ADSL Internet Speed survey

Hi All,

I thought to start this poll to share the internet speed experienced by Ozbargainers.
Currently I get 350-550 KBps(Kilobytes per second) download speed.
Post code 5063.
Provider TPG.
you can use (speed displayed in Bytes )
or (speed displayed in Bits)
to check your speed.
Please use the polling options to select your speed.

Poll Options

  • 40
    Less Than 300 KBps
  • 110
    300-700 KBps
  • 125
    700-1500 KBps
  • 76
    1500 - 3000KBps
  • 105
    3000+ KBps


  • Somewhere in the vicinity of 11,000-13,000kbps download speed in 3185 with TPG.

    • Same here but with iiNet

    • Just go here

      If you getting within 5% of speed that it states you should be getting your fine.. if your not you probably have a problem that can be fixed.

      Very accurate IMO

    • With TPG, getting 6-8 Mbps in 3171. Literally across the road from exchange. Cable length 1km. I used to get 20 Mbps couple of years before.
      TPG web site promises for over 15 Mbps for this distance. That's just a promise. Sometimes at peak the speed drops to 3 Mbps.


        Tried a new router and swapped ALL the cables on your end?

        My parents sync degraded from 22Mbps down to 13Mbps because of an 'oldish' 5year+ router. New router pumped sync back over 20Mbps

    • Guys make sure you provide the cable distance from exchange. That's the only important factor that your ISP has no control of.

  • 6700kbps in 5066 with Adam Internet (Now owned by iinet)

  • 16.28 Mbps so like 2MB per second with tpg 3012

  • 15mbps 6166 telstra

  • Postcode 2114
    Provider TPG ADSL2+
    upstream 662 / downstream 9244 kbps

  • Postcode 5072
    300 KB/s max download, 25 KB/s max upload

    On that note, does anyone know if naked speeds are any better for long distances? I'm approx 3.5km from the exchange

    • It shouldn't make much difference if the phone is filtered properly.

      I'm about 3.3 km cable length from Norwood exchange (5067) with TPG and get about 700 kB/s.

      • well f* me sideways.
        I'm at the norwood exchange as well. Maybe it's the exetel line line then.
        My theoretical line speed is around 700. I've called them up but they said they cant do anything about it. Maybe it's time to change…

        • Is that 700 based on the modem's actual sync speed or an estimate based on cable length from the exchange? What does the modem show for sync speed, attenuation and SNR margin?

        • I used this Fremnet tool and pluged in the modem's attenuation.

          SNR Margin(Upstream) 22 dB
          SNR Margin(Downstream) 10.5 dB
          Line Attenuation(Upstream) 21.5 dB
          Line Attenuation(Downstream) 49.0 dB

        • OK, thanks. I think I'd seen that tool before, but had forgotten about it. I see it gives speeds in kilobits per second. To get effective download throughput in kilobytes per second, don't just divide by 8, as that doesn't take protocol overheads into account.

          About 85% of that figure is reasonable, and don't forget it's showing pretty much the best possible scenario. Unfortunately our real-world copper lines are rarely like that.

          You also have quite a high SNR margin. Is that because they put you on a stability profile? Normal value with TPG is 6 dB.

          Even with those figures you should be able to download at considerably more than 300 kB/s, unless there are a lot of errors on the line.

  • Postcode 4301
    Telstra (and no other choice)
    202.6 KB/s download, 35.0 KB/s upload

    Thank gods though that NBN has finally started construction in my area! Saw the trucks laying cable around the corner last week. :)

  • 13+ mbps exetel 2150 postcode

  • Post Code 4214
    OnetheNet / ADSL+
    Download: 7.80 Mb/s
    Upload: 0.85 Mb/s
    Distance to exchange: 2.5km

    Very disappointed with the speed….no NBN for a while.

  • About 1600-1700


      Mirror: TPG
      Data: 12 MB
      Test Time: 10 secs

      Your line speed is 9.75 Mbps (9746 kbps).
      Your download speed is 1.19 MB/s (1218 KB/s).


