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20% off Toys at eBay (Incl Games & Consoles) Xbox One 500GB Titanfall $478, PS4 $399.20

  • The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the total purchase price of toys on up to five transactions (including postage) for purchases made on ebay.com.au during the Offer Period (“offer”). Toys means children’s toys, for example items listed in the following categories on eBay.com.au: Toys & Hobbies, Video Games & Consoles, Toys 0-12 months (in Baby), Children’s Books (in Books, Magazines), Toys (in Collectables) and Dolls, Bears.

  • Offer commences at 10:01 (AEST) on 20 July 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 20 July 2014 (“Offer Period”).

  • The total discount amount payable is capped to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction.

  • The redemption code is valid for up to 5 transactions per person during the Offer Period. 

Full T&C's

Notable products

Playstation 4 from Dick Smith - $399.20 after 20% off

PlayStation 4 from The Gamesmen $396 after 20% off

XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle - $478.40 + $5 shipping after 20% off

Nexus 5 (16GB, Black) $320 iPad Air 16GB Celluar $540.8 Shipped and etc

Since Video Games and Consoles are mentioned, I think PS4 and Xbox One are included. However I am not 100% sure.

Eg) PS4 @ Dick Smiths is $485 at the moment, but after the 20% discount it should be $388

Update 1 : As many of you already predicted, Dick Smiths actually raised prices, so now PS4 is $503.95($499+$4.95 for shipping) and Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle) is $602.95.

After the 20% discount(it applies to the shipping fee as well), PS4 should be $403.16 and Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle) should be $482.36.


Xbox One(XboxOne 500GB TitanFall Console Bundle)

Update 2 : You might want to check out Kogan Ebay store. They are selling phones & tablets(including iphones and Galaxy S5) under Toy section, so the 20% discount should be applied to those phones & tablets. Plus, it seems like Kogan listed Xbox One on their store as well, but it is same price as what DSE is selling at the moment($498, after the discout $398.4 thanks arena sales).

Update 3 : By the way, I would recommend you guys to keep your eyes on Ebay Group deal. If my memory serves me right, last time Apple MacBook Air 11" 128GB was only $500 after the 20% discount. Hopefully, some similar deals are available on 21/07/2014


Update 4 : Many mobile phones, talbets and consoles that are sold by Kogan are no longer listed under the "toy" section. Make sure what you are purchasing is under the right category, so the discount can be applied.

Update 5 : Apparently PS4 is "sold out" @ DSE, just a day before, the deal starts.

Update 6 : PS4 is back on DSE ebay store @ $499(thanks kamoi) which should be $400-ish after the 20$ discount. However it says "Limited quantity remaining"


Update 7 : Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2and compact are still under Toy section(thanks grab_ur_freebies)


Udpate 8 : Some ipad are still under Toy section(thanks andri77), including ipad mini with retina 16GB white which should be $352 (after disc)


Update 9 : Some Samsung smartphones(including Galaxy S5) are still listed under the toy section.


However, I can not confirm the 20% discount can be applied to those smartphones, tablets and consoles that are sold by Kogan

Coupon code is CTOYTASTIC, good luck everyone

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      • +6

        OK cool…. but in what universe does $485 minus 20% = $320 ?

        My maths says $388 not $320

        • my guess is whoever edited the post put wrong price in details, it shows what they thought it would be further down page but yeah was never going to be below $400 coming from DSE, now to get some ps4 games that i haven't already played on pc or xbox 360, any of those HD remakes of ps3 titles out yet?

        • @spedstyle:

          It was listed at $399 earlier today around 10AM. - 20% = $319.20
          It then sold out and is now relisted for $100 more at $499.

        • +1


          are you sure it was listed at $399 i have been checking since yesterday when this deal came up and was always above $400, i got the deal at 10am was $499 + $4.95 shipping, now has been relisted same price just free shipping, whatever not bothered still saving $150 on retail price

        • @spedstyle:

          I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure I went to the page and saw it at $399. Got my calculator out to figure out discounted price and add it in description.

          Well, I can't verify that and it looks like the cheapest people picked it up at was $400 so seems more likely I stuffed up somewhere so sorry about that.

  • Got Black Wii Pro joystick for AU$39 delivered…

  • Thanks :), two transactions later and saved a decent amount.

  • +1

    lolll, even vending machines are included:


    • +5

      BRB Buying vending machine

  • Any good deals on ps3/ps4 controllers?

    • +7

      there's an easy way to find this out. search for ps3 controller or ps4 controller and sort results by lowest price.

    • +13

      how many times must you people ask this same question.

      • It's an easy mistake unfortunately.

    • +3

      Goto Paypal, click Details and all will be revealed.

      • Thanks. Just saw the eBay credit. Tricky trying view all this on the iphone app

      • Anyone knows if the SELLER can see this also if the BUYER used the coupon code to pay for it?

  • Bought XBOX Live Gold membership 12 months for $37.5

    • +3

      This guy has them for $32 after discount: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=191254.... He posted earlier in the thread.

      • i was tempted by this, but after my current sub runs out in about 10 months, i will probably only be playing next gen (and many games around then i guess will only be for next gen)… and as of today, next gen for me = ps4.

        • I'm PS4 all the way and subbed until 2017, but got an Xbox in the last ebay deal for $350. Coudn't resist. Subbed for 2 years just for titanfall and any other exclusives.

      • Thanks, just bought one.

        • That listing says Local Pick Up Only - and they are listed in Hobart, which is why I decided not to buy…

  • Is this the best deal for an Xbox one or is it the best deal only if you want the Titan fall game?
    Don't know anything about Xbox sorry.

