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12x24″ (30cmx60cm) Panoramic Canvas Print $33 (Save $51) @ BigW Photos, -50% off Other Sizes


Panoramic print special has now returned! Have ordered before, quality is excellent.

Note that you'll lose just under 4cm around all edges of your pictures.

You can pickup (and order) instore. Delivery charges vary but are pretty reasonable. take the "was" prices with a grain of salt, these things are on special fairly regularly.

Price Size(in) Size(cm) Was Note
$33 12"x24" 30x60 $84
$79 12"x40" 30x100 $158 (avail for $49 see below)
$109 20"x40" 50x100 $218 (avail for $49 see below)
$169 20"x60" 50x150 $338
$184 30"x60" 75x150 $368

However, I've since been told there are some bargains available here at Photo Book Shop. delivery only, and requires you to install their software on your machine. Haven't used, can't comment on quality.

Price Size(in) Size(cm)
$25 8"x12" 20x30
$30 12"x12" 30x30
$35 12"x20" 30x50
$38 20"x20" 50x50
$45 20"x30" 50x75
$49 12"x40" 30x100
$49 20"x40" 50x100
$59 30"x40" 75x100
$99 40"x40" 100x100

for Big W:
Orders must be finalised by on Wednesday the 18th June for in-store and midnight 25th June for online

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  • Thanks OP and thanks for your last photo book post. Got a bit late while finalizing my photo book order last night and they charged me full price.. Any way to get them to charge the discounted price? Never dealt with them.

    • full price would be v expensive! considering there are always some specials from now and then, also from other competitors.

  • I'm thinking about getting a canvas print as a birthday present but have never bought one before.

    How long do they last if it's out of direct sunlight?

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      I've got one on the wall out of the sunlight. Looks the same as it did 2 years ago. IMO the quality is excellent.

      • Same here! I got 2 more canvases last week from BigW, same excellent quality for the price(always buy when on special) and the colors on my 4 -last year's- canvases(direct sunlight hits them 1-2 hours every day)look the same as the new ones ;)

  • how good the prints are from big W? never use it before, any idea?

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    Is there a minimum recommended resolution required for these?

  • +2

    where is the best place to get high resolution art work for print?

    • Add imagesize:6000x3000 to a Google images search to get larger images.
      A little drop down should appear for you to select other image sizes after that.

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    Google image search? Just search what you want and filter the search to your desired resolution. Goes all the way up to 70mp.

  • Here's a Scoopon deal for a 1m print for an extra $15 + $10 delivery.

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