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Watch_Dogs™ Deluxe Edition - (PC) @ Origin India for ~ $30 AUD (Purchase via Chrome Extension)


Watch_Dogs™ Deluxe Edition (PC) @ Origin India for ~ $30 AUD (Purchase via Chrome Extension)

Instructions for purchase are fully detailed in r/gamedeals subreddit. (link below)

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  • Isn't watchdogs meant to be via uplay because it's ubisoft? I thought origin only did EA games?

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      Yes. No. Origin and Uplay now both sell games that run through any of the 3 major PC DRM platforms including Steam.

  • does watch dogs have MP?

      • so in 3 characters or less, does watch dogs have MP?

        • Yes.

          The game features an asynchronous multiplayer element. The "multiplayer" experience is a one-on-one interaction between two human characters in which one player secretly joins the single player experience of another player.[16] The first player (which entered the other player's world) is tasked with finding the second player (which is initially unaware that another human is in their game session - no notification is given to the second player). Once the first player finds the second player the objective is updated. The first player's new objective involves installing a back door virus into the second player's smartphone, then hiding while that virus siphons off a portion of the data the second player has collected. This stolen information increases the first player's power once they return to their own single player session. The first player must stay within a certain radius of the second player for the download to progress. Once the download is initiated, the second player is alerted that they have been hacked and that data is being stolen from their smartphone. Once the second player has been alerted of the intrusion their objective is to locate the first player who is stealing their data, and either kill the first player or cause them to flee to such a distance that the download is halted (a certain minimum distance must be maintained for the download to progress).

          It was recently confirmed that an online free roam mode will be featured in the game.[17] Other multiplayer modes include CtOS Mobile Challenge, Online Hacking, Decryption, and a racing mode.[18]

        • That sounds pretty interesting, but I can already see way it may be exploited. Hiding on top of buildings, driving a certain distance away, etc…

  • wow that's cheap.

  • confirmed working with 28 degrees card; deluxe version was in my origin account on login

  • Ahh shoot I logged in before using Hola Extensions and my account got suspended.
    Can you gift it to someone else? In that case, could someone help to buy this game for me?

    • there is currently no gift option with origin store

    • WHy did u get suspended?

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        You are breaking their ToS if you use VPN service to purchase from another region store. They implemented the suspension when people were abusing it too much last time.

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    Alright! Confirmed purchased. Thanks OP!

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      np :)

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    I always forget to play games in my Origin account :-(

    • Then you won't forget to play this since it runs from Uplay. :P

  • Undoubtedly a good price for a preorder but I'd like to know a bit more about what I'm getting before i pay for it.

    • :( What more do you need to know?

      How the game plays like? Plenty of Gameplay videos on youtube. How the graphics looks like? Plenty of youtube videos as well. There are 3 trailer now for PS3, PS4 and PC showing the graphics. The PS3 and PS4 trailers are a little dull and disappointing but the PC trailer is good.

      Total gameplay time will most likely be similar to Assassin's Creed gameplay with random collectables. Prepare to see Assassin's creed easter egg in the game as Watch Dogs and AC series are in the same world and same timeline. CtOS was mentioned in AC and is the core gameplay of Watch Dogs.

      • The released gameplay videos are of small demos are they not?

        On top of that, I'd like to know how multi-player plays. Ac 4 mp was a joke. No one touches it.

        Also how well my pc can run it.
        The specs they listed is fairly high end but I'm hoping that's just too cover their asses.

  • Damn… deciding between PC and PS4 for this one.

    • Pc master race over any consoles lol
      I basically play exclusive games on consoles only.

      If you got a gaming pc, always the pc version come first, it is cheaper not to mention, but also room for mods

      Only catch is the fine tuning / bugs etc at the start of the release.

      Origin is so far behind stream or even gamersgate … I would sit n wait for other publisher deals first

    • Get this super cheap on PC, buy PS4 physical. Not happy on PC just ditch it for PS4. Bought this one and I'm thinking of changing my DEDSEC edition from PC to PS4.

      • you havent played it and already unhappy with it?

        • I mean if unhappy with how it runs on PC, ditch it and get a PS4 copy lol.

          No doubt Watch Dogs will require some graphics muscle and I am doubting if my 670 SLI can run it on high with 1440p. My biggest regret of buying a 1440p monitor when I first build my PC :(

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      PC all the way for obvious reasons.

  • Doesn't work with my Credit card.

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      It will give error if you add the credit card during the checkout process. Try disable Hola, login account and add credit card. Don't forget to make it as Primary and then try the whole Origin India process again.

      • Thanks Letrico! That worked perfectly for me :)

        • Cheers buddy spread the word!

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    Watch_Dogs won't be this cheap for while.

  • Hey did anyone get billed the full amount instantly,as i was billed twice for $1.30 each time is this normal? The game shows up in origin and i got a email to confirm purchase.

    • That is normal. The $1.30 is a mini pre authorization to check if your credit card is valid. I think they will complete the transaction in 24 hours?

      I have them as well and I got email confirmation too.

  • Interesting that Ubisoft is releasing their games on Origin now, when they have UPlay.

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    Good price!

  • Thanks, just purchased.

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    Holy crap, the Hola extension just signed me into some randoms account. This is scary.

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      Similar thing happened to me!

      What was the username?

  • I've still got a pre-order from August last year (Blockbuster Online) that I paid $39 for (when pre-orders were just being taken).

    It's amazing to think this game's price has basically plummeted to bargain bin status and it's still more than a month away from release.

    Unbelievable how little confidence consumers have in game developers anymore and how little value developers place on consumer opinions.

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      Please don't use regional pricing as a point in low game prices. Russia and India CD keys are cheap because of their standard of living and prices are adjusted to make it affordable for them.

      It did not go bargain price. We are simply abusing the regional pricing system.

      • Use the search function. There have been a dozen Watch Dogs pre-orders in the past 6 months for prices around these.

  • Anyone know if the russion edition will work in australia in english?

    edit: nvm its region specific :(

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