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  • For what it's worth, Spec Ops: The Line is anything but another generic shooter and definitely worth playing.

    • Tremendous story for a shooter.

      I'd buy - and may still dependent on the what the added games are - but I own every 2k game here. GREAT bundle.

      • I made the wrong choice…..people suffered :( whoops

        • +5 votes

          I did the only thing the game let me. I'm a bad person

          Fixed that for you!

        • yeah I only played first 2 odd hours and don't understand the great reviews for Spec Ops…it was so generic…go here kill more "terrorists"…go here kill some more…maybe I missed something or need to play it through.

        • There's something at the end that changes how you see the game. Up till then it's pretty average

        • hmm i should tee a mate up and play it co-op then sometime

        • @Infinite Monkee: The gameplay is entirely generic; I know this sounds a bit silly but the gameplay is not what's great about this game.

          There is also some co-op stuff but AFAIK it's not the main campaign story, and honestly the main story is the only real reason to play this game over other shooters.

          The setting is really cool and the story is quite subversive - these are the reasons why it's different from most other generic 3rd person cover shooters. If you're the kind of person that only cares about gameplay mechanics you probably shouldn't bother, but if you care about stories in games (and what shooter games are even about), this is a pretty interesting one.

          They definitely went for something a bit different. I'm just stoked that the concept somehow got a AAA budget, because that kind of money doesn't tend to get spent on games that are trying to be different.

        • @SuperMatty: alright, thanks for that SuperMatty :D

    • nah, I actually disagree. Don't believe the game is anything special, game is overrated.

      • +1 vote

        The story is different and good, but the controls and movement are rage-inducing.

    • More like Spec Ops: Psychosis.
      Story is different from other FPS, gameplay decent.

  • Nice to see a great bundle for a change :)

    • Agreed.

    • In fairness, you cant expect an epic bundle every week. Also the crappy bundles and the waiting makes the good bundles more worthwhile when they happen.

    • Depends on your definition of a 'great bundle.'
      All bar one are DRM-laden = not my definition of a great bundle.

      I actually bought Bioshock 2 when it first came out in store, not Steam. Couldn't play it solo/offline because you need a 'Games for Windows' profile and to be online to use it. WHY?? Screw your 'achievements' etc, I don't care, just let me play the bloody game!
      Based on that experience, I wouldn't touch anything by them again.

  • I already have everything except Spec Ops and XCOM declassified =(. Damn you steam sale.

  • it implies a drm-free bioshock? really?

    • Yep, I was surprised to see that too - but it's definitely available to direct-download from Humble library. Also can redeem on Steam (not sure if this removes the direct-download option as I've not redeemed - already got it on Steam).

  • Nice deal! BioShock Infinite looks cool

    • It IS cool, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra ~$14 over the BTA price if you only want Infinite. It's been down to ~$7.50 before, so if you want the $20 tier, make sure you really want XCOM: Enemy Unknown too.

      • Hmm good point. I do already own XCO: EU. It mentions other games will be coming soon as well and i'm happy to pay the $20 and have money go to charity and support HB.

        • Also Bioshock Infinite has DLC's so thats a thing to keep in mind if you need to keep costs down…

      • Pretty sure i paid $11.50usd or something for the triple pack with all three bioshocks (no dlc)…

        perhaps i should have bought bioshock infinite by itself, then bta this bundle to get the other games…oh well!

  • The $20 tier isn't that great of a deal considering how there's no DLC included (as far as I can see). Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I bought the BTA tier though.

  • The Bureau is a wonderful game that got rather ignored. XCOM meets Mass Effect.

    Also, if these are Steam keys, then does that mean 2K are going to patch Bioshock so it actually works on Windows 7? I've tried all the fixes and nothing works.

    • Strange… Didn't have any issues getting it to run on Windows 7 myself. The only fix I needed was a mouse sensitivity one, but that's supposedly an issue on all PCs.

      • It's a two fold problem for me. It either won't run, or will run with no sound. Browsing the Steam forums, there's a lot of fixes for it, but nothing worked for me.

    • I confirm it runs smoothly on Windows 8.1 pro. It used to have some bugs/problems under Win 7 but since I upgraded to win 8, it's all good.

