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15% OFF on Lightning & Micro USB Charging Solutions with FREE SHIPPING


Originally started as Kickstarter Project, these guys (NOMAD) currently offers following products:

NomadClip (Lightning)
NomadClip (MicroUSB)
NomadKey (Lightning)
NomadKey (MicroUSB)

These seems to be one of the best designed solutions and at not bad price for its quality and warranty.
*Shipping is FREE to the US, UK, Canada and Australia
*2 Years Warranty.
More shipping/return/refund info can be accessed under SUPPORT section.

Personally, I am a big fan of kickstarter and love to support the interesting projects as much as I can afford to :)
I hope you guys will like it.


15% OFF - use code livesimple (thanks to @cheapsk8)
20% OFF - if you have a referral link (Click here if you want to use mine. Please wait for the page to load completely after you click the link to get your unique promo code)
$10 OFF - towards your next purchase when you refer it to your friend.


Just received this info related to my order:

The production process is going very well, so we have moved our shipping dates forward! These dates are now:
Apple Lightning NomadKey - August 28th
Apple Lightning NomadClip - October 17th
Micro USB NomadKey - August 28th
MicroUSB NomadClip - October 17th
NomadPlus - November 30th
You will receive a confirmation email when your order goes out.

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    price needs to be in the title, and don't use the coupon code for anything other than an actual code that we need to enter to get the deal.

  • +4

    bung "deal", the link is a referral link, OP only posted this to benefit himself. The actual product is a complete rip off too. $40 to charge via USB with a battery? no thanks.

  • +2

    Didn't get any excitement at 50% off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/148494

    This just feels like referral baiting.

  • No deal at all, ops get $10 credit for each referred purchase. Price appears the same if I access via http://www.hellonomad.com/

    Also a Kickstarter fan, but only the design is kinda appealing. Functionality wise there are already lots of similar China products on eBay that's a lot more cheaper for a 1600mah battery.

  • +1

    Seems it's micro USB, not mini USB like the OP's description.

    • thanks @Lukian .. post updated

  • It is also worth pointing out that their only really interesting product, the integrated charger/battery, requires you to provide your own charger. That is, it will only fit the American style charger! This can't even be used with the Australian chargers, unless you went on eBay to buy a cheap ripoff in which case throw it out before it catches fire

  • +1

    Use the code livesimple via the normal product page for %15 off.

    • awesome.. thanks for the info @cheapsk8 … i'll add that to the post now .. :)

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