without getting a sample (to check what I had waiting at the post office) and then it gave a message saying I've been locked out.
          It wasn't until I went to get this deal that I realised I was actually barred.

    • +1

      from other comments i have seen, they are all nice and friendly on facebook but behind the scenes they are very unfriendly

      • Soooooo true Matt ;)

  • +3

    Plot Twist:

    What if this 'leak' is just a clever way to weed out the ozbargain community from their distribution lists?

    • +1

      Haha this link was emailed out to some people, so nothing to worry about :p

      • +1

        Point: Only OzBargainers they knew of currently.

    • +3

      even if it is, what is the problem?

      they are giving away free shit in return for a little bit of feedback.. which I do anyway

  • They always ask for new mobile number?

    • +1

      You always make a new account?

      • But don't you need a different mobile number for each new account?

      • -1

        Usually they say "u already claimed sample before bla blah…"

        How do u claim multiple sample under 1 account then?

        • +3

          You read… that would probably help.

          Level 1
          Access to up to 1 sample per week.

          Level 2
          Access to up to 1 sample per day.

          Unless what you mean is you want to claim multiple sample of the same product, in that case you don't. You had your share let other people enjoy it too.

        • Oh pls like I don't but for whatever reasons does not work for me… can still login but cannot claim.

  • Thanks.

  • +5

    It's amazing how fast and willing I am to give up my personal info (name, address, phone number) just for some free cereal.

    Thanks OP!

    • +4

      What I always do - give a name close enough to my own, but not actually my full name and perhaps add a "Dr" in front - that way if I get any shit I'm not expecting under that name, I know it's marketing bullshit and can bin it.

      • I have heard, for example, of people getting "fines" to be mailed off based off of unscrupulous businesses that have your info so it avoids that heartache too.
      • Great suggestion..
        My parents wanted me to become a doctor..
        From now on I am Dr Jee

        • Doctor of mu'fu' OzBargain.

  • +1

    Thanks OP :) :)

  • +2

    Looks like that PinchMe is giving away free samples every fortnight. Will keep an eye on it. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Usually weekly

      • True usually weekly on a Tuesday but next one was meant to be released next Tuesday 8 April?!?!

    • i remember seeing a thread somewhere in the forums many moons back suggesting that they wanted to go subscription based and possibly only releasing 1 sample a month.

  • +2

    love the freebies.. thanks OP

  • anyone else have any issues with verifying your mobile number? just created an account yet when i try verify my number i dont receive any message…

  • -3

    Can anyone tell me how to get theses samples?!
    I even couldn't sign up with PINCHME

  • I've been a member for a while and just claimed the sample…nice one thanks :)

    Not sure why people can't join up or verify their mobile.

  • Its easy to sin up and verify your number You must be doing something wrong Thanks Pinch Me love the samples

  • +1

    Finally a PINCHme deal that hasn't run out after the first hour!

  • why is this listed as expired? I just claimed one…

    • Maybe its run out for new members??

      • Nevermind just read the rest of the original post. my bad.

  • +1

    This was intended to be a targeted offer from PINCHme although it was publicly accessible and even encouraged people to share after claiming it

    i thought it was targeted at ozbargainers :)

    seriously though, i don't know how they expect it to be targeted-only if they encourage sharing the link.

    • Exactly right. That's how I received it, from a friend sharing it which the site asks you to do, like you said :p

      • +1

        Bit of back tracking by PinchMe by the sounds of it!!!

  • +2

    Been with them for a while now. I really don't understand their feedback. They sent a shampoo that felt like it had hydrochloric acid. It was burning my scalp! In the feeback there was no way to tell them. It was just, "Have you purchased since receiving?"

    • +1

      I like when you need to give them feedback on pet food and the question: "what did you think of it" with answers; "not really for me, liked it, it was OK" etc… My cat ate the cat food, not me, so the answer is always going to be not for me sigh I have no interest in eating/taste testing cat food.

    • Did you try that deodorant which smelled worse than the smell it was covering?

      • You mean the little black can? I also ordered the women's deodorant they had just before this cereal, but we didn't receive it. Did anyone else receive that? Because it didn't arrive, I'm worried one of two things could happen:

        1. I say I received it but they didn't send it out on purpose to check if people are just saying they did to collect the points - and they stop sending me samples.

        2. I don't leave feedback because I never received it and they stop sending samples, thinking they are not reaching me.

        • I received mine and quite a few others did.

          If you didn't receive it, be honest, when completing feedback click on the 'I can't button' and then say 'item not received'

          Just give it a couple weeks until the feedback is due in case it turns up.

          You won't be penalised for it and will still receive samples, it happens.

        • I received mine too realfamilyman

        • I don't leave feedback because I never received it and they stop sending samples, thinking they are not reaching me.

          apparently they lock your account for 90 days if you don't do feedback. just fill out the survey with any random answers, even if you haven't received it yet

        • Got mine; you didn't miss much, I'm telling you - perhaps the women's was better, but that men's stuff was B.O in a can.

          As for your worries: just take a breath and accept that the absolute tipper-most-topper-most-worst thing that could happen is you not receive free samples for a little while. It's all good.

        • Thanks to all. I'm about to fill it in now as not received.

  • +2

    Just got them. Thought there would only be one, but it's both as pictured.

  • +1

    Got mine today. Haven't tried them yet.

    Thanks OP!

  • Got the samples yesterday, Tried them today and they are really nice!

  • Got them today, very boring - just tastes like sugar and not much else (which doesn't surprise me as it's 22% sugar!!!!)

  • yuk the samples came couple of days ago, would not buy this product, when are the new samples out for this week?

    • This is the new sample for this week, it was released publicly just before.

  • so nothing new, just the yuky cereal?

    • Yup

  • can't wait for my breakfast to arrive!

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