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20% off Toys at eBay (Incl Games & Consoles) Xbox One 500GB Titanfall $478, PS4 $399.20

  • The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the total purchase price of toys on up to five transactions (including postage) for purchases made on ebay.com.au during the Offer Period (“offer”). Toys means children’s toys, for example items listed in the following categories on eBay.com.au: Toys & Hobbies, Video Games & Consoles, Toys 0-12 months (in Baby), Children’s Books (in Books, Magazines), Toys (in Collectables) and Dolls, Bears.

  • Offer commences at 10:01 (AEST) on 20 July 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 20 July 2014 (“Offer Period”).

  • The total discount amount payable is capped to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction.

  • The redemption code is valid for up to 5 transactions per person during the Offer Period. 

Full T&C's

Notable products

Playstation 4 from Dick Smith - $399.20 after 20% off

PlayStation 4 from The Gamesmen $396 after 20% off

XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle - $478.40 + $5 shipping after 20% off

Nexus 5 (16GB, Black) $320 iPad Air 16GB Celluar $540.8 Shipped and etc

Since Video Games and Consoles are mentioned, I think PS4 and Xbox One are included. However I am not 100% sure.

Eg) PS4 @ Dick Smiths is $485 at the moment, but after the 20% discount it should be $388

Update 1 : As many of you already predicted, Dick Smiths actually raised prices, so now PS4 is $503.95($499+$4.95 for shipping) and Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle) is $602.95.

After the 20% discount(it applies to the shipping fee as well), PS4 should be $403.16 and Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle) should be $482.36.


Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle)

Update 2 : You might want to check out Kogan Ebay store. They are selling phones & tablets(including iphones and Galaxy S5) under Toy section, so the 20% discount should be applied to those phones & tablets. Plus, it seems like Kogan listed Xbox One on their store as well, but it is same price as what DSE is selling at the moment($498, after the discout $398.4 thanks arena sales).

Update 3 : By the way, I would recommend you guys to keep your eyes on Ebay Group deal. If my memory serves me right, last time Apple MacBook Air 11" 128GB was only $500 after the 20% discount. Hopefully, some similar deals are available on 21/07/2014


Update 4 : Many mobile phones, talbets and consoles that are sold by Kogan are no longer listed under the "toy" section. Make sure what you are purchasing is under the right category, so the discount can be applied.

Update 5 : Apparently PS4 is "sold out" @ DSE, just a day before, the deal starts.

Update 6 : PS4 is back on DSE ebay store @ $499(thanks kamoi) which should be $400-ish after the 20$ discount. However it says "Limited quantity remaining"


Update 7 : Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2and compact are still under Toy section(thanks grab_ur_freebies)


Udpate 8 : Some ipad are still under Toy section(thanks andri77), including ipad mini with retina 16GB white which should be $352 (after disc)


Update 9 : Some Samsung smartphones(including Galaxy S5) are still listed under the toy section.


However, I can not confirm the 20% discount can be applied to those smartphones, tablets and consoles that are sold by Kogan

Coupon code is CTOYTASTIC, good luck everyone

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  • Confirmed working now. You apply code after you commit to buy!

  • Got a PS4, thanks

  • +1

    Damn, Ipad air 16gb under toys category from Kogan is $676.
    Ipad air 16gb under computers is $519

  • yep got PS4 for $403.16

  • PS4s are flying…

  • Finally got it to work for me, Paypay errored out the first time but it worked the second go.

  • lol PS4 purchases skyrocketed on DSE page

  • Thanks OZBARGAIN. Got a PS4 for $403.169999999999999999999999999999

  • hahaha 85 Sold in like 4 minutes

  • Finally got it to work for me, Paypay errored out the first time but it worked the second go.

  • +1

    listing showing 96 sold in an hour… more like a minute ;-)

    edit: snap :-)

  • so what else is everyone buying??

  • Any Razer deathadder's, logitech gaming keyboards or logitech wireless gaming headsets with mic?

  • I'm going overseas in 2 weeks, hopefully the PS4 will arrive before that then I will be able to have a tax claim at airport for about $40 further :D

    • +3

      That means you'd have to take the ps4 overseas…

      • +2

        yeah, I'm going back home :D

      • Wonder if you can plug into the plane's in flight entertainment system :P

  • +7

    Ps4 as well. I'll retract my statement…

    I love Dick!

  • +1

    Absolutely nobody is buying the Xbox One at the same price as the PS4…mmmmm interesting.

  • +1

    Wii U Pro Controller $44

  • anyone had any luck using the coupon for items not in the listed categories?

  • 7 PS4s left!

  • ps4 7 away from being ozbargained.

  • Bought the LG G Pro 2 for $352.80 from Kogan. Awesome!

  • just woke up in time for the fun! :)

  • 3 ps4 left!
    EDIT: Sold out!

  • All PS4's gone! WOW!!!

  • +1


  • +4

    All gone… My very first Ozbargained experience

  • ps4s at dse are sold out

  • Bought a LG G Pro 2, $352, fantastic, Thanks everyone who pointed it out.

    • Wished kogan put the white one on the toys section too…. sigh.

      • At this price, only pink color will stop me….

        • Haha…. sadly my wife MUST have the white color. Wished she could simply do with the Black.

          Might have to sucker it up and buy the white one from somewhere else for an extra $40.

        • from the images, looks like only the front is pinkish, the back is still white?
          I'm still not buying it tho

        • @payton:
          Huh pinkish?

