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QEEP - Aero Blade Windscreen Wipers - Universal (Pair) $19.10 DELIVERED @ Street Tuned


Previously offered on OzBargain for $30 delivered (

This offer has ended. If you have any issues or questions, please email them to [email protected], I will no longer monitor this page.

QEEP Windscreen Wipers replaces your traditional windscreen wiper assembly with the Aerodynamic flat profile design which has more than 1000 points of pressure.

EDIT 1; If your vehicle has one of the following wiper adapters, our wipers will fit your vehicle;

  • J Hook
  • Pinch Tab
  • Push Button
  • Slide Lock

We also offer rear wipers for an additional $5.

Wrong Sized Wipers?
If we've accidentally sent you the wrong sized wipers, please let me know and I'll re-send your order at no charge. Please send all the details to my email: [email protected]

Rear Wipers Don't Fit?
If you've purchased rear wipers from me and they don't fit, please let me know and I will provide you with a refund so you are not out of pocket for something that did not work. Please send all the details to my email below along with a picture of your wiper arm.

Incomplete Order?
If your order arrive incomplete, please let me know and I will fix it fast!

Confused About Sizing?
Measure your existing windscreen wipers from one end to the other. Take note of both measurements then convert it to inches. Round to the nearest, if your measurement is 17.5 inches, its best to select a 17 inch wiper.

Please note that 17 inches is the smallest wiper that we offer

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  • Hi op,
    Which to order for these models:
    Civic sedan 2004
    Mazda 3 Sedan 2013

  • Hi Rep, can you confirm these measurements for a megane 2005 hatch. 24mm and 18mm?

    • same size that comes up on my database but in inches.

      • oops..yeh inches..

        how about 91 honda crx? . .are they 20"?


        • 2 x 19"

          gotta love the old school crx.

        • bummer. i missed this comment and ordered 20's … would i need to change this?

  • Hi Rep

    Wiper sizes for Honda Jazz (2003)?


  • Thank you Rep for this deal.
    Would there be a link to make it easier on finding out our required wiper sizes?
    If not would you please let me know about the sizes for:
    2005 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 - Australian Model - (Fronts only, doesn't come with rear wiper)

    • 24" & 18"

  • Hi Rep
    Which one would you recommend for Honda CR-V 07

    • 21" & 20"

  • Rep, can you reply to my question above/

  • Hi Rep,

    May I know the size of Ford Focus LX LS sedan 2007 model ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi rep,
    My car is 2006 BMW 118i size please?

    • We have had issues with some BMW models in the past, its best that you send a picture of your wiper attachment to our email: [email protected]

  • Hi Rep, what would be size for Honda Civic 2010 and Corolla 2011. Is there any table for car model and product sizes, it could be good for all bargainers. Thanks

  • Hi Rep

    Can I use these for my Ford Fiesta 2009 LX hatchback.
    If so size please.

  • Hi Rep,

    How long do these wipers last? I'm guessing the blades are not replaceable, you need to replace the whole wiper again?

    • +2

      When to replace?
      Wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility. With proper maintenance, Qeep Windscreen Wipers can last up to 2 years depending on use, maintenance, and weather.

      Why are Qeep Aero Windscreen Wipers better than the competition?
      •Australian owned business,
      •Aerodynamic flat profile design,
      •Graphite coated,
      •Conforms to screen curvature,
      •Optimum wiping performance,
      •Recycled packaging,
      •Easy to install,
      •Fits all vehicles,
      •Easy to purchase,
      •Fast delivery,
      •Mechanic not required, &
      •Money back guarantee.

      • Thanks Snoop, from my Googlin' looks like the refills are about $10 per blade.
        Not bad.

        • +2

          We will soon offer the refills for $10 delivered (pair)

  • I purchased these wipers in April 2012.

    At the beginning they were OK, however by December they came apart and the metal inside scratched my windscreen.

    So buyer beware.

    I then purchased these from ebay

    And I am much happier, they haven't fallen apart.

    • +1

      Are you talking about the blade insert falling apart or the actual wiper blade structure itself?
      I ask because I've had brand new metal backed inserts falling apart before even installing them!!!

      • The plastic end caps came off and then the everything slid off and exposed metal inserts.

  • Hi Rep

    What about Nissan Dualis 2010, front and rear wipers


    • 24" 15"

      • -1

        Thanks Rep but NO 15" option for rear wipers. Please help

  • How about Toyota camry advantage 2002?

  • hi rep, can you please check sizing for a 2008 Subaru Liberty Wagon (including rear)?

    Thanks for chasing these up for us.

  • What to order for a Hyundai Accent 2011 hatchback both front and rear.

  • Hi Rep,

    Appreciate the assistance you're giving everyone. My car is a 96 Toyota Supra, would need front and rear.

    Also have 2 2003 Toyota Camrys, just the fronts.


    • +1

      Supra 2 x 20" + 18" (rear)
      Camry 03 - 22" + 20"

      • Cheers - purchasing now!

  • Thanks streettuned - just ordered some for my 2011 T31 X-Trail - confirmation of order and it's already being prepared!

  • Hi rep, what are the sizes for FG 2010 XR6 Ute? Thanks

  • Hi REP,

    Any idea for a 2008 Dodge Nitro?

  • Hi Rep,

    Would I have any luck with a 1997 Mitsubishi Verada?

  • Hi Rep, please advise for;

    2000 Toyota Camry csi (front)
    2004 Hyundai Elantra Hatch (front and rear)


    • camry 22" 20"
      elantra 20" 18"

  • Hi OP, I have a Honda Civic Hybrid 2007, can u pls suggest me the size? Thanks.

  • +1

    I have a Bugatti Veyron would these fit

    • +2

      Do you ever take it out in the rain???

