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James Squire Golden Ale 6pk $10.50 @BWS with Any Meat Department Purchase @ Woolies


Buy any fresh meat or poultry from the Meat department and get James Squire Golden Ale 6 pack 345ml or Jamiesons Run Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml for half price from BWS.

Just paid $10.50 at my local BWS for a 6 pack of James Squire Golden Ale, with the woolies voucher!
Dan murphy's price is $20.99

Buy the lamb cutlets on special this week or reduced price meat for a double win! This beer will definately go well with the beef burger mince that I bought at a reduced price!

Terms and conditions: Excludes meat & poultry from the Deli. One transaction, per customer per day.

edit: meat must be bought by Tuesday 19th August - offer voucher is valid until Tuesday 26th August

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  • awesome, cheers!

  • Is the golden ale on special already? I made use of this offer the other day, but I think I paid a bit more than $10.50.

    In terms of the beer itself, it's very nice! Great deal at this price.

    • I didnt see any sale tags. But i wonder why it is the same price as Dan's…
      I always assumed that Dan's is cheaper than BWS.

    • Prices can be different depending on region.
      Also while bws and Dan's are owned by Woolworths their pricing can be very different.

  • I got a carton using 4 coupons

  • I got one of these a week or two ago. I had to go to a couple of BWS before finding a six pack. Even then there was only one left. Not sure whether popular, or smart hiding by staff..



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      imagine them trying to cut 1 gram and they keep cutting 2 grams because its the thinnest their machine will go.

      "will two be ok sir?"
      "no, i specifically asked for one gram"

      • It would be much more than 1 gram as the plastic bags weigh more than 1 gram.

        • You mean to tell me when I ask for 100g of smoked ham I'm paying an extra 1%+ for it? :(

        • @Justtip:

          Generally speaking the scales subtract this automatically. Sometimes buying a single chilli from the grocery section ends up being free for this reason.

        • @tplen1: waaait a minute… Which scales?? If it's the self serve ones, I'm ditching bags for everything!! lol

        • @ryang:

          I don't know how widespread the practice of autmoated removals is, but almost a decade ago I worked for a bottle shop owned by one of the major supermarkets. Our checkout training included fruit and veg, and I know at this supermarket at least they subtracted the weight of a bag from all produce purchases.

          My understanding is that this is part of national weights & measures law, but I'm not sure specifically where. It seems to be alluded to in point #8 of these SA guidelines:

          In many stores, the electronic checkout scales are set to automatically deduct the weight of the packaging during the weighing process. In other stores, staff manually set the scale to deduct the weight of the packaging materials.

          You'll notice paper mushroom bags often say "this bag is available for sale at the same price per kilogram as mushrooms" or similar, which seems to be a sneaky way of getting around this rule without taring the scales with the bag and then repacking the mushies. The supermarket used to have a policy that if something was too light for the scales (presumably because of this rule) the item was given free to the customer. I've had this myself with a few single chillis for cooking, but last time I was at the supermarket I had to pay for a 3gram item, and I haven't worked with them since well before the advent of self checkout that I don't know what the procedure is these days.

        • @tplen1:
          You'll notice paper mushroom bags often say "this bag is available for sale at the same price per kilogram as mushrooms" or similar

          Never noticed, but it won't work legally. If they advertise a price per kilo it cannot include the packaging. If they simply advertise a bag of mushrooms (approx weight 1kg) at a certain price that's totally different kettle of fungi.

        • @Possumbly:

          I think here what they are doing is offering loose mushrooms for sale (and presumably subtracting the weight of a plastic bag), as well as loose bags at a cost-per-kg rather than individual price (to account for the fact they're heavier than the subtraction).

          Perhaps you can take it up with the supermarkets next time.

        • Untwist your knickers, my comment was about the legalities, not a criticism of your post.

        • No criticism or offence taken :)

  • Is this in QLD?

  • Man…I did this the other day…on got the beerz! Shame of me for not sharing!!!!

