[April Fools] OzBargain acquired and changed to CatchBargain

Yes. It's a coordinated April Fools' Day prank with the Catch of The Day. See updates here. For those who missed out, here is the screenshot of OzBargain home page between 10AM and 5PM on 1 April 2014.

Original Post

tl;drOzBargain has been acquired by Catch of The Day. We will change our name to CatchBargain and all staff will move into The Catch Group’s Melbourne office.

The Story

OzBargain is currently in its 8th year of operation. Started as a little humble blog back in 2005, and these days hundreds and thousands of Australians flock to OzBargain everyday to share, discuss and discover the latest Eneloop deals, Domino’s pizza coupons and cheap Steam games that you never will find time to play. Yada yada yada. Yes I know many people already know about the history of OzBargain and the rest probably don’t care. History is not that interesting anyway — we ought to focus on the FUTURE of OzBargain. That is what this post will be about, concerning what lies ahead of our beloved website.

Back in February this year, our community manager Neil visited Catch of the Day office in Melbourne, and that was an eye-opener. FREE snacks (yes, candies!) FREE gym, FREE basketball (to balance out after way too many sweets I guess) and all you can play GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64! Yes that very game that almost failed my uni degree. It sounds like a dream office for ozbargainers with all those freebies, and that got me thinking…


OzBargain and Catch of The Day go way back. They were one of the first daily deal retailers featured on the old OzBargain blog when they launched in 2006. We have witnessed the infamous Crash of The Day events at the beginning where the swamp of bargain hunters hammered their website into oblivion trying to snatch $199 Nintendo Wii. We have seen how the group has grown — Scoopon, GroceryRun, MumGo, etc. Whereas OzBargain — well, after 7 years we are still working in our PJ's in our own homes (in my case, my garage) having to buy our own lollies. That, is about to change.

At the beginning of March I emailed Gabby congratulating him on the achievement of The Catch Group, also mentioned Neil's trip to their office. The conversation turned to how OzBargain has been going, and the next thing you know — Catch of The Day has offered to acquire OzBargain! With the lure of FREE lollies, FREE gym and the prospect of playing basketball and GoldEye every freaking day, the decision was a no brainer. So this is official —

OzBargain has been acquired by The Catch Group for some undisclosed sum plus benefits including unlimited free snack bar access, unlimited gym access and basketball games all day everyday. All OzBargain staff will move to The Catch Group's office in Mulgrave Melbourne.


The Changes

This must come as shock to our community. It is understandable as there seems to be a love-hate relationship between OzBargainers and Catch of the Day — we can’t stop calling them names and voting down their deals, yet we kept on buying their bags of crap. What is going on now that OzBargain itself is in bed with that evil retail empire?

There is no need to press that PANIC button yet. Although OzBargain is now part of The Catch Group, we will try very hard staying unchanged — being the independent voice of the consumers, and always focusing on the community. Here is a list of upcoming changes:

  • We will be changing our brand to CatchBargain with theme colour changed to Green and Gold (yes the true Aussie colour). Those cosmetic changes are coming soon so watch out!


  • Instead of Jason Alexander who played George in Seinfeld, we have now got Cosmo Kramer as our official spokesman, representing the typical skeptical OzBargainer.

Cosmo Kramer

  • All the Catch of The Day and Scoopon deals will get some crazy high number of votes and negative votes disabled because… Well they are the boss now.

  • All current OzBargain users will receive mandatory daily newsletters from Catch of the Day 5 minutes before everyone else in Australia gets them, completely FREE of charge.

  • We will also work directly with the Catch's team to bring their anti-Crash of The Day technology to OzBargain back end platform. Hopefully that will mean no more dreadful 50x error page during busy hours.

  • In return, Catch of the Day will honour price match and payment with multiple $99 PayWave lots from our members.

Live Long and Prosper

Or "May The Force be with You", or "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish", or whatever phrase before the final remark. Over here we would like to thank all OzBargain community members for the support. You guys made OzBargain, hmm I mean CatchBargain, what it is today. I know some of you might still be in shock, and some might even feel a bit of disappointment.

