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Airasia BIG SALE - 3,000,000 Seats Available - "Even Better Than Free Seats"!


Be prepared for the BIGGEST Sale of the year!

Brace yourself for something even better than FREE SEATS.

Plan your holidays now! Book on Sunday, midnight.

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  • how big?

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      they said = better than FREE, So I guess they're paying you to fly?
      Either that or free entry into the mile high club with the hostesses??? YES PLEASE :) :P

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        better as in that there WILL be seats available.. as compared to FREE SEATS: only available for the first 10.

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        Or perhaps FREE XL seats maybe?

      • HAHAHAAAA oh man. I was lucky i didnt have my drink in my hand when i read that. Wife who was studying next to me got a fright when i started laughing like crazy. Ill book 2 seats for that deal :)

  • 2am for GMT+10

  • Wow, this should be interesting! Any thoughts? Might be able to snatch something cheap from the Gold Coast via KL to somewhere nice.

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    Tips and Tricks
    How to get the best deals!

    • Avoid weekends and public holidays and try for mid-week and mid-day flights.
    • If you can't find any seats on your desired traveling dates, we still have plenty of low fares for you to choose from.
    • Also do try other new destinations if your desired destination is not available.
    • Tell your friends to rotate on shifts to logon to airasia.com

    Have to laugh at the last tip LOL.

  • Hahah, epic! But, cheaper than free seats, this better be good!

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    I hope its not sooo cheap that the passengers will have to fly the plane

    • shotgun!

      I good planes fly….

    • Indian train style = we sit on the wings

      • …and cook chapattis in aisle way.

  • I've had free seats before with Air Asia. Well, I had to pay the taxes, but still it was bloody cheap. Pity the then girlfriend decided to replan the holiday at another time, so I ended up paying for the seats anyway!

  • if its air asia it must be good :D

  • Let's see if the current taxes and charges for extra's change for the sale;

    As @ 7/8/09

    Mel —> K.L
    Tax = $67
    20Kg's luggage upsize = $28
    Meal = $7
    Comfort Kit = $13

    K.L —> Mel
    Tax = Approx $24 (69myr)
    20Kg's luggage upsize = Approx $24 (55myr)
    Meal = Approx $4 (10myr)
    Comfort Kit = Approx $9 (25myr)

  • Well it will be interesting to see what they do.
    I have booked 6 flights with them early next year between Melbourne-KL-Vientiane-Kota Kinabalu-Kuching, with 15kg on each flight, with one of their sales earlier this year for a total of about $200.
    If they could do cheaper than that it would be silly!

  • odyssi
    15kg is much cheaper and probably enough for most people. Plus you get 10kg hand carry which is 2.5 more than most (Jetstar have just copied and are making a big deal of it.)

    The meal is very reasonable given that they have the monopoly!
    And if you want a 'comfort kit' why not buy one (in Asia?) and you never need to pay again. Personally I don't need it.

    I'm not saying you are saying this: but many people focus on the extras (which cost in the 10s of $$ and forget about the savings on the tickets $100s or even $1000s)

    • +1

      well said. Also - don't forget you can always upgrade and add more weight after the initial booking. i.e. you can upgrade from 15kg to 20kg or to 25kg! I've currently got 20kg coming back from London but am ready to add the extra 5kg if needed. I think the online upgrade option closes about 3 days before the flight but if you're planning on doing this please double check to make sure.

      • The luggage upgrade option can be purchased online immediately when you WEBCHECK-IN. That means up to 4 hours before you fly. Plus, you can upgrade your seat for the Premium class by adding a fixed sum of $150 when checking in in at the airport, subjected to availability (From Australian ports its $150)

    • Having flown with AirAsia last year… just to add to this. the meal option is most certainly worth the $7 option, naturally choose the Asian option of Nasi Goreng.

      The comfort kits consist of a blanket, eye mask and inflatable neck pillow, all are "decent" and stuff into a drawstring bag.

      Keep in mind also that all pricing options as soon as you get on flight are in MYR regardless of the direction you fly.

  • It was $250 when I went to KL about 3 weeks ago. Maybe the sign was out of date (I read it on the sign).

  • I took advantage of the 2-1 Japan deal, but as mentioned above, once you start adding the extras it quickly adds up.

    Hey, fingers crossed there will be decent 2009 travel periods!

    • u sure that wasn't JetStar? dun think AirAsia flies to Japan.

  • Argh, by Sunday Midnight you mean Monday early morning.
    I thought it's Sunday 00:01!

  • downsys: jetstar of course, my bad

  • So the sale starts at 2am Sydney time?

    • yup

  • I am wondering if the sales includes flights to/from Australia. It doesn't seem to include given the information on this url :( http://www.airasia.com/site/au/en/promotion.jsp?reference=rr...

  • looks like there isn't anything from Australia anyway???


  • what the #[email protected]$%$^#^%@#^!#^!?!?!?

    Travel Period : 11 Jan 2010 - 31 Jul 2010

    when was this information made avaialble? I haven't seen it until now, 45 min until I'm ready to purchase tickets! booooo!

