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8x AAA Eneloop Batteries $19.98 Delivered @ Dick Smith eBay


Dick Smith eBay store has reduced 8 X AAA Eneloop Batteries to $19.98. Free shipping with coupon CSHIP4FREE.

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  • thanks for that, just got some, better then yesterdays deal!

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    These appear to be the new made for Oceania versions, which are made in China. Unlikely to be as good as the Sanyo Eneloops. This is somewhat backed up by the reduced claims on the packaging over the Sanyo generation.

    The Japanese Gen4 AAA: BK-4MCC 2100cycels Min. 750mAh

    Note these are max 800. No minimum.

    They might be as good, time will tell but IMO, best to avoid them and let Panasonic know to keep making them in Japan. Its not like they are selling them cheaper by making htem in China. They are just improving their profit, and making inferior batteries. They seem to know that too, by changing the ratings of the units from China over those from Japan.

    You might argue who cares where its made. Think about it, what makes an Eneloop a better battery? Partly its the facility, and the people there along with equipment and tech and input materials. The reduced performance claims suggest even Panasonic is aware they cant quite replicate the Eneloop in China. At least not yet. Why should we be the guinea pig? The 'important' markets still get Japanese Eneloops


    • I totally agree. I'm sick and tired of companies eroding quality for quick profit. This goes for both physical items and services…

    • Japanese cars used to be mediocre, Taiwanese stuff was mainly junk. Who'd have thought you could make decent cars in Thailand, or TVs and all manner of electrical goods in the PRC? The booming economy in China is keeping us afloat, and we're all reaping the enormous benefits of incredibly cheap (and mostly good) products.

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        China will improve. No doubt. But why should we be the place that buys their lessons to learn that? The rest of the world is still getting Japanese made Eneloops. Panasonic still operate the Japanese factory that was owned by Sanyo (actually it was not Sanyo, but Sanyo owned the rights to the product that came from the factory I just cant recall the maker of the Sanyo Eneloop off hand), point is Panasonic are still making batteries there that are directly as good or better than the last of the Sanyo Loops.

        Japanese cars were a mix of good and bad back in the 60s. They had models with 4 wheel discs, triple carbs on small inline 6s in small 2 seaters. Fun cars to drive, with options that Ford and Holden were yet to start playing with.

        • Just repeating my post from prev deal……

          "If some tests come out proving that the Chinese made eneloops are as good as the Japanese made ones i will have no qualms buying these. But at the moment there is no such info and we can still get made in japan eneloops at other places or made in japan Fujitsu batteries so i intend to stick to those.And anyway it looks like Panasonic are only intent on increasing their profit margin and haven't decreased their prices even though its obviously cheaper to manufacture it in china. In fact I would buy made in japan eneloops or Fujitsu even if china made ones are good if i have to pay the exact same price."

    • I wonder what *3 is written in the fine print.

    • I was fearful of this happening.

      Does anyone know where you can still buy Made in Japan eneloops at a reasonable price?

    • Maybe Panasonic want some extra cash to sink into their proposed gigafactory venture with Tesla Motors?

    • Stuff it if I'm going to be buying Chinese batteries I might as well buy Turnigy LSD from Hobby King cheaper. Bye bye Eneloop. Panasonic you've burnt the brand to the ground.

  • Locked in a set. thx.

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    To be honest, I am sick of all the eneloop deals from DSE. But wait, this is AAA? Maybe a few more packs to match my AA inventories?

  • i don't use any aaa's… at all.

    so i bought a 4 pack last deal for ~$10, for spares i told myself. i'm not gonna buy more, seriously.

  • Can anyone see any decent deals on a charger?

    Edit: I found this charger laying around, can I use it to charge eneloop batteries or am I going to burn my house down?


  • Have 4 4x spare packs.

    Must have chocolate.

  • god damn, I bought these yesterday for $23

    they completed my eneloop collection, now just got to find a storage holder where I can separate new and need charging batteries.

  • I need AAA Eneloop Batteries, but I find that Chinese batteries are inferior compared to the Japanese batteries. So, I am going to wait…

    • Would love to see your test results then if you wouldn't mind posting the results. You have run some tests haven't you?

      • Someone posted a link on another Eneloop deal to fairly in-depth discussions involving people who actually know what they're talking about (candlepower forum?) and iirc the conclusion was 'who knows?'. You'd expect that Panasonic will know what they're doing and would have sorted out most of the teething issues - if indeed there were any considering they themselves "invented" the Eneloop technology before selling it to Sanyo (apparently). Anyway, the choice is ours.

