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This morning we pushed out a new user-submitted referral changes. This is an update to the previous attempt in 2012. Problem with the previous one is that it's difficult to add new stores that support referral benefits, and the feature ended up only supporting GreenManGaming and not being used much by our users here. What happened afterwards were wiki pages created for each online shop. Yes it's an interesting use of the wiki pages, but

  • Not a good idea to let any member to be able to edit everyone's code.
  • Free-form might not be the most ideal format, and hard to police everyone to edit in the same format.
  • The list is ordered rather than randomised.

What we have done now is having a single place for you to put in all your referral codes. Go to your Settings page and click on the referrals tab. You should be presented with a list of "stores" that we currently have referral support. For the comprehensive list of stores / products supported, please go to the referral wiki page.

New ones should be easily added as well if the method of referral is via a referral link (i.e. unique URL per referrer). Feel free to submit new ones in the comments. I need

  • The URL format for the referral link
  • Instructions to get the referral link
  • Benefit for the referrers and referees.

Another reminder that Affiliate Links and Referral Links are different and we do not allow affiliate links here on OzBargain.

Once a referral system has been set up for that domain, for every deal posted to that domain, a grey box will appear below the content and above the Share buttons containing a randomised referral link AND OP's referral link (if OP has submitted one for that domain and the deal has hit the front page vote minimum - updated 9/5/16). The benefits for the referrers and referees are also shown so people know what they (and you) are getting. For example this Amaysim offer I submitted. In this case including your own referral link and link to wiki becomes redundant.

Yes this is still in beta and needs improvement. Some potential issues / possible improvements:

  • Since you do not really need to put referral link in your content, you can submit deals with your link in the referral box without the deal being marked as "referral post". This might lead to abuse of people posting excessive deals from the stores offering referral. I shall look at ways to prevent it. I don't want to mark them as referral post at the moment because previously submitter can pick and choose whether to include his/her referral link. Now it's always included. 9/5/16 Update: Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum (currently 30) to show. This was previously 5, before being changed to the front page vote minimum.

  • Referral-code / coupon-code type referrals are not yet supported. For example Budget Direct, Rabobank, etc. We can potentially generate a popup containing the code when people click on "OP" or "random".

  • A good idea to let people pick and choose? For example some people might not want to use OP's referral link, not a random one either but from a list of friends.

So here it is. Give it a try guys! I will start removing some of the wiki pages later today. Meanwhile, please leave feedback in the comments.

If your comment is automatically unpublished due to the referral link, do not worry, moderators can still see it and will republish it before replying.



    Can we please get MACROS ( added? Pretty significant discount considering the starter package is $83 shipped for 7 meals, and they're amazing.


    Example referral code (Not valid but matches the format, feel free to PM me if you need the real one):

    Give your friends a taste of MACROS with $40 off, and you'll get $40 credit once they claim your link.

    MACROS ready-made meals are taking the hassle out of healthy living for Aussies. With 45+ meals and 15+ cuisines over 7 meal plans, there's something for all tastes, lifestyles and health goals.

    We deliver our meals fresh, never frozen, and use only the best ingredients to ensure maximum nutrition and maximum flavour. Dietitian-designed and chef-crafted, our meals taste as good as they are for you.

    T&C (I'm not sure if you'll allow it based on this):
    "Our customer referral program is designed to give customers a chance to recommend the MACROS service to friends, families and colleagues. These vouchers are not valid if used inappropriately, such as being published on deal sites or bargain sites. MACROS reserves the right to cancel any codes and delete credits from the sharer’s account."


      Any update on this one?

    • MACROS was added in June 2020 as per earlier comment in this thread.

  • UP banking has paused their referral program, clicking on a referral leads to

    • Hook Up a Mate is taking a break after our biggest season yet. Stay tuned for a fresh new season you can share with mates soon.

    • You can still join Up (and we really hope you do), but you won't get any bonus payments.

    Up Bank referral is now disabled until further notice.

    Update: 04/05/2021 Referrals have been re-enabled again.


    "OUR COW"

    The URL format for the referral link

    Instructions to get the referral link
    Found in my account (maybe able to access without being an active member) under the "refer a friend" tab

    Benefit for the referrers and referees.
    $20 for referrer, nothing for referee

    • Added, thanks.


    "Athletic Greens"

    The URL format for the referral link
    - ""

    • this might be some sort of shorten URL when you enter it into the address bar it changes to below, or maybe its a default URL but somehow notes the referrel code

    • ""

    Instructions to get the referral link
    - Found in account under the "Refer friends" tab

    Benefit for the referrers and referees.
    Referrer = $15 off your next order once referees make their first purchase,
    Referees = FREE year supply of Liquid Vitamin D (concentrated liquid) + 5 FREE Travel Packs with Subscription (single serve satchels of their main product)


    Have noticed that enphase energy now has a referral system.

