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$30 Voucher Code @HelloFresh Fruit/Veggie Box [QLD, NSW, VIC]


I have never heard of HelloFresh before receiving this $30 code.
Browsed their website, seems reliable, the idea is good, and it's a co based in surry hills Sydney, shipping is free, except the cheapest box i could find was the veggie box for 3 meals and 2 people for $59. so thats comes down to $29, still.
I know not all ozbargainers would agree it's a good bargain, but I love to give new things a try, so it's a good bargain to me before committing to spending more $ on this kind of service.

(Edit: Terms &Condition - This voucher is only valid on a household's first box. only valid on classic and veggie boxes. Order online. When using this card you will be signed up to an ongoing weekly subscriptions)

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  • I've used them a couple of times. Thought their stuff was good, but worked out a bit expensive for me. Not bad with the discount.

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    why can you only order for even numbers of people?

  • Heh. These cards/codes are less than worthless in the inner west of Sydney. Found a couple on the street the other day, they go for a buck or two on eBay. Not a deal when you go through it all. $20/meal for two people? Went shopping in Bankstown today: Chicken breast $6kg, fruit & veg $1-4kg. Rice $1kg Sauces? $1-2

    • Wantedtosoldid is that the chicken place on Cant rd? could you pretty please pm or reply the address to me - I am around the corner and keep hearing about it but don't know where exactly it is. cheers ;-)

      • The first rule of the chicken place on Cant rd is that you don't talk about the chicken place on Cant rd.

  • This is only good for the convenience factor. You can get better and cheaper veggies at your local market. I've seen the boxes left in front of the mailbox early morning and they are still there when I come back from work,so you need to wait at home, otherwise you'll be left with not so fresh produce.

  • It doesn't work for Fruit box!!

    • you can't get just a fruit box anyway, it says "Can only be purchased in combination with a Classic or Vegetarian box"

  • They were handling them out in Chatswood station yesterday

  • go to your local fruit shop and buy exactly what you need

  • I'm guessing that's a single-use code.

    They give these out all over the place, not to mention you'd be better off asking an OzBargainer to refer you so that they get the $20 referral bonus while you get your $30.

    One dude recently tried selling 4 of these codes for $90 on OCAU forums, bwahahahahahaha…

  • I think I have one at home. Was included in an iconic order. I dont think they operate in WA. Not interested anyway

    Free to anyone who will use it. Just PM me with a joke.