        • and iirc the conclusion was 'who knows?

          Which is why I'm confused as to why the whole "lets boycott eneloops" campaign is running. Where are the hard statistics?

        • Ummm, Sanyo had the original Eneloop, and sold it to Panasonic. Neither invented it, it was the business that made them for Sanyo that 'invented' them. Sanyo then bought it I believe, or was part owner diuring the development phase or something equally as complicated. That same place is making them for Panasonic now, those made in Japan. But they have started a plant in China not run by those same people, and they themselves have tested them, and to comply with laws of places like Australia, have altered the specs. Note, Sanyo met those same laws, Panasonic met those same laws with those cells that were made in Japan.

          That is pretty good evidence even Panasonic know they arent quite as good. And that stands to reason. Its not like bottling a sauce, making decent batteries is complicated stuff.

          Its why China does make li ions too, but you will find anyone in the know is using Japanese cells still.

          Even if it was as close to as good, it should be a lot cheaper given the slave wages in China over Japan. But they are not.

          I wouldnt call it a boycott.

        • @Tuba: My mistake. It was Toshiba/Fujitsu not Panasonic according to this fellow, Rosoku Chikara, who appears to know far more than anyone on this forum about the battery and the history.

          If you're concerned about the Chinese shift you could try Fujitsu's HR-3UTA which are apparently almost identical - Candlepower test - and most likely from the same Japanese factory.

        • Thanks, Twicell was who I was thinking of.

  • made in China? I'll pass.thanks for heads up on that fact


    Out of stock

  • For those that know about these things, will they still make the Sanyo/Japanese versions?

    • Yes. But not for sale in Oceania, which is Australia and NZ etc. We will be getting the Chinese versions, and eventually when they establish themselves and iron out the kinks, they will shut or sell the Japanese plant. Presumably they will shut it down as a battery plant and sell the premises for other uses.

      But yes, the Japanese versions are still available OS, such as in Japan and the US.

      Worth noting though, that discount Eneloops from OS, might be Chinese versions, or knock offs.

  • Damn, I hate user a***c who bought 20 items!

    • Why the hate, we dont know their reasoning…. these will only get cheaper anyway, made in china.

      • a***c, is it you? :)
        I suppose 160 batteries are not for private usage. Almost 100% he will resell them.

  • Out of stock.

  • Restocked !! I can order successfully ~

  • Its funny, when I go to Coles to buy batteries (not AA or AAA of course) but other types I always check where they are made. When you have Chinese, USA, Korean or JAP made batteries from the various brands.
    I will take the others over the Chinese.

    edit: spelling

  • Where do you folks buy the non Chinese ones?

  • wow, How many does DS have for this battery. I have seen many similar promotions for ages.

  • I am going to order some. Even if the Eneloop Batteries are indeed made in China, there is no reason to believe they are not as good as those made in Japan.

  • I think eneloop production has changed from Japan to China merely due to production capacity issues. The factory will be state of the art with all the proper equipment to make eneloop to the right standard, after all it is 100% a Panasonic factory. Think about it, Sanyo has been owned by Panasonic for over 3 years now. So in effect we have been buying Panasonic eneloop all this time.
    Product is not inferior, mAh's are the same, I have done some research, capacity is the same but apparently due to the change in charges from 1800 to 2100 they have been safe and reduced the capacity from 70% to 65% after 5 years.

    • I have done some research, capacity is the same but apparently due to the change in charges from 1800 to 2100 they have been safe and reduced the capacity from 70% to 65% after 5 years

      Yet the ones made in Japan, also 2100 cycles, have 70% still.

    • Think about it, Sanyo has been owned by Panasonic for over 3 years now. So in effect we have been buying Panasonic eneloop all this time.

      Not according to the smarties on Candlepower (see the link above). Fujitsu was making them, not Panasonic or Sanyo for that matter.

  • Valid point. That's because china made eneloop have been developed to work better in harsher conditions. Discharge rate at -10deg and +45deg is lower. Where there is give there has to be a bit of take. These are the new standard whereas the Japan made eneloop are the old/current standard.

  • Now we're getting to the bottom of it. Finally a product made by its rightful owner!

  • Did anyone ever receive these?

    Mine are still not marked as posted, and when I contact seller - I get an automated reply stating that 'dicksmithonline' is out of the office?