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1 Ounce Silver Bullets (Produced by NTR), Spot + $3.50 (E.g. Currently $25.50ea) @ Bullion Money


Hello OzBargainers. I think this is only my second bullion deal posted (and probably the only two ever posted on the site!), but it's well worth checking out for the silver investor or the curious.

Bullion Money has a discount on the premium charged for 1 Ounce Silver Bullets (produced by NTR), modelled after the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) round.

They are charging circa $3.50 over spot price per silver bullet. So price will fluctuate based on spot, but they are currently $25.50 each or $25.30 if you buy 100+. Postage is on top and will vary depending on location and number purchased (or they have an office in Parramatta: https://bullionmoney.com.au/contact).

To give you an example of how well priced these are, another well known (and well priced) bullion dealer currently has them on their website for over $28.10 each or $26.40 if you buy 100+.

I have ticked affiliate only because the company sponsors some of my sites (e.g. advertises on www.bullionbaron.com), but I don't receive any direct benefit from posting this deal. Just trying to give back to the community :)

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  • +1

    $25.50 to kill a Vampire?!

    Seriously though, I wish I had the guts to invest in cool stuff like this but I dunno….

    • +9

      These would be for a werewolf problem.

      • +2

        Yeah seriously…a silver bullet would only p-off a vampire

      • +4

        Do these come with guaranteed delivery before the next full moon?

      • (* Gunpowder not included)

    • +4

      No no, you use a steak to kill vampires. Specifically rib eye.

      • +7

        Rib or eye would work, just avoid rump - that would be gay.

        • When you're a vampire you can suck on anything you want and it wouldn't be gay. Besides, the male gland would be the obvious choice when full of blood.

        • +6



        • +3


          I vant to suck your cawk… wait… vot?

    • +3

      worth every cent to rid the world of robert pattinson and twilight

    • +2

      lol amateurs.
      I can see SteveAndBelle being attacked by a werewolf and vampire - shoots the vampire and waves some garlic at the werewolf - ends up a werevampire…

  • Pardon my ignorance, what is the use of silver bullets? Is it pure investment or its for real use in Gun?

    edit:Got answer from website: These 1 ounce silver bullets are bullion products only and cannot be used in a firearm - See more at: https://bullionmoney.com.au/products/silver/silver-coins/1oz...

    • +4

      That's a shame, these would have been popular with the cashed up gangster set…. Diamond on mah grillz, Cristal on tap and mag full o silbah caps yo!

  • Thanx op :-)

  • how to order?

    • Just put in the number (QTY) required and add to cart (near the pricing on the right).

  • These are only good for threatening werewolves. not actually for use to kill them.

  • Which would be a better buy…a 1oz silver bullet or a 1oz silver coin from say Perth Mint? Just wondering…can we sell the 1oz silver bullet to Perth Mint one day when we want to sell?

    • +1

      Impossible to say with any certainty, depends on the coin, some Perth Mint 1oz silver bullion coins appreciate in value over time (especially those with low mintages such as the Lunar series with a 300k mintage). Doesn't hurt to hold a variety. I'm not sure what Perth Mint buys back, but you'd be likely to get a better price reselling on the secondary market (e.g. ebay or Silver Stackers).

    • Answer is yes you can sell it back PM but I'd only do so as a last resort.

      You're comparing the wrong products a better comparison would be a 1oz silver bullet to 1oz low premium silver from someone like goldstackers or BB as these will never have a premium such as PM products, however who knows what's going to happen with the croc and other 1/2oz products but thats another story.

      And Joey has posted a a few deals..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I got 100 and saved $20. Time to get out the NERF guns.

    • pew pew got you first!

      • I'm dead. No more orders lol. Dumb question, but what is the point of these items? Just a novelty method of holding silver?

        • you could use them as bling blings

        • I can see it posing a problem trying to get past airport security.

          Is this the reason why they're cheaper than normal?

        • Yes, a novel way of holding silver, but it's also a very good price (for a 1 ounce product), lower than you'd find most silver rounds or coins.

        • @scrimshaw: Shouldn't have any problems buying these from NSW and getting them delivered within Australia, may raise an eye at customs if you purchased internationally, but have seen other people get them through with no hiccups.

  • better invest in gold!!!let me know op if you have gold ones on special thanx

    • If I see any really special deals I will post them, but the premiums on Gold are usually much lower, so bargains less frequent or obvious.

      Ainslie Bullion currently has a good deal on Gold $200 coins ($414 each if you buy 5):


  • http://www.perthbullion.com/shop/detail/45acapbulletsbo1/

    You're cheaper than Perth Bullion (aka Bullion Bourse) and their 100+ buy price, so looks like a good deal!
    Time for a price war between sellers?

  • +1

    Possession of replica firearms is an offence without a suitable licence, as is possession of real ammunition. I am not sure of the exact law in regards to replica ammunition, but would suggest obtaining legal advice before buying an investment that may be a prohibited/restricted item to possess [you don't want your retirement silver seized]

    • +2

      lol this is a solid piece of silver in the shape of a bullet.
      Anyway, as long as I still have my retirement grease I'm happy.

    • If no one was allowed to own them Aman, these dudes certainly wouldn't be allowed to sell them.

  • Can someone in the know tell me how much (%) silver would have to go up by, before you'd make a decent % in profit, selling these things back into the market?
    So assuming free postage/no postage costs, what I basically want to know is, roughly how close to the spot-price of silver can you get as a non-commercial seller when you sell it, and what place will give you the best price for it? Or is there some standard % of the spot-price that pretty much all commercial entities will buy it from you for?
    Of course I'm just talking about bullion/'scrap' silver, not coins etc., which obviously would be highly variable depending in mintage/condition etc.