What is your best takeaway lunch / dinner under $7?

For lunch I generally use 2 x Veggie Whoopers from HJ @ $5.95 :)
What about others?


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    Subway had a deal recently, 6inch, cookie, drink for 5.95.
    Not sure if it still going.

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      This is a decent deal but I found something for $0. Just get hungry during the day and as the shops close they throw all the good food out the back into the dumpster. Have a quick scavenge in there and you'll hit all your macros + get those goody vits and minerals. Pretty much a buffet dinner for free. Best places are the independent upper class "fast food" places. If you get sick you can just get benefits from centerlink/health insurance.

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        true ozbargainer. brought a tear to my eye

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      Its not available anymore. But a favourite, but $5 6" subs is a good value as well with Avocado and baby spinach.

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    Domino's pizza with coupon or footlong meatball sub

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    I love the pork rolls at your local Vietnamese joint. Usually around $4. Quite healthy as well

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      I love banh mi, but doubt they're so healthy :P Processed meat, fatty butter and pate, wouldn't be low in salt, and the carrots are pickled in sugar and salt too.

      Tasty as hell, and by no means the worst thing you could eat for cheap, but yeah.. probably not so high on the healthiest foods list lol.

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        also the marinate they use for the pork is basically MSG and Sugar

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          mmm delicious.

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          For some reason my brain read that as "also the urinate they use" had to do a quick double check

      • I'll pay extra for more pate but I haven't yet tried asking :(

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          Most bread roll shops I've been to are happy to customise. Just be clear with your order. I've been asked many times if I want pate or not, so I presume that many people out there prefer no pate.

          Asking for extra pate just balances out the non-pate orders. I bet they won't even charge you extra :) unless you go asking for extra everything (or extra meat) lol.

          mmmmmm pate. The pate, butter, seasoning sauce and the pickled carrots are my favourite bits. And the coriander. I could eat a fat bread roll just full of those and nothing else lol.

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      processed mate

      2 isn't enough for me, they have little nutritional value

    • hmmm 400+ calories of processed, low gi, high sodium foods. What else do you classify as healthy eating?

    • Damn! I guess you guys are right, they're not healthy at all. No wonder they're so tasty!

      • godofpizza on 08/04/2014 - 09:03

        also the marinate they use for the pork is basically MSG and Sugar >

    • Healthy…bahahaha

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    $5 chicken katsu curry with rice and salad from Bento in post office square Brisbane.

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      The shop is Mr Curry, $5 only if you order before 12pm.

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        Mr Curry is a different one, around the corner. Bento is opposite Hungry Jacks. The Bento one is very similar to the Mr Curry one, but it's $5 all the time and I think it's slightly better :)

    • Thanks for the tip! I've been stalking Hanaichi all these years! Time to try a new chicken curry joint.

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    Any of:

    • 2 fat sushi rolls for $5
    • Banh mi for $4
    • Falafel vegetarian kebab at my local charcoal chicken joint for $5.50
    • Takeaway Thai curry+rice for $5 (if you go after 5pm they go on special - in food court)

    All my other favourites are around $7-8.

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      You can get x3 sushi rolls for $6 at Tokui Sushi near Melbourne Central, or Diane's which is even cheaper.

      We also have DonDon.

      • Tokui are the best!

      • But I'm in Sydenee :P

        Our DonDon equivalent is Menya Oiden. If you're ever in Sydney and want a cheap rice bowl, that's your target. Next door is the sister store, Menya Mappen. They have the same setup, only it's noodles (udon) rather than rice. ooh yeah.

      • DonDon is amazing! :) I remember going there when I was an impoverished International student. I believe it's still cheap as chips IIRC from my last trip to Melb.

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    $4 Zaatar with oregano and cheese from Pizza 2 Kebabs at Lalor Park. Then grab a can of Pepsi Max from the IGA for $1.

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    Vietnamese roll $5.20. Runs out around 1pm everyday.

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      You should tell them to stock in more ingredients.

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    Another vote for Banh Mi! $4.00 at my local.

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    $2 Maccas chicken n mayo + $1 fries + free medium drink

    • Ditto (I still get the McDouble though). I'm trying to avoid Maccas and the like now though

      • The McDouble isn't on the two dollar menu anymore - been replaced with some BBQ cheeseburger.

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          Yep trying to copy HJ's latest.

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          I honestly get disgusted by that BBQ cheeseburger, I'm pretty sure it's just them reeling people in with the delicious McDouble then trying to upsell them onto other stuff once it's taken away.

    • Medium drink isnt free on the loose change menu :(

  • Subway - 6 inch - $5.45
    Sushi - 2 rolls - $5
    Japanese pancake - $3.50 to $4.50

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    mie goreng $0.30

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      should then make that 10 packs of mee goreng for $3.00 dinner ;P

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        That can serve a whole family of four right there!

