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Free iiNet Quota Upgrades on Most Plans!


Received an email from iiNET informing me that my Home 4 plan has been upgraded.

-original message-
Subject: Your Home 4 broadband quota just got larger
From: "iiNet Support" <[email protected]>
Date: 24/06/2009 6:48 am

Hi there,

Great news, the download quota on your broadband plan just got bigger and it ain't costing you a thing!

We've recently increased monthly quotas on some of our home broadband plans, so you can spend more time doing the things you love online.

Aside from this change, all the other great features of your plan will remain the same and you don't need to worry - this upgrade is completely free! Upped quotas and the bevy of unmetered content in our Freezone means speedy connections for you all month long.

What you need to do next
Absolutely nothing! You won't need to lift a finger for the quota upgrade to take place. In fact, we've already taken care of everything for you.

We hope you enjoy your extra quota and all the Internet goodness it brings.

Kind regards,

Andy McIntyre
GM Retail

-end of email-

Upon checking, my Peak quota increased from 15GB to 22GB, offpeak remained the same at 30GB. The only image I could find of the other plan changes is at the link above, couldn't find anything on iiNet.

A lot of iiNET users are already discussing the quota increase on whirlpool:


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  • Yay for iinet. So much better than most internet providers. Anyone know if this is happening for the home 3 plan as well?

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    Not a deal…put it in the forums. :)

  • Here's a link to a summary of the changes which includes old quota vs. new quota http://bit.ly/eXtrQTa

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    It's funny how the previous deal as mentioned by HueyData was voted up but mine is voted all the way down to cease existence. It's funny too how all the other webhosting companies can post their "cheapest" plans without anyone caring. Ah well. Guess I shouldn't be posting anything in the first place.

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