          Looks like the front is White and Back is White, unless my screen is broken:

        • @lplau:
          my bad, thought you guys are discussing Kogan's Note 3 in "rose gold" color.

  • +1

    PS4 Console
    Watch Dogs
    Tomb Raider
    Trials Fusion

    Very happy !!

    • +1

      where did you buy tomb raider?

      • From other sellers.

        I sussed out all the cheapest prices for the games I wanted during the week and did it all in one checkout along with the ps4 from DSE.

        Only thing I made sure of though was that each game was the official Aus version. No imports for me, so I payed a little extra.

    • yeah now i have ps4 console coming from dick where are some cheap ps4 games are there any available in this deal?

  • +3

    IS Sony Z2 for $532 a good price? I don't want to fall for the buying hype quickly.

    • +2

      500ish for a flagship phone is awesome

  • I wanted a cheap iPad Air. Might have to just get the mini :(

  • http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone...

    Got one of these. Many of the listings for it are flying of the shelves.

  • +1

    bought a wii u game code for $23.99!

  • Anyone buying non-potable, ps4 game,smart phone tablets toys? Like for toddlers, good stores / sellers to recommend please share?

  • Can you buy ps4s from other sellers? Will the code still work? Or is it just with dse?

    • works with everything listed in the toys sections

  • Picked up some Pop figures for Guardians of the Galaxy. Been watching these for a week. Pretty happy with $63 shipped for all 5 :


  • Does anyone know if you can get the tax invoice when you buy online on ebay for example for this kind of offer? Thanks!

    • +1

      depends on the shop.
      For example: dicksmith provides a full tax invoice, emailed to you when the item is dispatched.

      • Thabk you. What a pitty I couldnt get one of those PS4 for 400$…

  • I got myself a PS4 & Xbox One!!! YAY!!! Thank you ozbargain!!!

    Once i paid through paypal & the order was complete, my paypal app on my phone came up with the notification as per the original amount rather than the discounted amount…yet i made sure the coupon was applied & the correct amount came through on both ebay & paypal during the payment process…hopefully they take the correct amount…anybody else got this issue?

    • Where did you get the Xbox One from out of curiosity?

    • its normal, go to paypal and click details,

    • That's because the seller still got the full amount.
      You have to go into Paypal and view transaction details. Look for Funding Source and you should see the 20(ebay)/80(you) split of the total amount.

  • +2

    the last of us PS4 edition for $47.96 to go with my shiny new ps4


  • Ps4 for slightly more than $404 from group buy qualify? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm//291178589341?pi=466130

  • +2

    Warning: If something is in other items from international sellers, that means it's on another ebay site… and even if it's under a Toys and Hobbies category, it is not included in the sale. The annoying failure mode: The coupon is accepted and the total is revised… but then when I go to Paypal, it's as if the coupon was not applied at all. I called ebay and got the above explanation.

    Serves me right for wanting to buy, you know, an actual TOY as opposed to an iPad or phone. On to phones next. :-)

    Still bought the item, though, even though ebay offered to send a note to the seller requesting that he honour my cancel request, as the price was decent although not the bargain it would have been.

    • You might want to double check your Paypal transaction again. I bought something from an international seller that was not listed in eBay AU (price was in USD) and the coupon was applied just fine and the discount showed up in my Paypal transaction.

  • +1
    • thanks heaps for this mate. Now to find another controller…

  • Just bought ps4 from here. Code worked. 411 delivered.

    • be careful with listings that require the seller to get back to you with a freight price. If they don't respond today, you're screwed and gotta pay the listing price.

      • -2

        You don't have to pay the listing price. Just tell them you purchased the item in error, then get them to cancel the purchase.

      • This listing is free postage and item located in melbourne

        • sorry about that, meant to reply to rhz's post above for $489.95 + freight.

        • @aedeau: All good, was just pointing out the listing again in case you missed it. I know its not 403 but 411 still a bargain!

    • no postage quote, doesn't even say where pickup is in Sydney which is annoying.

    • I wonder if you can pay in USD (rather than eBay/PayPal conversion) using 28 Degrees card, to get cheaper ?

      • +1

        Yes you can. That's what I did, and discount still applied.

    • +1

      This seller just jacked the price. No longer AU $514.95, now AU $549.95. F'n Douch

  • +2

    As soon as the PS4 is sold out, the comment posting rate is back to normal, lol

  • Anyone tried selling something to yourself for profit?

    • +1

      i thought about that as well :) But if ebay ever caught you you'd lose your ebay account. Not worth it.

      • +2

        yea not sure if it is worth the risk.
        Thought about it, but would be so much trouble to get it so it doesn't look like you sold it to yourself.

        Need to get 2 paypal accounts to 2 different names and different billing addresses which has to correspond to your credit cards or else the credit card auth fails.

        Also remember the reward isn't as high as you think. If you max out the discounts at $200 off for a $1000 purchase, you are effectively only getting $70 in profit, since you need to pay ebay fees, 10% for ebay and around 3% on Paypal.

        Its not as lucrative as you may have thought.

  • -1

    Where was the PS4 selling for $320? Can only see the DSE $500 one posted.

      • +2

        "All in the game, yo… all in the game."

        • +1

          Just finished the series for the 4th time last night.

        • +1

          @KLoNe: Omar would be proud, mos def.

    • -1

      it never was for $320 OP thought it might be at $320 as price on DSE ebay store was $485 but as normal DSE put it back upto $499 +$4.95 shipping still $100 saving and ps4 for $403 glad i got in early

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