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Sony Blu-Ray Player BDP-S1100 $49.97 @ Costco Canberra (M'ship Required)


Seems like a good price for a starter Blu-ray player - apparently no 3D support though. Plenty of stock as at 3PM today.

From the Sony website:

This smart player supports multiple playback options including Blu-ray movies, DVD's, CD's and media files via USB. Plus stream movies and music through the Sony Entertainment Network.

Blu-ray/DVD/CD Playback
USB input for movies, music and photos
Sony Entertainment Network
Stylish and compact design

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    I have one of these. It's good, quick, no hassles. But not flat on top, so you can't put something on top of it.


    Canberra has a Costco and Perth doesn't?!


    Good deal, just a shame it doesn't have Wi-Fi. +1 for Canberra!!


    i got the Samsung BD-H6500 from them a couple of months ago for $125 after $25 instant cashback


    I have one of these, Couple of issues:

    It won't power my portable hard drive, so I had to transfer my movies to a usb flash to play them. I also have the higher models and they power it fine. Error is "usb overload, please turn power off and unplug usb" or similar.

    Ten Play is supported, but shows tv programs from 6 months ago. This happens on my more expensive model too. Sometimes iview doesn't show a program for a couple of days after its up on the site too. I think there might be some caching of menus on a server somewhere but I have no info to go on, if anyone knows please fill me in.


    Do Costco sell them in NSW?


    (slightly off topic)
    I'd like to get an Oppo DVD player but never see them on OzBargain, as their retail price is a bit higher
    than I'd like to pay I keep hoping they will turn up here.
    Anyone ever see them on special ?