    Format is:

    Can we get this added?

    • What does the referrer and/or referee get?

  • +1 vote

    Independent Reserve has a referral program now:

    "Earn 50% of all brokerage fees paid by the customers you refer for the first 90 days."{referral code}


    Aussie Broadband now uses a numeric referral code.

    How does the bonus credit work?
    If your friend signs up with your unique code below, they'll get a $50 discount at sign up. Your friend can sign up using your unique referral code at checkout or by calling our friendly sales team and quoting the referral code you have provided them. Once your friend's service is active, you will receive your $100 first time referral credit on your next monthly bill!

    mine is XXXXXXX so I think it's just a number or string

    • Aussie Broadband is currently set to PM-type referral, i.e. you privately message the other user for a referral code. Basically at this time it doesn't require updating, even if the referral format changes it will be kept as PM only.


    Sleeping Duck now explicitly mentions ozbargain in their referral TOS lol

    If an Advocate uses this Program in a manner that is not satisfactory to Sleeping Duck or in line with the intent of the Program (such as sharing their referral link on the 'OzBargain' website or other similar websites, or advertising or marketing their referral link), we may refuse to pay the Reward (including in respect of any or all referrals made in relation to the Program). This includes conduct on the Advocate's part which is designed to undermine the fair and intended operation of the Program.

    • Yeah the referral system was switched to PM only for that reason back in June 2020, so no one's referral codes/links are publicly listed. See here. Similar to what we do with ING and other companies.


    AHM now has a referral system

    • Can you provide more details?


    Little cupcakes has a referral system.


    A gift for your friend
    Refer a friend and they will receive one free month after their trial.
    How does it work?
    Before every invoice, we'll check and see how many of your referred friends have an active subscription (i.e. a paid subscription with a credit card on file). You'll receive 10% off for every active friend!
    What happens if I refer more than 10 friends successfully?
    Your invoices will be $0 and we'll send you a special gift as a token of our appreciation!

    Referral code looks like the following:


    The referral link format for Keychron seems to have changed.
    The old links are not working, they are still redirecting to the website but not showing the 10% off code.
    The new link format is

    • Have changed format, expired all codes and notified all users.


    Can Swyftx be added?

    format :

    • What does the referrer/referee get?


        The referrer gets 30% of the commission fee associated with all trades that your referral makes throughout the duration of their account.

        I don't think the referee gets anything at the moment


        Can it be added?

        • swyftx has been added.



    Crypto mining site

    Referral URL:

    Benefit: After 30 days Referee gets 0.5% bonus of whatever they mined in that time. Referer gets 0.2% bonus

    1. Click the hamburger menu and select "referrals"
    2. Click 'New Referral Group', name it whatever you like
    3. Click the "Copy referral link" button

    • Prohashing has been added.


        doesnt seem to let me add the url or code, says wrong format

        • Apologies, all fixed. "?" character is regex always throws things off.


    Hi Mods, could you please check the referral link in this page for Ugg Australia?
    It’s not working. Thanks

    • I've fixed some incorrect links and removed the expired codes, should be good now.


    Please add Sports Power Geelong

    $10 each for referrer and referee

    I can't add the link format because my comment keeps getting unpublished.



    Referral link:

    I assume “cliff-horse-396” is unique for each customer.

    Referral T&C:

    Referrer and referee get a $50.00 credit on your energy bills.


    There is an app called Obi that compares rideshares including Ola and Uber. You get more ride options and can save money every time!

    Referral link looks like this:

    which redirects to

    Refer up to 3 friends and get $10 for each referred who take at least one ride using Obi app.

    • As there haven't been any deals posted and there is only a benefit for referrers, we won't be adding it to our system at this time.


        Fair enough


    Hi Mods,

    Could you please check the Neuron Mobility referral link field? It currently requests the whole link but within the Neuron Mobility app, you can only copy the end portion of your code, but the OzBargain referral code field requests the entire code.


    • No worries, have changed to code only.


    Please add Workflowy to the referral. It's an amazing productivity app (web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

    • The URL format for the referral link - where xxxxxxx is a code (contains letters, numbers and some special characters)

    • Instructions to get the referral link
      Visit and grab the link under "Share this link" at the top

    • Benefit for the referrers and referees.
      Extra 250 items every month - for both referrer and referee


    ClassPass referral link format needs to be updated from{Name} to{Name}

    • That's been updated. Thanks.