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      You beat me to it. Was about to type this!

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      Except people don't actually eat one packet, do they?

      I eat two at once. $0.60 meal.


      • Ones enough.

        Tin of spaghetti or baked beans $2.

        I'm eating a can of Red Salmon (100g) and some Jatz today.

        If it working out of the office lately I've been having HJ Stunner Cheeseburger meals $4.95 at Griffith, but $5.25 @ Albury.

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    30c cone

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      hardly dinner cummon…

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        2x 30c cone

        • 2x 30c cone in a McFlurry cup with BYO Woolies M&Ms?

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    fav would be QV sushi for $10 for 2 packs = 8 rolls - beats above sushi for $5.00

    next in line would be meal deal for 2 (under $10) for 9.95 , alternatively 2 whoppers for 6.50 or around that mark + any freebies you can get wanking your phone with the app

    lastly would be opporto burger BOGOF with voucher from coles ;) all you have to do is scourage the thrown away receipts @ the bin @ exit entrance ;)

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      That's devotion to a cheap feed my friend.

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    Dominos pizza thanks to a coupon found on ozbargain.

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      $6 Chef's Best Pizza today only!… and tomorrow only … and the day after…


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    Over here in Perth you only get peanuts for $7.

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      What about KFC Streetwise combo for $5.95?

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        The question was best takeaway. For under $7, prefer peanuts.

      • I'll get this, switch the drink for potato and gravy. So good.

    • i second that..

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    In Melbourne
    Full meal for lunch or dinner

    • Dominos pizza
    • Qv sushi 8 rolls for %10, sometimes reduced to $7 around 6.30
    • A range of chinese food next to Qv sushi for $6,50
    • 4 rolls of sushi for $6 on La Trobe St.
    • A shop called Kim Sing located at Port Philip Arcade $6.60. Your meal will be ready in about 2 minutes after you order
    • Most chinese food court will sell their boxed meal for $5 toward the end of the day

    Combination meals for lunch:

    • Chilled Soft drink from korean grocery on La Trobe Street $1-$1.5
    • Korean cup noodles from the same store $2. Yes they will heat it up for you in the microwave.
    • Pastry from Woolworths Qv for $2-$2.5, which will be reduced to $1 after 7 p.m
    • Lonsdale street 7-11 serves pretty reasonable coffee for $1. Free extra shot of coffee too.
    • Bread top, most breads are priced below $3.
    • Macca's chicken patties 2 for $3.6
    • if you are with a friend then shop a docket has BOGOF OPORTO or Thai restaurant Ghin Khao
    • Fantastic list! I realised I subconsciously knew most Of it :D

      One place I would highly recommend is a pastry place near Queen Vic Market that sells 3 dollar Boreks (which are massive for the price). I sometimes get one for breakfast in the morning and an another for lunch.

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        yes that one too. and of course for Korean food, nothing beats CJ Lunch Bar in term of pricing !!

        • Haha, Just went there 2 days ago :P

    • With Safeway, the pasteries are $1.50 after 6pm at Southern Cross.

  • Using a VIP card at McDonalds gets you a medium cheeseburger meal with either another cheeseburger or apple pie or sundae for $5.45. I found that certain Maccas hand them out in March if you go for lunch after 3pm.

    As for stuffing your guts on the cheap with a seemingly endless array of dishes has to be the Cheapie Chinese place down in Port Phillip Arcade where I think most of the regular sized dishes are sub $7.

    There's a Japanese place in Centre Way Arcade (undercover) which does a Sukiyaki Don for $6.90 (reg) which is heaps. They also have a loyalty card so once you've had 8…you get one free…which brings the long term price closer to $6.

    B3 Deli…the one with the usually massive queue in Centre Place has two other locations…one just around the corner next to Hungry Jacks on Swanston Street about 200m away in a tiny little arcade that not many people know about. They have massive baguettes all under $7 (I think)…they also have mini versions of all their baguettes (about 1/2 size) for $4. Cans of coke are only $1.5 there (I think Arthur Daley's might even be cheaper for drinks).

  • $4 pork roll from Cherry Lane in Chatswood. Add a canned soft drink for $1 more. Tasty and filling for $5. Best I've found in Chatswood so far.

    • the bread is so stale and hard there. the pies are pretty good though

      • I always get the wholemeal rolls, which are always soft and better for you anyway. The white as you said is very crunchy and makes a massive mess.

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      It's the cheapest banh mi in Chatswood, but I prefer stumping up the extra dollar and getting one from Vina Bakehouse in Westfields. Much nicer and more filling IMHO.

      • I didn't know about Vina Bakehouse. Cherry Lane is much closer to me but I'll give Vina a try next week.