      • -1

        Not really but when my Mrs squirts its a problem

        • +2

          is that a problem with the interior or exterior of your vehicle?

        • +2

          Neither. I would think it's more of a bladder control problem… Her pissing herself laughing at him thinking he has a Veyron!!!

          Sorry to take business away from you streettuned, but this is the answer to his problem!!! ;)

        • @Snoop: All good :)

        • @streettuned:
          There you go… I just made up for it by grabbing a pair for myself. I actually did need some new inserts so I thought I might as well. Could be months before I actually get around to getting some otherwise!!!

  • Hey Rep,

    Thanks for doing all this.

    I've got a 2005 Mazda 3 - For a different year, you said '21" & 19", is that the same for the 2005?

    Also a 2000 Mitsubishi Verada - Closest response I found from you was '02 Mitsubishi Magna - 22" & 20" - Is the Verada these same lengths?

    Thanks again.

    • Mazda 3 - 21" 19"
      Mitsubishi Verada - 22" 20"

  • advice for subaru liberty 2000

  • Hi Rep,

    Excellent deal, could you advise on both front and rear wipers for a 2001 Saab 9-3?

    • Yeah, get full comp insurance and smash it!!!
      We also have a 2002 9-5 Vector SportsEstate 2.3T in VG cond and got offered $1400 trade in!!! Worth $9500 on insurance!

      • Not really popular cars, very small market for them so it makes it very hard to sell.

        • So no suggestions then? Being universal, I am sure something would fit right? Either ways, thank you.

      • The resale value for these cars are very bad, but on the bright side I managed to get my car at a bargain.

    • 2 x 21"

  • Hi Rep
    I'd like to buy right away but away from my car. Can you please tell me the measurement of Alfa Romeo 147 (including rear)? I don't want to miss the boat!

    • Sorry but you didn't specify the year of your vehicle;

      01-05 147 - 22" 16"
      06-10 147 - 22" 18"

      Rear not available for your vehicle

  • Hi Rep, I have a 2010 Subaru Liberty Exiga (with rear wiper) and 2004 Camry Sportivo (2400cc) what sizes will I need?

  • Hi Rep,
    i am a lazy ass..too lazy to get a ruler and measure my blades. could you give me the correct sizes for the following cars:
    a)merc benz C200 kompressor 2009 sedan
    b)toyota yaris yrs sedan 2010
    c)toyota corolla ascent hatch 2009
    d)toyota corolla ascent sedan 2006
    thanks in advance

    • merc benz C200 kompressor 2009 sedan - 2 x 24"
      toyota yaris yrs sedan 2010 - 24" 14"
      toyota corolla ascent hatch 2009 - 26" 15"
      toyota corolla ascent sedan 2006 - 24" 18"

      • Hi Rep,
        I can't select 15" ?

  • Hi Great offer-

    2010 Honda CRV both front and back measurements please?

    • 26" 17" and 14" (rear)

  • Hi Rep, I've looked on the net for Ford Fiesta hatch early 2008 model (boxy looking) and it tells me I need:
    - 22" for the drivers side
    - 16" for the passenger side
    - 11" for the rear.

    I can't find the 16" and 11". Will you be stocking them?

    • If you add 17" to your cart and request it be cut down to size, we can do that for you.

  • Hi rep,you haven't answered my question…
    Which to order for these models:
    Civic sedan 2004
    Mazda 3 Sedan 2013

    • Sorry for the delay, we're being flooded with inquiries via email as well.

      Civic 04 - 24" 14"
      Mazda 3 2013 - 24" 19"

  • Hi Rep,

    Want to get a some for my Subaru Impreza RX 2001 (Bug Eye Model)

    what size?

    Thanks :)

    • 22" 17"

      Rear is 15"

      We've also got gauge pods for your car.

      • Thanks Rep,

        appreciate your help, but mine is just a humble RX so no turbo, no need for the pods.

        My car also has no rear wiper, hoping that there was an option to get it on these models, kind of scared you quoted the sizes for the GC series, mine is GD… stupid subaru, released two different chasis' in the same year for the ADM.

        But just put through an order for the wipers, hopefully it all works out. Thanks for the awesome deal :)

  • Hi Rep, which one for the Nissan Patrol GU '98?

    • 21" 20"

      Rear is 14"

  • Rep,

    My order number's #140709-033154-3887, was just wondering if my request went through to cut the Passenger & Rear wipers to these sizes:

    Driver 26"/650mm
    Passenger 14"/350mm
    Rear 14"/350mm


    • Yep, I can see your order notes.

  • hi rep, what size for 2004 lexus is200?


    • 22" 18"

      no rear.

      • hey rep when i add it to my cat is says $24

        nvm i forgot to remove rear wipers

  • Damn, ordered the wrong size. Serves me right for being too lazy to wonder out to the car (in my defence it's freezing and raining). Sent off an e-mail.

    How about the Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatch 2004? Not around for me to measure it.

  • Hi op what works for a toyota prius 2010?

  • +1

    Hi Rep, just wondering if you're getting hungry yet? Not much chance of you having a break today!!!

    Ps. Upvoting this deal based purely on Reps commitment to responding to a barrage of questioning!

  • Great Rep work….

    Size(s) for a 1999 Ford Courier please.

    18" 450mm?

  • +2

    +1 positive for rep being helpful

  • Hi streettuned, I have a 2009 Holden Cruze - will they fit?

    Thanks in advance

    • +1

      Yes. 24" 18"

  • Sorry i have to ask :/

    I can NEVER find any wipers for my car and hence the question.

    Wipers for a Honda Civic Type R - 2008.

    If you have them, ill be buying a few to stock up.

    Thank you

    • 28" 22"

      The largest size we offer is 26"

      You can give 26" a try.

  • I can't find 28", are you sold out of them?

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