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/155059

    swap the wine for James Squire Golden Ale 6x345ml and pay $12.18/$13.32 instead

    seems i should've put beer in the title too/instead :)

    • Always lead with beer

      • thought the bigger % saving of wine would be more attractive, though the beer is much better - i'll follow my gut next time :)

        • swap the wine for James Squire Golden Ale 6x345ml and pay $12.18/$13.32 instead

          $10.50 is cheaper than $12.18/$13.32 tho tonester :P

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      Tonester, was going to put this offer up until I saw your post. The beer is really nice though & deserves a post of its own ;)

  • Buy the lamb cutlets on special this week

    btw bought these in-store today but my docket didn't have this offer, only a different 2-for-1 wine one :(

    online though it's valid :)

  • I did this about 2 weeks ago (sorry for not posting) and the guy at my local bws didn't seem to care about the docket & acted like it was quite common.

    Personally, I thought it might have been a targeted offer so I didn't post it. Oh well its here now

  • one of those times it sucks to be vegetarian lol!

  • I had a good win with this the other day. Sales person did not know how to put it through. So instead of the $10.50, I got it for $9 as he just scanned 2 stubbies. Not sure Woolworths would be too happy with that, but I certainly was.

  • Can someone please clarify for me…

    Is it a coupon at the bottom of your receipt or do they just check your receipt to see if you bought meat?

    I do my shopping online and use "click and collect" and the receipt is just an email and an A4 printout. There's no coupon as such that i can find.

  • I had the half price James Squire Golden Ale offer printed on a receipt a few weeks ago.

    Used it today and just having a few at the moment…Also bought groceries today including some chicken breast from the fresh meat counter, however no offer on my new docket.
    Is it once only? Or should I just go with my chicken breast receipt to BWS?

  • I purchased lamb and beef today in a shop worth $40 and no beer deal :( Got it last week though so maybe the offer has expired.

    • Nope, as per the catalogue above, offer is valid till the 19/08.

      If you really want to claim the beer (or wine), I'd hang onto the voucher and take it in, pointing out the missing voucher but still the meat on the docket.

  • Got this online last night.

    They sell the Lamb Cutlets in 330g batches so added 3 to make up just shy of a kilo & then I could add 3 x 6 packs for $11.40 a piece. So 1 x 6 pack per purchase of meat on an online order. I tested out adding more & there doesn't seem to be any limit to how many you can claim per order.

  • I got a few 6 packs from BWS at Waringah Mall, and having drank a lot of the Golden Ale in the past, I thought that this time it was tasting quite different - a bit one dimensional with more carbonation than usual and without the trademark taste from the Amarillo hops as it normally has. Anyone else noticed any difference?

    • @ Palilo

      Yep thought the same so asked for the Amber Ale (also from James Squire)but they declined as it only applied to the Golden Ale :(

  • What a time to stop drinking :(

    • Today is always a good day to stop drinking. Remember Robin Williams, and you have my support dude.

  • I bought both meat and deli at Northpark SA but the deal didn't print up on the receipt. BWS guy gave it to me anyway. :)

  • 4 packs of sausages
    4 separate self scan and receipts = 1 carton

  • James Squire 150 and GA are overpriced shit.

    The moneys in the quality stuff.

  • I bought the cheapest meat item i could find. $2.09 for some gross looking Chicken Giblets.

    The offer didn't print on the receipt but BWS did acknowledge it.. They were a little surprised

    sometimes being an ozbargainer can be fun

  • Hey everybody.
    I bought meat on several receipts to get a few vouchers last night (19/08), but it did not print out the deal on the receipt.
    i walked into BWS tonight, and the lady flatly refused. I am not blaming her as she is doing her job and I dont have a valid voucher.
    I showed her the pic above which clearly states any meat purchase up to the 19/08. But again, she is just doing her job. She countered by saying the beer/wine must be bought by the 19/08.
    I didnt want to take it further cos I actually went to a different BWS. The price here was $22 instead of $21.
    Where does it say you can present the voucher at any BWS up to the 26/08?

    • Check out nismo's post a couple of posts up where he/she has put in a copy of the voucher, it does say 26th there & on the vouchers I have too.

      • cheers, will try again this weekend. Hopefully, i get a more positive result. :)