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Asus T100, Carry Case, 32GB Micro SD, Anti Virus $478 Pickup Sydney or + Delivery @ Digitalstar


ASUS Transformer Book T100 64gb
Bonus Belkin Honeycomb Carry Case
Bonus McAffe Anti Virus
Bonus 32gb Micro SD Card
$478 Pickup in Store in Auburn Sydney or + Delivery.

Strictly Limited Special ends Midnight Wednesday the 2nd of April

Full Specs For the T100

  • Intel Atom Processor Z3740 (Quad Core, 1.33 GHz up to 1.86 GHz)
  • 2GB DDR3, 64GB SSD
  • 10.1" IPS 1366x768 Multi-Touch Screen
  • 802.11 A/B/G/N (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz),WIDI Supported, Bluetooth
  • Upto 11 Hours Battery Life, USB 3.0 / 2.0 port
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Office Home & Student 2013

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  • +5

    I'm sure everyone here already has a Kingston 32GB Micro SD card.

    • +3

      LOL. Did the Rep buy it off HN too?

    • … a Kingston 32GB Micro SD card…

      or 2 or 6…

  • It would be better to make it lower price; without accessories.

    We already have an anti virus program & memory card.

  • already got T100, just want Belkin Honeycomb Carry Case

  • Not sure if anyone had or heard similar issue with ASUS’ no warranty cover on cracked screen.

    Someone's son at work said he found his T100 had a hairline crack, around 2 weeks old.

    Rang up ASUS and was told that it's a not under warranty and the warranty was then voided.

    The crack had spread almost to the other side of the screen now, the unit still works, just the touch screen not functioning.

    Replacement screen will cost around $380.

    • +1

      hmm, i'd like to offer $98 for this one

    • +2

      Stuff what ASUS warranty says, if it is only 2 weeks old and has a crack (without having been mishandled) it is not of reasonable quality so they should get all Consumer Law-y on their asses. Take it back to the retailer or ASUS and demand a refund or replacement. If they refuse and if it was bought on credit card, see if they can do a charge back or whether it is covered by an applicable purchase insurance.

      • Not only is it illegal to refuse warranty but they could also be fined for misinforming consumers about their rights - if in fact the above from empengpro is accurate.

        Get back on the phone, call their bluff, or a Yapapi says simply take it back to the retailer as it's not fit for purpose, on top of failing to meet the standard of what a reasonable person would expect wrt warranty. In general (most) laptops apparently have a statutory warranty of about 24 months irrespective of the manufacturer's guarantee (exceptions apply).

        • Thanks, Possumbly.

          Yup, agree with your comment too. I've passed your message to the her.

          It's all up to her now.

      • Thank you, Yapapi.

        According to her son, definitely no misuse…

        I've passed your thought to the poor lady. She's waiting to hear from her CBA credit card claim, less forked out $100 excess.

        I definitely agree with you, based on statutory warranty.
        I think with cracked screen, even though there's no misuse ASUS just by default say no cover.

    • my taichi 31 touchscreen cracked after 2 months and asus quote me $583 for just screen replacement :(

  • @Rep - I don't need the Carry Case, 32GB Micro SD, Anti Virus, can you lower the price to $400?

    • no the price and bundle is the best offer we can do.

      • Is this Australian stock and brand new with a SEALED BOX?

        • yes brand new Australian stock in sealed box

        • you can sell your case for $18 to me :P

  • -1

    Hurry, there are only 84 item(s) left!

  • Thanks rep, I just bought one.

    The timer countdown for this deal on your web page indicates that it finishes 12am tonight, not 12pm midday stated in your description.

    • Thanks I will update the listing we got permission to extend the deal until tonight.