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Singapore Return Ex Perth $219* Ex Gold Coast $269* Ex Sydney $299* (Scoot's 2nd Birthday Sale)


Celebrate Scoot's 2nd Birthday With These Return Fares!

Sale from 1200hrs, 4 Jun 2014 to 2359hrs, 8 Jun 2014 2359hrs (GMT+10)
Travel Period: Now - 25 October 2014 (Blackout periods apply)

Singapore Return From (Fly Fare)
Perth $219*
Gold Coast $269*
Sydney $299*
Return Fares including Taxes and Surcharges
Included Cabin baggage
Economy class - Limited to one piece of up to 7kg, (+ 3kg allowance if a laptop is carried).
ScootBiz class - Lmited to 2 pieces of up to a combined weight of 15kg.

(Add-ons not included Checked Luggage, Food, IFE, Seat Selection, Inflight Blankets,Pillows etc)

Scoot is a LCC owned by Singapore Airlines & Operates out of its hub at Singapore Changi Terminal 2
Aircraft Utilized Boeing 777-200
Aircraft Utilized Boeing 787-800 (From November 2014)

If anyone would like to continue onward from Singapore they also have birthday fares departing Singapore
Celebrate Scoot's 2nd Anniversary With 2¢ Fares! (Taxes are not included)
Bangkok / Hong Kong from $0.02
Taipei from $2
Nanjing / Tianjin / Qingdao / Shenyang from $22
Tokyo / Seoul from $22
Sale period: 1200hrs, 4 Jun 2014 - 2359hrs, 5 Jun 2014 (GMT+8)
Travel by: 28 Mar 2015

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  • +5

    $%^$^# bought ticket w them yesterday for about $550 from SYD :(

    • +2

      Unlucky :(

    • +1

      i feel for ya…

    • +2

      You might be able to get them to refund the difference if you can find the same flight for cheaper.


      EDIT: Take a screenshot and send through a complaint, maybe instead of a refund they'll upgrade you to a better seat, its always worth a shot.

      • I doubt it would get you anywhere. The same thing happened to me weeks after I booked a LAX return flight with Air NZ. I called Air NZ, was told by its representative "that's how it works, just live with it". Anyway, please report back and good luck.

        • +2

          It's always worth a shot though - I did something similar and while they weren't able to give me a cheaper price, they did give me a voucher to put towards a future flight. Better than nothing I 'spose.

        • While I agree that they're not obligated to give you the price difference, but they shouldn't be that rude to you either.

        • They got even ruder when I called again later arguing about a flight time change from their side. The girl who took my call said, after reading their policy to me once and once again and I went "You are not listening to me", "you are too loud, you need to calm down", then put me on hold for half a minute. Once she came back, I went "I am not mad, you are just not listening to me," then was put on hold again. The second time she came back, I went "Can I talk to your boss please". anyway, after a few back and forth, she finally decided to put me through to her boss. The boss did listen to my point, and tried to explain convince me they have a right to change the flight time and I can't cancel my flight. I knew it wasn't going anywhere, and got disheartened, then just gave up. But I did before hanging up put in something along the lines of that "I don't think it's right that I can't change my flight date for free or cancel it while you can change anything I have to accept it. But I don't want to argue any more, thank you anyway."

      • +1

        thnx mate, will give it a shot… better seat is not much but yeah, i didnt pay for seat allocation so it might come handy :) thank you!

  • I need me a flight home to Sydney from Sg in November. We'll see if it's still worth it after tax.

    • I think they add about $60-$80 tax :( I need one home also, hopefully i can use my $34 voucher with it

      • The annoying thing is that to pay from here I have to pay by credit card which means a compulsory 10SGD credit card fee bleh.

  • Why doesn't Scoot operate to Melbourne :(

    • Looks like they will next year after there new 787 aircraft delivery “In Australia, we’re covering west, we’re covering east but we’re not currently in between – that’s on the agenda in 2015.”

      • Fingers crossed!

      • +2

        Sounds like Adelaide…

    • I have been wondering why jetstar doesn't fly overseas destinations from Sydney, and I have to bear with a stopover at mel,gc or cairns. Maybe that answers your question.

      • The Only Jetstar International Direct Flights From Sydney Are
        Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, Bali & Phuket

      • No, not really.

  • Oops! Our booking site
    is experiencing high
    traffic now.

  • Sale has just started in Singapore im guessing that's why. I wish these LCC would have better servers

  • Site getting hammered…..

  • Anniversary sale is a waste of time. I'm trying to get Sin-Syd one way. You have to buy a return from singapore, and they only discount the return leg (which is still like 150sgd after tax.)

  • The sale confuses me. I am looking at going to Japan.
    Do I need to buy a fare to Singapore and then get the cheap return flight to Tokyo?

    I cannot seem to make it show me the cheaper fare, is there something I am missing? (It is probably really obvious and I am just being thick)

    • likely that's how it works.

    • The sale is Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth to Singapore return.
      You would first need to book your return flights for the promotion price.

      Then you would need to make a new booking Singapore to Tokyo return (Via Taipei) for the promotion price.
      They would be two separate tickets/bookings. & You would need to go through immigration & collect baggage then recheck in for your flight to Tokyo.

      You could book Australia to Tokyo return but the price would be more then booking two separate legs.

      There website is experiencing high traffic at the moment so it is hard to book right now.

    • Where are you booking from?

      I'm wanting to go to Tokyo too! :)

      • It is about $629 return from Sydney to Tokyo

        Book Sydney to Singapore return $299

        Book Singapore to Tokyo return $328

  • Website has failed 20 out of 20 times for me. I give up

    • after trying 10 times repeatedly i changed computers and it worked for some reason

      • Broken here

  • Sydney People there are still a few $299return fares for September NSW School holidays at the moment if you want to take the kids to Universal Studios & Legoland

    • Isnt legoland in Malaysia?

      • +1

        Yeah just across the causeway about 50 Minutes from Downtown Singapore, I do it as a day trip package (Return Coach and Tickets from Singapore Flyer)

        • Oh your right. I thought it was closer to KL.

        • If you want to message me about that trip I would be interested. :)

  • +2

    Wesite working ok now..

    The 2c, $2, $22 promotional fares DO NOT include taxes

    They work out to cost a lot more than the $219, $269, $299 fares

    Can fly Sing -> Hong Kong return for $155 Sing dollars using a 2c return. Still good value!

  • +1

    Good opportunity to experience business class… well Scoot's version

  • +1

    Booked flights for Singapore F1

  • +1

    I dont understand how to get return $299?
    When I chose depart already $299 and return flight $299, end up $598

    • Many of the seats have sold out. Scroll across for the dates to see if there are any left. It only works for the ones that have as their departure: $207.72 and return will come up as $91.73.
      The dates they had available didn't work for me, ah well!

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