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Free Shipping* over $30, from Your New Benevolent Overlords @ COTD


Good morning employees,

To celebrate our ownership of your community we are offering Free Shipping* on all orders of $30 and over, if you use the coupon code: CATCHBARGAIN

Please note, as per the new open and unbiased operating rules of the community, negative votes will not be allowed. We really want the community to express itself.

Can a mod please change my user status from store representative to Benevolent Overlord.

Have a good day.


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      Why are they even be promoted on OZB… Seriously April fool so or not seems like you 2 are in Bed already!

      • +4

        Well it wouldn't be nearly as funny if it were taken over by a company that Ozbargainers liked..
        The whole point is to invoke horror and they truly hit on an OzBargain sore point!

        • +3

          I bet Gerry Harvey (HN) will be pi$$ed when he finds out that we've been sold out from underneath him!

        • +1

          Would have loved to see a Harvey Norman prank.

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    Starts with 448 +votes !

    • It's a pretty good deal!

    • Interesting, the votes under NEW DEALS are less astronomical.
      Probably votes x (pick a number > 1); not votes x (pick a number) + 400.

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      i know its all a joke

      but all this attention is free advertising for COTD

      is ozb getting paid for this

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          True OzB never turns down free lollies. Good call Scotty.

        • +1

          I think the question deserves a straight answer. If there has been any sponsorship for the branding or the vote tampering this should be disclosed. April fools morning is over in many states now and people were quick to call the joke anyway.

          There are a lot of rules here and the rules should be followed even during april fools.

          I am not suggesting anything inappropriate but I think you should be clear about this when u come clean re the joke.

        • OzB staff did visit the COTD offices recently.
          Apparently they were good times.

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      Shoulda started with 666 +votes :p

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    Yes bossman!

    Can a mod please change my user status from store representative to Benevolent Overlord.

    I'll get the developers on that ASAP.

  • +1

    I'm loving this takeover already..

    • Thank you. We appreciate your business. Check your email for a discount code.

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    Please …wake me up someone… I can't live through a day where I can't neg vote a COTD deal :(

        • +4

          Spoiling the fun…


    • +7

      careful, you are bordering on getting banned,

      read the posting rules !!!

      • +5

        jv, we never knew that you are associated with COTD….

        • +37

          now it all makes sense…

        • +6

          JV of the day

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    All hail Hypnotoad Benevolent Overlords

  • Both COTD's postings start with 400+ votes!

    • +2

      Manipulate and deceive much?

      Way to build trust with customers.

  • +1

    I can't upvote my Benevolent Overlords :(

    EDIT: It just registered my vote. Thank God (aka COTD).

  • Didn't know CotD did Food and Grocery. :)

  • Nope.

  • Although OzBargain is now part of The Catch Group, we will try very hard staying unchanged — being the independent voice of the consumers………..

    . Yet no vote down option???

    • +22

      Our B. Overlord,

      We, the CatchBargain Community request that user 'rokkz' and immediate family members be banned from CatchBargain forever, for questioning the openness and independence of this site.

      • +7

        Let's invade rokkz's home but say it's all part of his family's desire to be part of the COTD community. It works in Crimea.

  • I am confused!

    • +27

      Hi confused :-)

  • +3

    Dupe. Mods please remove.
    I posted this yesterday.

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    I would probably leave OzBargain if this acquisition is for real and these kinda deals from Cotd keep appearing.

  • +3

    I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords.

  • Very funny :)

    Love the instant 400 + votes, nice touch.

  • It would be FOOLish of me not to take this deal!

  • Coupon no longer available

  • About time. Scotty has been dragging the chain a loooonnnngggg time.

  • Damn, the deal is too good to be real.

  • +11

    Catch of the Day
    All say haray!
    It makes my day
    Spending is gay
    (In a happy not homosexual way)
    (Not that there's anything wrong with that yay!)

  • -1

    This is actually quite scary, especially when i read people welcoming the COTD overlords o_O

    • Mods I can't neg this comment. Could you please increase my neg vote powers?

    • Once the excitement of the takeover dies down, I'm sure the language will tone down a little… give it a few hours, I reckon by about midday things will return to something more normal for this site.

  • Dupe

  • +2

    I approve of this. We all know that Catch of the Day has never steered us wrong. Ever.

  • free shipping code not working :(

    • +1

      Your obviously doing it wrong…

      • worked after i signed up.

  • excludes oversize items?

    • Yes, tried it on a rug and it didn't work.

  • +4

    Activate CotD sleeper agents!

  • +3

    How do I neg this deal? The neg button is missing..

    • Woot?????? I didn't notice the neg button is missing! This is ridiculous! I'm sure there'd be a throng of OZBargainers who would abandon this site if this acquisition ever come true!!!

      • +2

        The overlords took it away.

  • +1

    Hey Benevolent Overlord,

    I haven't received my commission for the votes yet….

    • +1

      You haven't met your monthly Key Performance Indicators yet. Vote more.

  • Thank you so much catch bargain team. I was waiting this deal. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

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  • +1

    Good price on Rekorderlig cider:


  • Question to our benevolent overlords, Will you be working with or against our previous My Little Pony rulers?

  • -6

    Nice April Fools Joke on being bought by COTD. Nice Nice… And so many ppl fell for it.

    • +1

      You think this is some kind of sick joke? Out. OUT, I SAY!


  • Where do I put the coupon code ?

  • Chaos

  • +1

    I actually fell for this one, and it was straight after I fell for Virginia triolis stupid joke on ABC news breakfast.

  • Impressed how the Code worked…!!!!
    Well Done Overlords lol

  • Got myself 2 7" dual core tablets. Thanks !!!

  • +3

    Some things cannot be joked about….

  • -1

    may be its the APRIL FOOL post :)

  • +17

    Some jokes just aren't funny.

    And I laugh at almost anything, including JV's crack fuelled rants.

    Frankly it would have been far more humorous if OzB had been bought by Harvey Norman, and then pricematched by Officeworks.

    • yea but i bet HN/officeworks wouldnt pay for the privilege of the free advertising/google rankings like Con Of The Day would….

      im guessing COTD's other motivation to play along with this is to try and win back some good standings with customers.

      april fools jokes are meant to be jokes… you know.. actually funny. just like most of COTD's stuff it just somewhat left a bad taste (the members posts however are awesome)

  • This is brilliant. Code works!

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  • +1


  • It is always entertaining to see fellow Ozbargainers cringe at this April Fools joke.

  • Just brought the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini for $59.95
    See if COTD did more free delivery deals I would probably actually spend more!
    Then again this probably goes against those who went with the 12 month delivery membership scheme that was offered recently..

  • +1

    please let this be an April Fools gag.

  • +1

    Oh this one got me good, until I read the comments

  • Did anyone else look at the layout and quickly look at the url to see if they typed the address properly? lol

  • lol, never coming back again.

  • not funny

  • +1

    How to neg this deal?

  • +1

    Would be really funny if when anyone posted on a COTD deal it was automatically changed to positive feedback

  • You can't silence my vo- gargle

    • +2

      In other news, my new band's name will now be Vogargle.

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