  • your speeds are not much better then most when shaped

    you need to ask your neighbours who they are with and what speed they get, you could have a damaged line

  • TPG/Telstra ADSL 2+
    Distance 1.5KM from Kings Cross Exchange

  • Tested with

    Your line speed is 16.56 Mbps (16558 kbps).
    Your download speed is 2.02 MB/s (2070 KB/s).

    Distance: 100-200m away from the exchange.

  • Currently on 0.9mbps max with tpg and they are coming out to see if they can improve it for a 3rd time as we had 20mbps when we lived 2.5km away. If they can't improve it (and I suspect they can't) I'm switching to telstra cable at the end of next week. Current suburb 3191 old house is 3188. Just renting while we rebuild.

    • +2 votes

      Go Telstra cable. Worth every cent, no stuffing around and flawless connection. Love it. (No I don't work for telstra but I feel your pain and frustration).

      • Until it rains and you don't have internet for a few weeks because the cable pits get flooded. 100MB/s downloads are pretty sweet when it works though.


    17mbps in Sydney city, super slow… We need NBN in the city!!!


      cant tell if sarcasm or real. if real, can't neg you enough.

  • a lot of people in this thread don't know the difference between KB, Kb, MB, and Mb, as a result your survey results are not accurate.

  • Around 4000 Kbps download and 700 Kbps upload when I was with TPG ADSL2+. Changed to cable internet.

  • Postcode 2112
    Provider TPG ADSL2+

    Tested with

    Your line speed is [13.07 Mbps] (13074 kbps).
    Your download speed is [1.6 MB/s] (1634 KB/s).

  • 150kb/s Super super super slow. Forest lake qld

    PING 17 ms

  • Broadband Speed Test Results

    Test run on 21/06/2014 @ 09:20 PM

    Mirror: Optus
    Data: 14 MB
    Test Time: 10.01 secs

    Your line speed is 11.92 Mbps (11920 kbps).
    Your download speed is 1.46 MB/s (1490 KB/s).

    postcode 3048
    provider telstra adsl+


      Welcome to a uni…

      • You're probably doing a speed test over wifi, and because you're sharing your internet with about 50,000+ devices that may actually be far lower than the actual speed of the link.

        • I had about 250Mb/s download speed and about 160Mb/s upload speed at the University of Sydney (living on campus in my own personal room). Fixed cable connection.

          My actual download speed seemed to be capped at 4MB/s (aka 32Mb/s), most likely university policy so that a bunch of people downloading can't clog up the network.

          But I of course voted for my mum's line speed on ADSL in the outer suburbs in Canberra. Unfortunately the bill is extremely high for such a slow speed and low data quota with TPG. However since there is no ADSL2+ and mobile data just doesn't have a package large enough, there's nothing she can do about it.

      • Its a college so in my room :)

  • Modem shows 17000 kbps down 1015 kbps up.
    Exetel (Telstra) ADSL2+ via rim with tophat 7 k from exchange.
    Mirror: Exetel
    Data: 16 MB Test Time: 10 secs
    Your line speed is 13.2 Mbps (13197 kbps).
    Your download speed is 1.61 MB/s (1650 KB/s).

  • Approx 650 Kb/s DL and 90Kb/s UL 4068 Brisbane. Approx 1.7km from exchange


    79.54Mb/s down
    36.21Mb/s up

    Telstra Cable
    Post code 2000

  • Your line speed is 6.52 Mbps (6522 kbps).
    Your download speed is 815 KB/s (0.8 MB/s).
    TPG Postcode 5038

  • Looks like a lot of people are mixing thier KBps with Kbps…

    Maximum theoretical speed of ADSL2+ == 21mbps. 3000KBps is impossible.


      I beg to differ on the 21mbps part…

      Solid 24mbps+ here.

      • +1 vote

        Max max max maximum should be about 24mbps, unless you are on VDSL?(can go all the way up to 100mbps)
        I don't think VDSL is available in Australia though.