    • Yikes just played about the first half hour of The Bureau… I'd certainly not describe it as wonderful. It's generic and clunky. The XCOM strategy/third-person shooter blend is a cool idea, but is just so poorly executed.

      • When I played it I felt that the first part of the game is generic and clunky but kind of interesting story so I kept playing, second part you start to get the hang of how it is played and it is becoming fun, at the end of the second act the story really picks up and now you have all the abilities unlocked, I really enjoyed it from this point. It's just too bad it had to be mediocre first.

        • Fair enough. Though it's pretty difficult for me to push through a couple/few hours of mediocrity to get to the good stuff when I can open any one of the dozens of other excellent games in my Steam library and have fun instantly.

  • +18 votes

    Must further increase the list of games i will never have time to play! MOAR!

    • For one dollar ur complaining…?

      • +4 votes

        Not sure how you took that as a complaint? Its a solid deal.

        I am quite addicted to increasing my games collection, in the somewhat likely pointless hope that one day i will get some time to play the damn things.

        I am sure plenty of folk here can relate.

        Until then, my collection via Ozbargain, Steamsales and the like, will keep growing like an amoeba

        Thanks OP :)

      • How exactly is Oxxy complaining…?

        • agh… i guess its the reality hitting in, that yes (like me), we keep hoarding games that we never ever will get a chance to play. and yes, i did buy these too - not that ill probably get around to playing them in full, sadly :-(…

        • +2 votes

          We can get some comfort from the fact that at least on this occasion, the 'wasted' money is going to a good cause :)

          That makes my unplayed games feel slightly better :P

  • I've got most of those games but I'm still seriously considering this. A $20 donation to Action against Hunger is probably worth it for the Darkness 2 and the new XCOM. Spec Ops:the line is a brilliant game if you don't have it already.

  • Thanks op.

  • Has anyone bought this?

    Can you tell me if the games come as individual cd keys or bundle keys?

  • +2 votes

    bought $1 tier, individual keys

    heres The Darkness II

    heres Bioshock

  • excellent . paid $66.66 just for fun

    • Paying more for a bundle of games than it would cost to buy them individually on sale does not sound like a whole lot of fun to me. But to each their own, I guess.

  • Do these support Mac OSX?

  • DAMN Just bought bioshock 1, bioshock 2 and both the xcom games in the steam sale…. this bundle would have been heaps cheaper.

  • Bought it for mafia 2, first time in a while HB have sucked me into a purchase.

    • Mafia 1 had one of my favourite endings of all time; wish they would remake it in HD.

    • Just remember - Chapter 14 crush cars. If you rob stores you're going to have a bad time (game breaking bug).

  • Awesome bundle!

  • xcom no longer works on my PC since upgrading to windows 8 :(

    gonna have to downgrade it to windows 7 i rekon…

    • Works for me on 8

        • Just play in compatibility mode.

          1) Right Click Application
          2) Properties
          3) Compatibility Tab
          4) Run as Windows 7 - SP1 OR Windows XP - SP3

          Hope that helps you out @wisc.

        • @DAOtmc:

          Hey man thanks, I went though and re reviewed, tried all that in the past, However, I finally got them both (xcom's) working again, I've tried running as administrator in the past but that didn't work… I believe the problem was that I installed NVIDIA physics, (the version that came with my copy of mass effect 2) and with run as administrator checked seemed to have fixed the problem… must have been the physics install - as I've tried all the other combinations… funny how it didn't say anything about not having physics installed though…

  • +4 votes

    if anyone wants a copy of darkness 2 i can gift it for them, just send me a pm.

    • +1 vote

      Has now been gifted to a lucky ozbargainer.

  • How do you easily check if you've already purchased one or more of these games before?

  • Thanks. Didn't have any of these games so I just paid $6.94 for the second tier extras. I don't usually play games like this so it will probably just linger on my Steem account gathering virtual dust. :-)

    Will be interesting to see what the Mystery game is though.

  • I have a spare copy of Bioshock 2 if anyone would like it. Let's all share our games we have copies of with our community. PM me if you'd like the game, it will go to the first response, especially if you are also offering a free game to someone else! (hopefully this works)

  • How hard is it to put the dollar sign before the number, OP?

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