  • well looks like they released 3 hours early. Now all go to bed.

  • i cannot believe it! talk about disappointment if this is the case! nothing discounted out of australia is not a sale. i'll have to hang around for another 30 mins to make sure.

  • +1


  • GC - KL roundtrip in September: 1,244.00 AUD for 2 persons. Grr.. Big Sale = Big Hoax!

    Edit: I can not believe that they actually advertised this on their Australian site. Talk about misleading and shitty marketing plot!

    Edit2: "Make the best of the biggest and lowest sale to rock 2009!" - Oh "wow", with no discounted flights out of Australia, and especially NO travel dates in 2009 I'm sure the only way this "sale" will rock 2009 is rocking it negatively for AirAsia. They'll get tenfold back in bad/negative word of mouth publicity. Looks like there won't be any late-September getaway for me after all. Sooo disappointed! Off to bed.

  • Think it doesnt include AUS. :(

  • This is what it says on the banner…
    "Plan your holiday for 2010 from AUD 99 one wayBIG SALE!"

    $99 one way? ….. i think FREE is better.

  • Is this midnight Australian time?

  • There are no australia ports as part of the 3000000 sale.

  • that's kind of shity, no flights out of aus!

  • won't believe in them anymore unless a specific price been said or ZERO fare been mentioned….. "better than zero fare" misleading….worst

  • Absolute crap! No flights out of Aus and only after Jan2010! Thanks for telling us before we stayed up!

  • wasted our time…would have a better night without this misleading advertisement

  • wth? where's the deal? i have no idea what is on sale

  • Appears to be all bullsh*t… Only flights between some Asian ports are on sale. And even those are certainly NOT better than free…

  • ummm so Im a tad confused
    The 3,000,000 seats are live now to buy?
    The link that Quick Ink posted, thats all thats on offer?
    Can we purchase these as of 12am AEST?

    Any help much appreciated. Kind of good for me as I booked many (about 5 trips) to KL long ago, so now we can go to a few different places for I imagine quite cheap.

    Guessing everyone is asleep now ?

  • i think for the AUS - KL the sale will starts @ 2AM Monday, because i saw the other day it said 00:00 GMT +8 which is Malaysia's Midnight Time, Melbourne is GMT +10. CMIIW though

    • Agreed, it is GMT+8 midnight. So before prematurely disappointed, let just go back to sleep and wake up at 2 for real to see whether this includes Australia.

      • but anyway…im off to bed now..have uni @ 8 today :P…will check b4 going tmrw

  • Ill just wait till tomorrow morning rather than 2…im sure most people will not be bothered to wait after the initial dissapointment!

    • I think it's a very wise thing to do. No point being so worked up over this :(

  • Hmmmmm A bit strange. I guess it's just for SEAs. They didn't really lie, but they've created a lot of bad feeling here in Oz.

    Unless they have another one for GMT+8 Unlikely, but we'll see…….

    • But even if I am watching this in SEA, I don't see this as an "even better than free" sale. It's just like a regular sale, only increased in quantity.

  • .

  • For all the twits whinging about a sale that hasn't even started yet, can you please stop stealing valuable oxygen? ;)

  • heres how it works i suspect .. time will tell

    sale begins 00:00 GMT +8

    most of us will be in GMT +10

    so we will see the sale at 2am


    no sneakiness on their part

    and if you are not sure


  • mathiex…what are you saying, you think it will get underway at 2am AEST ?

  • seamonkey- The past two "super" sales have started at 2:00am AEST, in addition to reading the latest email from them and the countdown timer they had on their website (until a few hours ago), I am not sure why anybody would think otherwise.

  • mathiex This seems to be the offer:


    No need to be rude.

  • If it is true that it hasn't started, this sale certainly has:
    Booking Period : 10 Aug 2009 - 16 Aug 2009
    Travel Period : 11 Jan 2010 - 31 Jul 2010
    Travel Notes : - Advance booking required
    Fly from/to Bangkok | Kuching | Kota Kinabalu | Kuala Lumpur | Jakarta | Johor Bahru | Bandun

    The operative part being Booking Period: 10 Aug 2009

    So how can 10 August start at 2am if it has already started at 0000…. if that's the case, they need to make up their mind! Running on two clocks?

  • mathiex, i tend to agree with you but the countdown timer kind of threw me, I was getting a 'broken'counter, made my 2nd guess what was going on…you staying up ?

    • The counter follows the time set by your computer. Try setting the time 2 hours earlier. You will see the countdown timer works again. EDIT

  • Hope I am wrong!

  • If fares actually do appear at 2am AEST please post here what you end up purchasing. Hopefully that's the case, and that in another 1hr10min we'll see a different travel period than 11 Jan 2010 - 31 Jul 2010, and actually 2009 travel dates to "rock 2009" (see ad).

  • To be fair, I don't think a SALE that happens in 2009 for flights in 2010 is really mileading.

