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Last of Us PS4 $52.99 Pre-Order @ OzGameShop


No "Day One DLC" with this one, which is mostly skins and weapon speeder-uppers. Very cheap though.

Referral link if you wanna be a top person: http://www.ozgameshop.com/ps4-games/the-last-of-us-remastere...

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  • No DLC? I thought the PS4 version came with "left behind" as standard.

  • OK, this game was enough to tip me over into buying a PS4. Though I've ordered the Day One version. Why the hell not. :)

  • If you already own it on ps3 is it worth the double dip?

    • That's the million dollar question. Guess you gotta weigh up higher res textures, more draw distance etc. I stopped playing my PS3 copy when I heard this was coming so I can play through entirely on PS4.

      I just sold my copy for PS3 for $31 on eBay, paying off most of this.

      • I got the Joel Edition of this game

        I'm wondering? Maybe worth it for the Left behind DLC? What's that worth on its own for PS3?

        • It's $23 on it's own. I'd just wait for the dlc to be on sale.
          I own and have played through both original and dlc and can't see any point in buying it again on ps4. It's not as if there was any loading times (apart from the long first one) or problems with the graphics/framerate of the ps3 version.

  • I'm after the ps3 version of this game. contact me if you are interested in selling it to buy the ps4 version. I'm sydney based.

  • The last of us ps4 day one edition is $52.99 with code at ozgameshop