  • Bahn Mi at my local Vietnamese bakery for $3.50 - one of the best value food items I've ever seen. I scrape out everything from the roll, eat just the fillings in a large bowl & my work buddy eats the bread roll.
    Bread or Wrap
    Red Onion
    Slice of roast pork
    Diced roast chicken
    Tiny sprinkle of fish sauce
    Cucumber slices
    Optional: (at no cost)
    BBQ / Siriacha (spelling?) hot sauces

    • Where about in NSW is that?! Haven't seen a $3.50 roll for eons!

      P.S. they don't usually use fish sauce. It's typically seasoning sauce like this one :) liquid MSG… makes everything taste amazing lol.

      • There's one in cabra, in one of the malls that connect the council car park and john st. Though I'm not sure if they still have it for that price. I had one a few months ago. Has to be the cheapest in the country, unless someone else knows a cheaper place?

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          Yesterday went past a shop selling the banh mi for $2.50, Vietnamese bakery in front of Blacktown station, near the Post Office. Was going to try it, but they didnt have any wholemeal roll left.

        • I'm impressed, never seen anything cheaper than $3.50, $2.50 is a decade old price.

        • I'm going to find this place and report back once I try this magical $2.50 bread roll. It's only a train stop away from me. Thank you!

        • When I was a toddler (20 years ago), my mum would take me for bread rolls at Bankstown. The bread roll shop is still kicking today.

          Back then it was between $2.00-2.50 for a roll and a can of drink deal.

          Now it's $4 for a roll. No drink. But they still make a mean roll!

          Ah, nostalgia.

        • There is only one banh mi shop (I know) that sold a pork roll for $2.00 plus free drink 20 odd years ago, it's in the old town plaza, opposite what used to be a hi-fi shop. So much has changed in the old town plaza area, one of the few shops still standing there is that banh mi shop, and a cake shop a few metres opposite it, that sells banh xu, not many cake shops know how to make it as good as that lady, which means she can charge a premium.

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        Bankstown is the best place for prok rolls. Always busy there.

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    $7 Thai lunch specials in Newtown, Sydney.
    My favourite is the pad kee mao from Thai La-Ong.
    The servings are very generous, and if you go at the right time, you get a free black rice dessert!

    • I always go there in between lectures and tutorials. Awesome value!

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    IGA Caesar salad (or Coles same stuff different brand) I think it's $5.

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    Mappen/Oiden at George Street for cheap Jap cafeteria style food :)
    Large Bukkake Ontama for $6.20 https://www.facebook.com/mappensydneycbd/photos/a.1095643258...

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      Only read 2 of those words there…and the price.

      • +5

        Not the bukkake you're hoping for… lol

        • Not best choice of words, but can confirm the food is nice :P

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          Definitely. Love Oiden! I get the veggie bowl and add extra bits to it. DIY cheap bibimbap-style lunch :D

          Everything with ontama is win.

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    I'm breaking the bank by 50 cents, but if you're in Melbourne CBD you can't beat Crossways.

    Vegetarian all you can eat lunch 6 days a week for $7.50; includes the curry of the day, vanilla lassi, and dessert.

    • Whoa, what! All you can eat vegetarian! Even I would try this…if going to Melbourne any time soon. Sounds great!

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        Lentil as Anything is also pretty amazing, you pay what you feel the meal is worth (unfortunately a lot of people rip them off).

        Lucky Coq and Blonde Bimbo are probably the ultimate dinner value; $4 pizzas at certain times of the day (mostly nights), they're amazing too! My favourite is spiced lamb, rocket, sultanas, and pine nuts.

        • I've heard of that vegetarian joint where you pay what you want. Sounds really lovely, I'd hope that people would be more generous than to try and 'rip them off' :(

          Seen some reviews too. Food looks freaking amazing. Would move to Melbourne just for that lol. Drool.

        • Lentil as anything +1. Been there. Excellent food. Coffee included. Tip Well. Been there on the last trip to Melbourne. Vegetarian Buffet Elizabeth St, Brisbane City $5 Sunday Lunch organised regularly

        • The Asian bar in Melbourne central also has $4 pizzas during happy hour and you can have Goku's Choice (beer) with it to feel Super Saiyan.

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      om vegetarian is good as well, all you can eat for $6.50


      • Yes they're great too! The curry is the same each day I believe though? However you do get naan

        • Yeah they don't mix it up much. I've been there a few times when in Melb.

        • +1

          Both crossways (excellent dessert) and om vegetarian (naan) are good choices then. Depending on mood.

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      $5.50 for concession FYI (great for students)

      • -1

        FYI. Sadly not everyone is a student. Great for the lucky ones.

  • HJ's 2 for one burgers with vouchers from ozbargain. Always a winner! :) Oh, and cheap Dominos pizza codes.

  • $4.50 Hanaichi's chicken curry and chicken hanaichi back in 2007

    • $4.50? when they were opened in QV plaza I though $6.50 was a great deal!

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