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Woo Themes Birthday Sale 50% Off Everything for 24 hours


Woo turns six! 50% off everything for 24 hours

Today is our birthday and we are six! Survival alone is an accomplishment for tech companies today and so we're proud to have grown and matured within this wonderful ecosystem known as WordPress. Read some thoughts from Mark on six years of WooThemes.

We’re grateful for each of the past 2191 days and to celebrate are doing two things:

WordPress Contributions, are something we believe in and today, between eating cake, each of us are giving a halfday back to our lifeblood. We look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

50% Off Sale for 24 Hours? You got it. We wanted to express our thanks to the community that make our business possible and so we're going large with 50% off all of our products.

The coupon to use at checkout is woo-turns-six. No fine print, no exclusions.

Now's the time to give your site a lick of paint and make that purchase you've had your eye on. Basically, go buck wild because for the next 24 hours you’re doubling your dollar.

From all of us at WooThemes, thank you. We look forward to journeying on with you.

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    Well while I'd never use anything wordpress without a gun to my head, six years in the industry is an accomplishment as you say. To do this is such a low end restricted environment such as wordpress deserves praise


      So congrats on making money polishing turds?

      Wordpress certainly isn't for everything and everyone, but it can be a damn good solution in certain situations. In particular, the ability to throw together a website so quickly and easily allows me to help clients who couldn't afford a built from scratch website.


      what's the better CMS, shannonn54? :)
      I am weaning away from my cumbersome Joomla past and am turned off my drupal themes


      Wordpress has done more the growth of online content than any other CMS.

      Its the biggest and the best CMS in the world, built on PHP, HTML and CSS and is incredible flexible for a free product.

      Sorry when you describe Wordpress as a "low end restricted environment" it proves that you have little real world experience building websites….shame

      Some of the biggest site on earth run on Wordpress. http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users/

      Again Im sorry but when you make false statements like that you make a fool of your self. :(

      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" Abraham Lincoln

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        maybe you're both right! different CMSes are ideal for different market segments :)


        @ pana "Again Im sorry but when you make false statements like that you make a fool of your self"

        turning my own comments and my yrs of web design experience into a personal attack just doesn't seem right, I offended no one in any of my posts if ppl wish to quote facts that 99 % of the universe uses wp sites and are happy great.

        I don't I am the other 1 % and am fine with it.

        As for little r/e experience, well having the ability to code using notepad and forerunners to wysiwyg back 15 yrs and make a living out of it before all the "any user can make their own site" editors, cms, etc came out I'd argue I do have 15 plus years experience in the real world including coldfusion and server side coding, long before the current trend of php/SQL combinations took over as "king" technologies..

        However, I will agree that now with changes to the way web design (flat, responsive css p) advances in hosting and SQL, PHP5 make a lot of prior learning, experiences largly redundant

        please refrain from dissing me again


          Firstly, I feel so sorry for you.

          Secondly this is not a personal attack.

          Do you have any facts to back up your wrong and poorly constructed argument?

          Why do so many massive world leading sites run on Wordpress?

          Why does 22% of all websites in the world run on Wordpress?


    I refuse to call wp a cms myself, I find it better than drupal, slightly better than the old dreamweaver/project 7 javascript generated sites and no where as good as joomla . I personally find joomla faster, better and has better management options plus better support.

    WP has some very good looking themes agreed, but getting them to work properly without so many add ons and upgraded bits isn't what I'm after or feel in my clients best interest, guess I think wp is for the man on the street with a bit of knowledge that doesn't care too much about responsiveness, bells whistles or browser compatiblity, great for the club secretary who makes sites in word, frontpage, publisher and then calls themself a webmaster :)

    But thats my opinion and I accept everyone else may differ, so no flames hey


      Thanks for taking the time to explain that mate, much appreciated.
      I will reconsider migrating from J!

      My next project is a photo site and WP seem to have stunning portfolio themes. have you tried koken?


      "I refuse to call wp a cms myself"

      Your joking around right??

      Wordpress is the worlds leading CMS and the CMS that all others are compared to….

      What is wordpress then?

      Take the time to educate your self…

      When you say things that are factual incorrect you confirm you have no idea what you are talking about.


    Without wanting to get drawn into a debate on CMS efficacy, you can't look past the facts: http://trends.builtwith.com/cms

    Ultimately the numbers say this (and I probably agree): for 50% of websites WordPress probably isn't the right solution, but for 50% it probably is.