          TPG are utilising a form of VDSL & FTTB setups.


          Yeah you can get 24mbps on ADSL2+. Shellcove gets it at 5km from the exchange as they have optic running from the exchange to where they are (kind of a given due to the distance). 23-24mpbs is what their speedtests result on.

          Ironicly, those of us that are around 3km from the exchange can hardly break 3mbps.

          Also apparently iinet, maxi and fusion are all offering VDSL.

  • Test run on 22/06/2014 @ 01:20 PM

    Mirror: Exetel
    Data: 16 MB
    Test Time: 10.08 secs

    Your line speed is 13.02 Mbps (13019 kbps).
    Your download speed is 1.59 MB/s (1627 KB/s).

  • Not ADSL, but I was getting 15MB/s (actual download speed) with Telstra Bigpond Ultimate Cable in 4006

  • 6027: 1,000kbps
    6026: 300kbps

  • 16.26mbps roughly 2mb/s downloading off Steam. 4066
    0.89bmps upload.

    Used to be about 7mbps off speedtest but for some reason it doubled. Not that I'm complaining :D
    TPG ADSL2+

  • I misvoted because I initially thought it was a measure of KiloBITS per second not KiloBYTES because, you know, KiloBITS is the unit of measurement usually used for network connectivity.

    Anyway I have been fairly fortunate with ADSL with some know-how.

    My previous property the speeds were worse than dial up, but I arranged for a Private Technician to re-wire the lead in from the unit to the MDF (Apartments usually have one) and hey presto, approximately 12Mbps.

    My current property I did some research and found that Telstra have "Top Hats" servicing the area. Top Hats are an upgrade which allowed them to roll out ADSL2+ Fibre To The Node (FTTN) on the cheap, even though they are not calling it "Fibre to the Node" this is exactly what it is. By reducing the distance from the Exchange quite significantly they can deliver 20Mbps+ service to an area that previously got less than 1Mbps, the catch is that it can only be delivered by the Telstra's ports, not by other ISPs unless they are Telstra's ports.

    Armed with this information, I approached Exetel and specifically requested a Telstra-based plan (at higher price than the usual Optus-based plans) and now I am getting 19Mbps. They used to offer Telstra-based plans openly but now you have to specifically request it if you already fall within an Optus-based plan coverage area. If I would have gone with the usual plans they suggested I would have got less than 1Mbps. Other ISPs also offer Telstra ports but you've got to do your research carefully (eg: iiNet offers "Off-Net").

    I am paying $50 per month for 100GB @ 19Mbps, this price INCLUDES line rental. The line rental rates are pretty standard (eg: 20c local call) but I already use my mobile for everything anyway so I don't care about the rates, but line rental is still a requirement to get ADSL on a Telstra port as they do not do Naked DSL (which has it's own issues anyway).

    If anyone wants some help getting a decent Telstra/Top-Hat port on Exetel without paying Telstra prices, send me a PM and I can help arrange it. Currently their prices are $100 setup on 12 month contract, line rental included, and $50/mth=100GB, $60/mth=500GB, $70/mth=Unlimited

  • -3 votes
    94.24mbps / 38.53mbps
    Post code: 4077
    Provider: iiNet

  • Obviously a pretty useless poll, since many people are either reading it as kilobits per second, or not on ADSL (36 votes so far for 3 megabytes plus per second, which is impossible on ADSL).

    • Yeeep. Should have told people to do a test and put that in, or check their router for their sync speed rather than just making a poll which is now pointless.

  • Mirror: TPG
    Data: 23 MB
    Test Time: 10 secs

    Your line speed is 19.26 Mbps (19257 kbps).
    Your download speed is 2.35 MB/s (2407 KB/s).

  • Dodo
    postcode 2459 Coffs
    Your line speed is 4.41 Mbps (4412 kbps).
    Your download speed is 552 KB/s (0.54 MB/s).