  • +6

    For those that missed out dick smith has the ps4 back in stock on their ebay page


    • +4

      with free postage lol.

      • +3

        Damn them for cheating me out of 5 dollars :P

        • ikr. i'd be pissed if i hadn't also saved another $8 using cashback site.

    • Will DSE do this similar to what it did to the Pioneer headphones? "We oversold the PS4 and would like to replace your order with XBoxone (or PS3?)"?

      • -1

        surely are you serious?

        likely they will give you ps2

        I am serious and don't call me Shirley

        • -1

          no one enjoy leslie nelson's joke??

        • +1

          Check your quote.

        • +1

          [@edgar28]check your nielsen

  • Thanks. Picked up an iPad Air. Stuff waiting for the new one especially at this price lol.

  • Anyone found cheap ps vita 64gb memory card? Cheapest I found after discount is $85 delivered.

    • $85 is very cheap for a 64gb vita card.

      • Is that from the seller from Hong Kong?

        • Yeah HK premium seller so I guess it is genuine? I heard only Japan sells the 64gb card so Aus sellers will not get it that soon.

  • Seems the PS4 is cheaper now!, get onto it guys!, free shipping too :) got one for $399.20

  • allthingstec just jacked up their ps4's from $514 to $549 a couple of seconds ago

    • Sigh…. opportunists.

  • +2

    when Uncharted 4 is coming in 2015? I cannot decide whether to buy PS4 now or wait for early next year.

    • +8

      On OzBargain the motto is "Buy Now. Decide Later"

    • +3

      Destiny bro

    • Do you think the PS4 will have had a price cut by the time UC4 releases? If not, then buy it now. You're still going to end up buying it anyway and paying the same.

      If you can get it for $400 today, do it.

  • Ps4s at dse are back. Now free delivery. I just bought one for $399.20 delivered!!!

    • If that's good perhaps Dick deserves a few apologies lol

      • +6

        There were a few OzBargainer who got rubbed up the wrong way by Dick, so he is making amends giving everyone a happy ending. ;)

  • PS4 is back on DSE.

  • Just bought last of us on ps4 on preorder for $47 :D

    • +1

      oh noes my DSE $49 pre-order pales in comparison lol

    • Do you have the link for it if you don't mind me asking? And is it from an ebay store or normal seller? That's a pretty good price and I traded my PS3 copy in ages ago :(

  • Anyone bought Cards Against Humanity on ebay and got what they consider a legit copy.


    Am looking at getting this, however how do I know they haven't just printed it themselves, or printed by someone other than the original manufacturer?

    • Good point. In that particular listing, they mentioned printed on premium playing cards & custom box.. so looks like it is not from original manufacturer

      The other ones I saw were:

      However also not clear if those are also original or self-printed.

      • Most of these are from bulk purchases listed on DHGate or were from AliExpress, but Ali have been cracking down on these and there are only a few listed.

        Quality is pretty good, and if you're not happy, why not ask for a refund afterwards citing it's a knock off.

        I bought the UK expansion, then found out it's unofficial thanks to BGG. Seller refunded when confronted.

        • Thanks for all the info guys. I think i'm going to hold off until the AU version is released. At the cheapest from ebay this is about $53.

          Hopefully the AU version will have free shipping like the US and UK ones do, which means maybe the base and all 4 expansions will be about $70-$75. Might be worth it so the money is going towards the actual company, and we get the AU localised cards. I have played the US version a few times, and its true that every once and a while it references someone who I have no idea who it is.

  • For anyone that is interested, this is cheaper than Kogan and you can pick up straight away. This is not mine, I just found it when searching. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not a Kogan one and someone trying to make a few dollars.


    • This is the original Ipad mini. Doesnt Big W have them for under $300 atm anyway?

  • +1

    Any recommended quadcopter with camera??

    • +1

      I'm also interested, there is just so many to chose from. I want the best bang for buck. Those DJI Phantom ones look to be the best but are expensive.

      • Grabbed my DJI Phantom at the first 20% off sale, and the GoPro to mount on it at 15% off…very happy with mine :)

    • Hubsan X4 107C is great, cheap and flies well with a camera

    • I bought a wltoys v222 a few weeks ago. It's awesome, really easy to do flips and rolls. It comes with a VGA camera, cost me $70 shipped from bang good, but they prolly have them listed on ebay.

  • Tried to purchase some Lego, coupon showed discount on ebay payment page but paypal showed "MTIX-wrong catergory" error. Was under toys and hobbies. sigh

    • call ebay, they should sort it out for you. take a scree shot just in case.

  • -1

    Cheapest way to get PS+?

    • +1

      on ebay.com.au search & add item 121345728193 and you'll get 20% off that too

      • Is that for US?

        • +2

          Yes PS+ for US , it's 39.99 USD delivered to OZ but still works with 20% and works with all my US and AU games just fine.

        • Thanks!! :)

        • @drb: 39.99 or 49.99?

        • @drb:

          hi mate, do you mean you can use the US PS+ subscription card for AU subscription? Doesn't seem to make sense. I thought this is for US PSN only

        • @neonlight: I have an US subscription and can play all games no problems.

        • @drb:
          Yup I thought that is the case. It's for US subscription. Curious if the seller also have PSN cards. That would be a bargain.

          Also any quick guide to create a US PSN account or I just make up an US address

      • Thanks. Bought one and saved ~$20

        • How much did you pay?

        • @prince22:
          $39. Buying through PSN is $64. So ~$25 savings.

        • @addepp:

          $39US works out $44AU, might wait see if dickies do another deal on playstation plus like they did last august, 15 months for price of 12 with 10% off

  • -1

    PS4 Lego Movie for $35 seems like a good deal, currently $89 at JB

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