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Kogan 55" Agora 4K Smart 3D LED TV (UltraHD) $999 was $1499*


Saw this,

Pretty awesome deal, specs looks good for the price.

*Presale. Leaves warehouse on 1 September
*Free shipping NOT included if purchased on 28/07/14
*1 Year free warranty

*Top-quality 4K resolution – four times the resolution of Full HD
*Enjoy incredibly realistic cinematic action on the stunning LG panel
*Get the best value 4K TV on the market

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  • +5 votes

    Kogan 55" Agora 4K Smart 3D LED TV

    Not a good deal for those with Agoraphobia

    • +4 votes

      Apparently…. "Symptoms of a panic attack include palpitations, a rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tightness in the throat and shortness of breath. Many patients report a fear of dying or of losing control of emotions and/or behavior".

      A few people do experience these after buying a Kogan product.

      • -1 vote

        don't breath in the toxic plastic off gasses that are used to make these products.


          I hope you're not using a computer to access this site then for your own good.

          Computer users have been dropping like flies - even faster than the users of televisions if you can believe it.

        • +1 vote


          Oxygen is the real killer here. Every person who died has had oxygen.


          Yep, terrible stuff that Oxygen - bleaching our insides and all…


          And remember people, when they talk about 'consuming' TV they don't mean you should actually eat it!
          The exception of course are OLED screens - a 55" OLED can give you 25% of your RDI of chelating agents.


      Also don't forget that the solution for this only comes in XR (Extended Release) so it will take a while to reach you.


    What's the bet this is just a poor quality re-branded generic TV.

    I wonder if it's got a real LG panel as Kogan claims.


      Companies like LG will often sell panels to other companies. But that does not mean that it'll be a good TV.


        Looks like a bad TV going by some Youtube video reviews.


        For sure - the controller for the panel is incredibly important!! I've seen great panels that perform absolutely horrendously due to crappy controllers… Don't assume that a known brand panel makes it good!


          Don't assume that a known brand panel makes it good!

          and don't assume that good panels are necessarily used in known brands - Samsung (2014) TVs source panels from Samsung, CMO (Chimei Innolux), AUO (Acer Unipac Optronics), CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tube) and Sharp.

  • -1 vote

    never too late to offload the 1st gen "redundant tech" to the masses at gullible low prices as this - you will not have any use of the 4k res in the future and will hate yourself paying premium price on effectively 1080p screen :\

  • +5 votes

    4x HDMI 1.4 (1x MHL, 1x ARC compatible)

    No way to get 4k at 60FPS… Need HDMI 2.0

    When these cheap 4k TV's start coming out with HDMI 2.0 they will ALL BE awesome value for the hdmi native 3840x2160 resolution alone hooked up to PC's but still need to wait for HDMI 2.0 to come out on videocards.. probably end of year!


      Specs clearly state only 30Hz @ 4K, not ideal but its not promising 60Hz.

      Just need displayport inputs, without 4K60Hz over SST HDMI 2.0 isn't any better than the current displayport 1.3 found on many current gen video cards.


    I looked at buying this when it was first released at its introductory price of $999. However getting 4K content is so expensive unless you already have a 4K player I would hold off.


    Another review of the TV here (it mostly shows installation of the TV and pictures).


    Otherwise here's a review of this Kogan TV on Youtube. Getting some bad motion blur there.


    And another Youtube video showing lightbleed from this TV.


    It doesn't look like a very good TV.


    It's been this price for ages now.


    So leaves the warehouse on September 1st 2014. Isn't that a long time to wait. Sounds like the TV you've ordered isn't even in the warehouse yet. Over a month to wait even before shipment. And it's probably being shipped out of a warehouse in Hong Kong since i notice this little bit of information at the bottom of the page:

    "This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan HK Limited pursuant to the Terms and Conditions."

    So peoples this TV is not being supplied from inside of Australia but from Hong Kong and over a month to wait before it's even shipped off.

  • +2 votes

    "Was $1499". Yeah, and it was $999 before that.


      Yep, but keep in mind that the $999 price has always been for presale only. Once they actually have it in stock the price goes up to $1499.


    I was thinking of purchasing this before (same price from two weeks ago) so I did some research. I decided that I'll wait for 4k technology to improve because right now they can only be displayed at 30 Hz and videos may not be that smooth. 60 Hz would be a good number.


      Most movies are shot as 24 frames per second though, unless you are talking about live sports in which case no content anyways.


    Needs to be at least 72 Hz, if not 96Hz, to eliminate judder on bluray.
    This refresh rate for 24p was available at least 6 years ago

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