  • 240-300 KBps ( or 1900-2400 Kbps)
    TPG. Most of the providers earlier said no to provide ADSL 2+ to me saying the property is 7 km away from the Telstra exchange.
    Cannot believe situation just 35 Km south west of Sydney.

  • Mirror: Optus
    Data: 15 MB
    Test Time: 10 secs

    Your line speed is 12.23 Mbps (12230 kbps).
    Your download speed is 1.49 MB/s (1529 KB/s).

  • 13mbps/~1.2MBps download
    Post code 6059.
    Provider Telstra Bigpond adsl2+.

  • Perth 6108
    Mirror: TPG
    Data: 4 MB
    Test Time: 10.01 secs

    Your line speed is 3.3 Mbps (3296 kbps).
    Your download speed is 412 KB/s (0.4 MB/s).

  • Brisbane 4068
    Literally as far away from an exchange as possible
    450/220 kbps

    • Chapel Hill 4068 has RIMs, it may be possible to change to a Telstra-based plan from Exetel to connect to the RIM instead of the Exchange. RIMs support ADSL1 up to 8Mbps. If it is closer to the RIM than the Exchange, you will probably get a much better speed.


    Brisbane 4000
    Sync: 24300kbps
    Actual: 2.5MB/s

  • Test run on 23/06/2014 @ 10:54 AM

    Mirror: Optus
    Data: 3 MB
    Test Time: 10 secs

    Your line speed is 2.23 Mbps (2226 kbps).
    Your download speed is 278 KB/s (0.27 MB/s).

    With Telstra… 4212

  • Here's the conversion for the pedants, who inhabit this thread…..

    Kilo-bytes per second = KB/s
    Kilo-bits per second = kbps

    Your browser reports speeds in kilobytes (or megabytes) per second when you're downloading or uploading data.

    1 kbps = 1000 bps (bits per second)
    1 KB/s = 1024 B/s
    1 KB/s = 8.192 kbps
    1 kbps = .1221 KB/s

    • KB/s to kbps

    Take KB/s and multiply by 8.192
            100KB/s = 819.2kbps

    • kbps to KB/s

    Take kbps and divide by 8.192 (or multiply by .1221)
            1000kbps = 122KB/s
    • I'll be really pedantic and point out that the international convention adopted by the IEC and some other organizations for 1024 is Ki, not K.

      • OK, here's a "converter" for the later convention you 'ol fussbudget, you !

        • There's an issue with that site too. They sometimes use upper case K for kilo (1000). It should always be lower case k. That's part of the reason Ki was introduced, because sometimes K meant 1000, sometimes 1024.

        • I see your point, but if you stick to the metric system, one would think you are talking 1000 units and the IEC and JEDEC you are talking 1024 and Ki and K respectively.

        • Oh, OK. I didn't read the article I linked to properly :) I missed the fact that JEDEC uses K and kilo for 1024. That makes it even more confusing.

        • Yep certainly is! but more than the terminology, I am confused by a download speed of 19000kbps and an upload of only 480…I am connected to Optus Cable through a netgear WiFi modem (cable connected). I am not a heavy "uploader", so it hasn't worried me greatly and I haven't investigated….. but for interest sake I would like to know why??
          Anecdotally, I know Optus are notorious for slow uploads but I am wondering if modem type or computer condition (only 2 Gig RAM)…has an effect?….you seem to know what you are talking about….any ideas?

        • Unfortunately, I only have experience with ADSL, not Cable, so I can't really help with that. Have you tried Whirlpool?

        • No I haven't checked it anywhere yet….I'll give whirlpool a try..Tar

  • My ADSL connection is shit. Telstra won't upgrade the RIM either. NBN Fibre was scheduled to be done last month until it was canned by Libshits after the election.

    Download speed is about 0.9MBps (about 50kb/s) on a good day.
    Upload speed is about 0.3Mbps.

    Postcode 2830, ISP is Internode

  • Have optus cable with the high speed pack get just over 3 megabytes per second, pretty terrible considering it should be closer to 12 but oh well.