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Panasonic 18650B 3400mAh Protected (Pair) $20.66 + $1.12 Shipping @Fasttech


Hi, posting this since I bought some a couple of weeks ago when a new (**) shipping option appeared, previously couldn't be shipped. They arrived inside the 14 day window. This is the normal price but at ~$11 each it's good for these, also included is free standard protective case. Using in my Nitecore SRT7, seem to be good but I don't have a charger that measures the capacity.

**Registered Airmail via Philippines Post $1.12 (14 to 20 days in transit typical)

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  • if these are genuiine quality cells at 3400mAh, they're well worth the price.
    But how do we know ? I'm over crap batteries, but don't want to pay this much to find they are Chinese capacity ratings.

    Ghostknife, can you test the ones you've got even roughly ? Measure current draw in a torch when fully charged, then record time from full to flat ?

    • Probably easier to see how many mah it takes to charge from empty.

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      Fasttech is relatively quite reputable in terms of genuine batteries. I has no problems in the past 2 purchases I have made. (I only bought ones that were reviewed with proper measurements on other websites, but I guess that doesn't necessarily confirm genuine status for all of their batteries)

    • They are legit cells. Baught these a few months ago from FT and tested on hobby charger a few weeks ago. They are around 3.2~3.4k mAh

      btw, advise you don't buy protected cells unless you know it will fit. Stick with the plain button tops :D

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    Does this kind of battery require a special charger?

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        some idiot negged you, plussed you back up.

        to confirm, yes you need a special lipo charger. these can not be charged with a noraml aa/aaa charger

        • yes you need a special lipo charger

          liPo? Uhh no they are not liPos. But they do need a 4.2v li ion charger.

          More generally these are some of the longest 18'650' cells. They are closer to 18700.

  • So how are these better than eneloops?

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      do eneloop make 18650's ?

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      what JV is trying to say is these are not AA batteries for your typical remotes etc.

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      18650's are (650mm long (on average) with 18mm diameter)

      Higher voltage
      Generally higher capacity
      Commonly used in torches

      They have more in similarity to your phone battery. The only thing they have in common with eneloops is the cylindrical shape.

  • I could use three pair. Any decent holders for 6 batteries?

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    we got some vapers on this site?

    • I vape

    • Are vape deals permitted ie discounts on juice or gear?

      • I always wondered if I would see any ecig deals on here. I always seem to miss out on ones posted on other forums, would be handy if they popped up here from time to time. Can't answer your question though..

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        Thats a neg. Tobacco related products not permitted.


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          How is vaping related to tobacco?

    • we got some sub ohm vapers on this site?

      *Raises hand

      • sub ohm vapers use 5amp batteries ;)

        • 5amps would only give you a max of 0.85 ohms. You'd be stupid to use anything other than Vtc or mnke batteries for that. I've even managed to vent a vtc 5 at 0.16 ohms

  • What are some good cheap torches I can use with these?

    • On eBay you'll find plenty of 3xAAA torches that also have a tube to fit 18650 batteries. Otherwise just look through torch section on FT and have it shipped with the batteries.

      • where can I find just the tube extender?

        • Not sure what you're asking but if you want an adapter for 3xAAA to 18650 then you'll need something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3pcs-Plastic-Tube-For-18650-Batte...

          HOWEVER most of those ebay/FT torches should come with one… so use that as the ones on that link not guaranteed to fit.

          If you're looking for an actual extension tube… ie. for 2x18650s in one torch, that's a bit harder as each torch has different screw threads(thanks to counterfeits etc..). Probably buy one with extension tube included or a known fitting extension tube… or you can try your luck and type "18650 extension tube into ebay or something.

        • @wwwsam:

          If you're looking for an actual extension tube… ie. for 2x18650s in one torch, that's a bit harder as each torch has different screw threads(thanks to counterfeits etc..). Probably buy one with extension tube included or a known fitting extension tube… or you can try your luck and type "18650 extension tube into ebay or something.

          sí, soy después de que el tubo de extensión

        • @altomic:
          Google translate "Yes, I am after the extension tube"

          Well like I said before, it's hard to find one that will fit whatever touch you have. In other words I can't really help you there :/ as I can't guarantee any extension tubes well fit your torch… unless it's a well known brand with little to no counterfeits.

        • You also need to know if the lights driver can handle 8v + if you want to add batteries like that. Many are limited to a single cell at 4.2v. Or parallel setups. Basic extension tubes are series setups.

    • convoy c8 is a good start

    • Convoy S series or C8 will be < $20 delivered. S series are closer to $15

  • Buy 6,986 of these and I can build my own Tesla electric car…

    • Costs more than the car…

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    I've got a Nitecore i4 charger that I use for these, it takes 4-5 hours to charge using both circuits (so charging at 750ma), that would indicate 3400mah I guess.

  • Another good battery that's worth mentioning is their genuine sony VTC5 batteries. Some reviews says it's better than the panasonic.

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      Depends what you're using it for. VTC 3/4/5's have a rated continous drain of 30A while these are less than 10A. Unless you need that high of a drain (like sub-ohm ecigarettes), then these would be a better buy with more capacity and protection.

  • Since when did FT ship batteries again? Could've sworn they didn't ship batteries a fortnight or so ago due to the recent air-plane incidents.

  • I found they were shipping again at the beginning of July, I think it's been off & on again since then too.

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    These are very high quality batteries, have about a dozen of them myself. Too many torches :-/

    For anyone looking at chargers for these batteries, I used to recommend the i4, now I'd recommend this one:

    Any torch related questions, feel free to ask.

    Edit: use BLF coupon code to save a few cents.

    • I'm in the construction industry and typically just use my phones torch when onsite looking behind walls/ dark spaces under a house. Can you recommend a torch/battery/charger combo? looking to spend around $100 and i'm partial to bragging rights.