After running a community website for 7 years, I also know that no matter how much reasoning there is, haters gonna hate. At the same time do not forget all the benefit of a joined entity where all the bargain hunters in Australia can search and discover new deals more efficiently! It is not an end of era — it’s the beginning of a new future.

Feel free to leave your congratulations, feedbacks and comments below. Meanwhile I need to go and fill myself up in the snacks bar and catch some Pokemons later.


  • +42

    I feel used. lol

    • +66

      This isn't an April fools joke.

    • +2

      The only way for COTD to make this good is with another maglite special!!

    • +27

      Best ever web based April fools joke!

    • +12

      I feel cheated coz i hate catch of the day!

      If this was serious, you guys are a bunch of sell outs!!!!!!

      if this is a joke, touché hahah

    • +11

      This better be a friggn joke.. was just about to delete my account and all ties to Ozbargain

      • Its a prank guys, relax, Don't be gullible. Our hero's would never betray us by handing us over to the enemy.

        • Yeah your right.. Just send a shit load of traffic and free advertising their way… So friggn cool

        • +10

          Yeah, they'd never sell out, OzBargain is a good company just like Ocul…

          Uh oh…

        • +4

          Gerry lost out in the bidding war?

        • +1

          Yep… but fear not as Ruslan is making a Chinese built clone of the site.

    • The most heartbreaking news ever

    • +5

      Can't be true. Site still loads.

  • +61

    Hang on, what date is it?
    Oh yeah, that's right.

    • +9

      that noticeboard with ozbargains name on it looked pretty legit and convincing though

  • +1

    Haha! And thanks for that trick you showed me on how to reveal neg commenters' names scotty!

  • +5

    It's April 1st !!!!

  • +11

    Love the effort you've put in for this most joyous of days!

  • +49

    I for one, welcome our new catchbargain overlords

  • +33

    Please let this be April Fools.

  • +6

    Nice try mods!

    Nek minit: Catch Group buys OzBargain :(

  • +4

    thank gawd this is a joke…

  • +1

    Meh, April fools

  • +11

    I fell for it :(

  • Me too! Great effort guys

  • april fools prank?

  • +30

    oh god, even tho i came on catchOzBargain today knowing it was the 1st this still freaked me out. just the very thought that this could actually happen scares the s#!+ out of me… it would be a very sad day indeed to have to walk away from a site i love so much…

    please tell me you are only joking? just so i can have some peace today…

  • +9

    I fell for it as well. I completely went "WHAT…THE…HAMSTER?"

  • +1

    Haha! Fantastic effort guys :)

  • +1

    Hahaha, good effort, appreciate it.

  • Can we put this on the front page for laughs?

  • +3

    Started having mild heart palpitations :(

    I double checked the URL hadn't changed for a bit of reassurance.

  • +1

    Fooled me for 1.5 seconds.

  • +1

    lol RIP ozbargain

    On an unrelated matter.. Happy April Fools Everyone ;)

  • +1

    My jaw dropped. Good job guys!

  • My sides, they hurt.

  • +8

    Oh my god. My mouth dropped. Then I realized it was April Fools. Well Played

  • +2

    LMAO, I got scared for a minute. Then I remembered the pink format with the sparkly hearts everywhere from last year. Good sense of humour Scott Y.

  • Oh beam me up Scotty…you got me


    Maybe me panic for a while there! Good one

  • +1

    Scotty, you're fooling no-one mate. Nice try though.

    • valiant effort i say

  • +1

    April fools ya noobs

  • Nice try Scotty. I would have believed it if this was posted a few weeks ago. But kudos for the excellent write up.

  • +3

    At least register catchbargain.com.au guys.

    Shoulda done it while it was on sale. These Admins don't have a clue on how to snap good bargains! :)

    • +8

      Thanks mate nice catch. Just registered it.

