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[NSW] Free Manproof Air Freshener for Car (MyPlates Initiative)


Saw the ad on TV checked out the site they are giving away air fresheners while trying to sell number plates.

Please allow up to 28 days for the receipt of your MANPROOF Air Freshener. Limited to one claim per household.

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  • only available in NSW

  • thanks OP.

    Btw does anyone know any working promo codes that can be used on the myplates when ordering custom plates. they have a box for the code on the site..

  • wow what a pathetic money making scheme. annual fee plus order fee for some plates. they can stick it.

    • Agree. MyPlates should halve the one-off fees and get rid of the annual fees, then we can call it an OzBargain.


      +1. A few years ago I was about to order some, only to discover the ridiculous fee changes. Oh - and you can't resell the plates like other states. Either someone in your immediate family takes the fees over, or you hand them back. Stick it they certain can.

  • Classy.

  • Ladies .. if you have a male stalker, this will drive them away .

    This will make you Man Proof !!

  • from the link:

    To help get rid of that man smell in your car, we’re giving away air fresheners.

    I wonder what the scent will be… roses, frangepany or strawberry?

  • Thank you!

  • I typed in my full address, but selecting the State as NSW. I live in VIC, so let's see if Aust Post can spot the mistake and get it delivered to me…Worth a try!

  • Wow, the NSW range of number plates is horrid and you have to pay an annual fee? The hell? I have POEDGIRL in WA, paid $600 for it and I own that plate, no more fees ever.

  • This form of promotion is tasteless at best and downright insulting, denigrating and sexist against men at worst - insinuating that men lack personal hygiene much akin to a baboon.

    • Glad I'm not alone in thinking this.

      • +2 votes

        Ditto.. I came to make the exact comment. Sexism against men seems to be acceptable and the norm??

        And yes I've met some pretty smelly women!


        • It also seems to be acceptable that the man is always portrayed as the clueless idiot while the woman is always correct and informed.

          … when was the last time you saw an advertisement where the woman was the clueless idiot? I'm sure there would be an awful backlash if anyone came near the subject!

          Discrimination goes both ways!

        • i thought the exact same thing as blahman.

          Just because they discrimnate against men doesn't make it for you to start turning on women, that drags you as low as them.

          Instead do something constructive like lodgeing an official complaint which is what I did last week when I first saw the ad.

  • Blatant false advertising!!!

    There's no such thing as man-proof…only man-resistant! ;)

  • men counterattack,

    b**chproof air cleaner

  • And they think that woman dont fart hahaha yeah right.
    They should have lady-proof too lol…