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        Would highly recommend this. About the size of a can of coke (abit slimmer) has the power of a 20w lightbulb on max settings. Has simple on/off ui (most flashlights this size make you cycle through high/med/lo/sos to turn off the damn thing) the brightness is also variable so you're not stuck to pre-set brightness.

        If you need something slimmer, look at flashlights using a single 18650 battery rated 600-1000 lumens (they're all over specced but still brighter than the ginormous maglites). Shouldn't need to spend more than $20 for this.

        The nitecore chargers linked by Lionheart are the best bang for buck chargers. Don't buy the cheap ultrafire/no name brand li-ion chargers - they don't use proper charging methods and overcharge when left alone.

        • Don't buy the cheap ultrafire/no name brand li-ion chargers - they don't use proper charging methods and overcharge when left alone.

          and dont forget the whole explody, firey thing liops can tend to do when charged incorrectly. tho the cells in this deal are protected so not much of an issue there, thats what the whole protection means, less firey explody stuff, tho some cells that claim to be protected in fact arent….

      • If you want something really well built from a company that knows their stuff, I would recommend the Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X. Comes with an 18650 pre-installed, and is chargeable via micro-USB. 1lm, 25lm, 150lm, 400lm, 800lm burst. 10 year warranty. $95USD shipped with a coupon code I have (pm me if you are interested in it).

    • Sorry, this item is no longer available!

  • add one of these from fasttech to make your own battery bank / mobile charger with guaranteed capacity
    Not sure which of the cases have the best effeciency though


  • Can anyone recommend a torch for this? (and a charger too?)
    Edit: just read some above posts…

    • That's a very vague question. What are your priorities for a torch, aside from seeing better when it's dark ;-)

      This was my first (of many) torches:

      I recommend it.

    • +1

      Convoy series of torches (can find on fasttech) are generally cheap and good. The S series have a floody beam whilst the M or C8 etc have more of a throwy beam. Budget light forums have reviews and beam shots of each light :D

  • Double post :-/

  • What's the difference between this one and the other Panasonic 3400mah protected one (all green colour though vs this one with a gold strip)?

    • Gold strip is for the protection board (that black thing at the bottom). It goes from positive terminal to negative so protection board can detect voltage and cut off the battery if too low or too high. All protected cells will have this.

      Side note: Cause of this the battery will also be longer so watch out as may not fit.

  • what the hell..I ordered 2 twin-packs, plus aNitecore D4 via Aliexpress

  • -1

    $19.30 pair delivered, same battery 3400 Pana protected. Code BGF120


    • except banggood are well known to sell fakes and overstate capacitys versus fasttech which has a reputation for selling genuine stuff.

      • 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Pots and kettles.

        Not much point getting into disputes over which Chinese dealer is better or worse. Its like Footy teams, you always find the exact same argument, but the sides are reversed.

        I have had no issues with either of them, and I have dealt with both a fair bit.

  • Not sure where you're getting that fluff from buddy.

  • Has shipping changed to Hong Kong Surface mail….

    • Batteries often change to surface mail now. A side effect of the Malaysia flight that vanished so its possible that shipping is surface.

      In recent months a number of packages were returned to the sender due to batteries, while others got through, and yet more going surface mail. Ive had a couple that were AirMail (delivered now), and another that is apparently via SeaMail (still coming). Lately its a bit of a lottery how they will be transported.

  • Tracking finally shows it left hong kong today… why has it taken so long q.q

  • WTF they shipped with Hong Kong sea mail???

  • Please purchase stuff from fasttech with Paypal. Their delivery times can sometimes be beyond 45 days. Which is the cut off time for paypal disputes. I'm still waiting for my Romos battery that I ordered in 29th of July. The representative told me it can take 45 to 60 days to arrive.

  • Has anyone received their order yet? I got the following response after inquiring on my order yesterday:

    Thanks for your order.

    We shipped both shipments via Registered Surface Mail via Hong Kong Post, which typically takes 45 to 60 days for its delivery.

    It usually costs the Hong Kong Sea post office more than half a month to prepare the shipment.

    As per tracking at http://app3.hongkongpost.hk/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp, the package has been dispatched to your >country since August 10. It's still on the way to your country, it will take 20-40 days from overseas to >overseas. And the updates will be delayed.

    Please kindly give it some time for its delivery. Thanks for your patience.

    • shipping them via sea by the looks. dont forget to put your paypal dispute in before the 45 day limit :)

      • Yeah BS, I checked out with Philippines air mail and they sent by hong kong surface…

        It was sent using Philippines post and I was given a tracking number on the 1st and then the tracking number changed and I was given a Hong Kong Post tracking number where it left Hong Kong on the 10th wtf.

        • was given a tracking number on the 1st and then the tracking number changed

          again, this is simply an educated guess but to me it seems that they tried to ship them air freight but was rejected (the first tracking number) so then had to resend them via surface (aka ships)

          its all to do with the missing malaysian airlines flight and the probability of it being an onboard fire which caused it so a reluctance for other carriers to take the same risk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370#Ca...

          confirmed that potentially flammable batteries, identified as lithium-ion,[285] were on board, adding that all cargo was "packed as recommended by the ICAO", checked several times, and deemed to meet regulations.[286][287][288] The cargo manifest released on 1 May[289] had revealed two air waybills (AWBs) for lithium-ion batteries with a total consignment weight of 221 kg. Three other AWBs weighing 2,232 kg were declared as radio accessories and chargers, but an MAS representative said he was not permitted to provide additional information

  • Horray, my order turned up today.

    • OMG, I hope mine comes soon. Did you have to sign for it?

      • Yes, it actually went to the post office because no one was home.

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