This was posted 6 years 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Panasonic 60" PLASMA TH-P60S60A - $1399 from Todd's Hi-Fi


This is my first submission so I apologize if it doesn't meet standards

From what I've seen and with Plasma being discontinued, these are the last Plasma TV's being sold online in Australia. I believe they were cheaper before but this is the best price I've seen for a 60 inch in a while.

This is the S60A model stripped of ST60A's 3D and other processing which decreases it's input lag making it ideal for gaming with a good PQ. As my mother doesn't watch 3D and sits on a very wide angle, I bought her this TV and I wanted to share it with OZB in hope somebody finds this deal useful.

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  • Have they stopped making Plasma?

    Just asking as I haven't seen any advertised for a bit now

    • LG is the only manufacturer who released any this year. Sad to see the technology go :(

  • It's not the first time a superior technology has lost out to inferior tech.
    Thanks to marketing hype.

      • Not superior at all?

        I guess the reason you are watching TV isn't for the picture quality - as plasma was always better in that respect. It was also cheaper for the size which made it more affordable for the masses. Brighter screens does not make better pictures, and no screen blur is another big advantage, especially for those watching sport. Burn in is a thing of the past (sure it was more common 5-10 years ago) and plasma energy efficiency has improved greatly over the past few years.

        I can see why Plasma went the way of the dinosaur. Admitting both technologies have their advantages is the right thing to do - the reality is that in no way was plasma "not superior at all".

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    Note that the "good" Panasonic line was the ST60A.

    This one's still decent but it's not the one that people were fawning over.

    EDIT Although I don't give a care about console gaming, which is important to some people.

    • the "good" panasonic line was the VT60 series

      • This. Although Australia never saw the release of the even better TC-PZT60, the flagship (and now final) Viera model of 2013.

        The VT60 (and above ZT60) models were the ones Panasonic released after acquiring Pioneer's legendary Kuro series and associated patents and incorporating that tech into its own plasmas.

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        Yeah, but the ST60A is the one people would recommend due to it's price point and the S60A is the one people would confuse it for.

        • The ST60 barely offers anything more than the S60.

          The VT60 has a better picture and better blacks than just about anything you'll find for sale at the moment. Only OLED will unsurp it eventually.


          @zeggie: And the ST60A barely cost any more than the S60A. I suggest you go correct everyone who was recommending the ST60A for a year or so over on whirlpool and tell them they should have spent double to triple what they did on the ST60A and gotten a VT60.

  • If your TV is on 24/7 then the power saving of LED is worthwhile. If used the TV a few hours a day then this is an awesome deal.

    LCD-LED/OLED will mature and improve over the coming years but plasma is at its EOL just like CRT & Compact fluorescent back light. Nothing left but to move on to new technology

    • Please provide some actual figures rather than just making broad statements.
      Don't forget to factor in the initial purchase price also.


        Or google up other results. Plasmas are going to cost about twice that of LEDs in terms of power but both are still pretty low power. The longer you use them the more benefit in terms of cost of using an LED.

      • All he said were facts plasma screens use more energy for screen time than LED screens, so if you constantly use your TV, it is going to contribute to a much higher energy bill (around $60-100) per year, the initial price is not really a factor, the plasma prices are hitting rock bottom almost no choices left in the market, and LED TVs are slowly decreasing in price, but there are thousands to chose from. ie Pretty much all the plasmas left have better screen quality to the LED TV in the same price range

  • OLED looks great but how does it compare to UHD?

    • OLED is a type of screen, UHD is the concentration of pixels, they be together, theoretically UHD/4K displays could have worked with plasma, or old lcds, but it would use way to much power

      • Ok thanks
        Just wondering as I don't see the OLED screen mentioning the resolution like the UHD do


          That's like wondering why the brand name Samsung doesn't tell you whether you're buying a phone or a TV. The two things can be related but they aren't necessarily.

  • I bought mine for ~$1340 at Good Guys after haggling last year. This is also the TV that Dicko has had for sale twice previously for $999. Just FYI.

  • Was $1799 (the RRP) now $1499. Allied Express Road deilvery $167.83. The Good Guys had them under $1200 and Dick Smith for $999 with free delivery. The ST60 also sold for less. Can't really call it a deal if you're paying more for the lesser model.

  • You guys remember the old school CRT's? I still run a crt TV for the kiddos :)

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