    Is there an issue with Banggood, I keep getting the error message:

    "Error: Verification error - wrong format"

    • Looks like their referral system now has 11 characters instead of 10. Have allowed for either 10 or 11 characters.


    The URL format for the referral link:

    Instructions to get the referral link: Visit with the referral link, signup and get the bonus right away.

    Benefit for the referrers and referees.
    $20 discount for the referee
    $20 for the referer


    URL format for the referral link:

    Instructions to get the referral link: Go to Nonda Zus app and then find the Nonda Bucks or Make Money notifications on the Dashboard. Then tap on Refer a Friend

    Benefit for the referrers and referees:
    $10 for the referrer
    Free Nonda Zus car monitor (Valued at $59.99USD referee pays shipping, currently $16.92USD), then can earn Nonda Bucks in the app for the referee

    • Nonda has been added.

    Merged from Mojo Power Refferal URL

    Trying to use a OZB referral code for Mojo Power, I can get the code but you need a URL to use the code can anyone supply that?

    Instructions say:
    Send your unique link to a friend – this will carry your unique code through when they sign up

    • The URL structure is:{Code}


    What happened to Spintel? It was previously available for private message for a referral code.

    • Spintel no longer offers referees anything. Given it requires sending private messages and there is no benefit to the referee, the referral system for Spintel has been disabled.


    Binance format for me is not .com can you please update so I can add my code

    • OK, that's now updated to show and accept both .me and .com. Seems they are actively still using both for some reason.


    The sleeping duck discount for purchaser is now $50, not $150 as appears in the referral info box on

    • Thanks, updated.


    Can you list Unhedged?
    URL Format:
    Instructions to get referral link:
    Benefit for referrers: Earns 30% of Birchal's success fee on any investments you refer to this Unhedged's investment offer

    • I'm not sure it's suitable given the investment round in Unhedged ends in 5 days.


    I have a referral code for ABI interiors for things like home renovations tapware etc.
    User benefit is $50 off $100 spend for new user and referee.


    Linode are updating their referral program, and it's sounding pretty good for referees.

    When you refer friends or colleagues to Linode using your referral link, they’ll receive a $100, 60-day credit once a valid payment method is added to their new account. When the referred customer spends $25 on Linode services, you’ll receive a $25 non-expiring account credit.
    Your unique referral link is available in Cloud Manager under My Profile > Referrals

    The referral code seems to be a SHA1 hash, in the format

    • Linode has been added.


    Teslascope has a referral program for their subscription add on service

    The URL format for the referral link:{Code}
    Benefit for the referrers and referees: Referees receive one month of credit upon subscribing while the referrer receives one month if they have an active subscription or two weeks if they don't.
    Instructions to get the referral link: Go to the subscription page at and view the Referral Program section for your link


    The Amaysim referral code format has changed. It appears to now be "{unique code}"

    • Thanks, that's been updated.


        Hi Neil, I am getting an "Error: Verification error - wrong format" despite entering in my referral code in the correct format

        • OK, try it again. There was an 8 character limit on the code but seems you can have more now.


    The HelloFresh referral has changed.

    I'm not sure if it's like this for everyone, but I found mine here:

    Had to click the send $X and then "copy link".

    Not sure what it looks like for others though, as I still have some free boxes to send.

    • As I understand it, there are 2 offers. The standard referral is currently $100 off ($70 off First Box, $20 off Second and $10 off Third Box) . Deal here. Referrer gets $70 credit.

      There is a 2nd offer which allows people to send free boxes. That offer comes up sporadically in people's accounts however I believe you can only give out 4, e.g. this classified. I don't think this offer would work in our system given the limited quantity.


    Hi! i have a referral code for revolution beauty.

    the code looks like this:

    i believe it works as a first name then RL assuming this is Referral link?

    benefit is $10 for referee and $10 for the clicker


    dollar shave club has changed format to{code}

    • That's been updated, all codes expired, and all users notified.

      Dollar Shave Club


        Think the month free is for US only.. I can't get it clicking through our referral system


        As savage bargain noted below, some users such as myself are only getting referal codes with this format:{code}, not sure if there is a way to get it in the other format. I've grabbed the link from here: (once logged in).

        • OK, I'm not entirely clear about the 2 systems so I have added both in there.


            @neil: Think it's best to remove it altogether. Clicking through both links doesn't give you a month's free. You can get can your referral link but it does nothing at checkout for the referee.

            • @toobzy: OK, have disabled Shavedby for now.

    • +2 votes

      How did you get the{code} layout?

      Dollar Shave Club Australia is only showing me{code} and I'm getting errors if I try the format you're got above.


    Could you add Castlery as per

    The format is:{code}

    • Castlery has been added.