    • hehe true :D well…we can fly in dec though :D

  • ok….6 min to go…………let's see what happens next

    • ok…the website is timed out now hen u try to book….great

  • Nothing happened. The same crap…Only flights between Asian cities in 2010 and the prices aren't that great at all…

  • Seems like I was right :(

  • Flights still normal price, but site is getting hammered.

  • epic fail.

  • unbelievable.. :(

  • I have absolutely no idea whats going on.
    Agree, site getting hammered.
    Wondering what the deals are for OZ ?

    • I still get "Please be patient while we update the fare information…" on the right hand bar after I've done a search, however, I believe chances are slim to none that we'll see any change. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  • The specials are mostly for local domestic flights within Malaysia/SEA. No specials for flights departing from AU. Ah well…

    Don't bother fellas, just goto bed. I am! Good night..

  • that was a good use of time…

  • http://www.airasia.com/site/au/en/promotion.jsp?reference=rr...

    As I said before, no aussie ports for sale.

  • Can't even check the flight date…

    Gateway Timeout
    The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

    Reference #1.4c0fc7d.1249834052.169e04e

  • Joke… set the alarm for this?????

  • Air Asia - 1
    Ozbargainers - 0

  • 0-0

  • I'm just glad its only 12.12am here in WA, and not 2.12am where you are all at!

  • you know what we should do, Im serious, all send a copy of this page/link to Airasia so they can see what such poor communication does, all it does is annoy us and have us think poorly of them AND they dont get a sale, no one wins. Not good for their reputation.

  • -_-

  • if you thought the airasia website was hammered, check out airasiaplus.com which lets you see 15 consecutive days of flights/fares, it's absolutely screwed…

    • Yeah really screwed. Try http://mobile.airasia.com. I am able to see the flights but no sale on MEL-KUL. Haven't checked any of the ports.

      • yep..same prices as before the sale….time to go to sleep then….&^&^#&%!&^$ wasting 3 hours of my time waiting..thx airasia

      • thanks for the link.. yup as kodoq said, same prices for AU as before

  • Airlines really need to stop pulling this shit.

  • I have a feeling there is a sale for AU destinations. The current Australian site has link "Plan your holiday for 2010 from AUD 99 one way" replacing the previous links. Normally airasia takes time to update AU sales.


    • i think that's remnants of the deal that ended yesterday 9 August. it was book for 2010 and get 99AUD fol MEL to KL and 149MYR (~52AUD) for KL - MEL which meant about A$150 for the return trip..

      • The yesterday's link did not say "Book for 2010". So fingers crossed. Anyway, I'm off to bed.

      • When you click on the link "Plan your holiday for 2010 from AUD 99 one way"

        There's no OZ!!!

        Booking Period : 10 Aug 2009 - 16 Aug 2009
        Travel Period : 11 Jan 2010 - 31 Jul 2010
        Travel Notes : - Advance booking required
        Fly from/to Bangkok | Kuching | Kota Kinabalu | Kuala Lumpur | Jakarta | Johor Bahru | Bandung

    • Misleading!!! The set time has passed… and the sale is for only Asian location. And the prices are not bargain prices at all. The ad was misleading and aimed at attracting lots of people to their web site hoping that some of them will buy something.

      • I also checked the advertised fare on domestic routes and no sales noted. I don't think they have time to load the sales fare. And I do admit they have made serious errors. But I don't want to give up hopes on the AU route yet. Anyway good luck and let us all go to bed.

  • Twitter @AirAsiaDotCom and send your thoughts through their web form online.
    Let's all hope JetStar saves the day in the near future with a great sale!

    • haha to be honest the frequency of air asia sales is about on par with dell's 10% off this and that, which is pretty darn often… so here's hoping air asia redeem themselves with a 'decent' sale for au fares soon..

  • able to get in, search from bangkok to bali…still the same price as it used to be b4 the sale….same as kul-mel and mel-kul

    Mon 22 Mar 2010 - Melbourne (MEL) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL)
    Depart Arrive Flight Guest All-In Fare NEW
    (Fare + Airport Tax*)
    All you need to pay Class
    0125 (MEL) 0635 (KUL) D7 2723

    275.00 AUD


    549.00 AUD
    Premium Promo
    1325 (MEL) 1840 (KUL) D7 2725

    195.00 AUD
    Economy Promo


    549.00 AUD
    Premium Promo
    Previous day | Next day
    *Not applicable for flights departing Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines, as Airport Tax is paid separately before departure.

    Mon 29 Mar 2010 - Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) to Melbourne (MEL)
    Depart Arrive Flight Guest All-In Fare NEW
    (Fare + Airport Tax*)
    All you need to pay Class
    1340 (KUL) 2330 (MEL) D7 2722

    231.00 AUD


    505.00 AUD
    Premium Promo
    505.00 AUD
    Premium Promo

    night guys………………….:(

  • Another error response…

    Proxy Error
    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request POST /skylights/cgi-bin/skylights.cgi.
    Reason: Error reading from remote server
    Apache/1.3.41 Server at booking.airasia.com Port 443

    Title should be AirAsia BIG FAIL!!!

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