    • Funny. Registering catchbargain.com.au was my first thought.

  • Have I become an April Fish?

  • sell outs

  • Well done on scaring me to hell.

    The first word popped in my mind was "Crap of the Bargain" when I saw the new logo at the top.

  • got me…bast*ards!!! ;-)

  • oh yes april fools day i forgot.

  • dammit you got me for 5 seconds…

  • +5

    Lol. I started work already on creating a new ozbargain without any affiliation to catch group.

  • +1

    Anyone catching Pokémon on Google maps as well?

  • Got me.

  • far out you nearly had me!

  • I wondered WTF, what's this change of colour scheme. Damn, hope you're pulling our legs Scotty. If you are, are there any licensing issues with the COTD mob?

    EDIT: The passages under The Changes gave it away :)

  • It would be nice if it was the other way round. BargainCatch has a nice ring to it.

  • The colour scheme hurts my eyes, change back as soon as you can!

  • Holy …. My heart sank for a few seconds. Then I remembered what day today is. :)

  • Lol, do you think Scotty would let you believe that it's an April Fools joke?

    It's for real fellas.

    Wait till tomorrow , and day after, and after……
    …. When the colours and branding stays the same.

    OzBargain, as we know, is gone

  • fooled me

    I hope its still a joke :P

  • +1

    Bloody heck Scotty- you gave me a heart attack!!

  • +6

    Traumatised :(

    -huddles in corner rocking back and forth-

  • We were fooled for about a minute :) good one, convincing.

  • +1

    Anti-crash technology!?! LOL to that :D

  • Oh no …….

  • Very funny, look out COTD don't try and sue you for using their logo

  • OMG, YOU GOT ME >.< dang fooled like an idiot

  • +3

    can't believe i read the whole post believing it…until i read the comments.

  • +1

    I just contacted COTD.
    it's been confirmed!

  • +4

    April fool please April fool please April fool please…I'll close my eyes and re-open this tab tomorrow to confirm :|

  • I cried like a baby when seeing this, can Mods delete all those April fool comments. No-one is allowed to mention that today.

  • Scotty - i hate you if i have to use catchbargain.com.au every moment. April fool….

  • u had me m8

  • I was so upset after reading that. Definitely April fooled!

  • But Scotty, you missed the favicon…

  • bahahahaa… nice one guys !!

  • Sweet baby Jesus I fell for this April fools hard.

  • Aaaaargh, VERY nice one !

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • +11

    LOL at "mandatory daily newsletters from Catch of the Day… Free of Charge"

    Nice one guys.

    • +1

      That's the bit that annoyed me most, not the "free" spam, the "mandatory" spam, I was about to go afk and hulk rage lol, too annoyed at that it made me think it was real again after I thought nah it's a joke :(

  • Incredible effort guys! Had me all the way to the end. BRAVO!

  • Yucky logo.. bring back ozbargain logo please!

    I would appreciate being able to pay in $99 paywave increments of COTD though!

  • OMG!! if it wasn't the day it is, it would be the day after tomorrow….

  • yeah - you got me :)

  • Not funny! You had me going there for a moment!

  • +2

    Far out ! you caught me Scotty until I read the comments :D

  • +1

    As the saying goes, there is a sucker at the end of the fishing line. Happy April Fools folks.

  • +3

    Lol Kramer!

  • +3

    Well done, had me fooled for a bit.

    "All the Catch of The Day and Scoopon deals will get some crazy high number of votes and negative votes disabled"

    That is what gave it away for me.

  • Brilliant job and a good effort :)

  • Hook, line & sinker… well played sir.

  • Nice work scotty :-D
    Like it better than the pink Ozbargain colour scheme last year ;-)

  • GOT ME! Forever yours.

  • +5

    I nearly poo'd my pants.

    good job

  • The first (and last) time I bought from CrapOfTheDay time my credit csrd was used to buy airline tickets in Russia the same day. Bank took care of it but never again.

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