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Razer Weekend: Goliathus Mousepad $5 Abyssus Mouse $19 Kraken Headphones $39 and More @ MSY


Hi guys,

We are running a Razer weekend sale Fri 29/08 To Sun 31/08 :

Razer RZ-Abyssus (003601) High Precision Gaming Mouse $19 (Was $32)

Razer Kraken Neon Green (008705) Anolog Music and Gaming Headphones $39 (Was $58)

Razer Kraken Neon Red/Green (008708) Anolog Music and Gaming Headphones $39 (Was $58)

Razer Goliathus Fragged (010705) Omega Refresh - Control Version MouseMat $5 (Was $14) - Limit 1 per customer

Razer Goliathus Fragged (010701) Omega Refresh - Speed Version MouseMat $5 (Was $14) - Limit 1 per customer

Razer Blackwidow (003860) Ultimate T1 Stealth Silent Full Machanical Gaming Keyboard $99 (Was $135)

Razer Orbweaver (007401) Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad 20 Fully Programmable Keys $89 (Was $112)

Get them here : http://www.msy.com.au/377-promotion-products

Thank you

MSY Team

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  • Was just about to post this! Good stuff from MSY.

  • would the Razer Kraken be any better then my current Corsair Raptor HS40?

  • Hi Rep, what size are the mats?


      It is "Omega" size

      • Razer uses a different naming, is either S/M/L/Extended, here http://www.razerzone.com/au-en/gaming-mouse-mats/razer-golia...

        I also noticed you changed the picture from an extended to a regular one …

      • I thought Omega was the model and they have s/m/l/xl sizes

      • Lol, nevermind, you already changed the picture to what it actually is instead of the wrong product.

      • The MSY product description for each of the Goliathus mats specifies 4 different specs as follows but doesn't say which specs relates to the "Omega" size:

        Space-efficient 270mm x 215mm x 3mm Design
        Standard 355mm x 254mm x 3mm Design
        Large-sized 444mm x 355mm x 3mm Design
        Desktop Length 920mm x 294mm x 3 mm Design

        It'd be good if the product description actually stated the size of "Omega" size so potential customers don't have to go do their own research.

        Pledge states the size is 270mm x 215mm x 4mm

      • Bought one: it's small size.

        Note: did a bit of research from old Whirlpool posts - they seem to say that the Speed version is better than the Control version. However, they're $5 mouse mats, so…doesn't matter?

        Edit: Precisely the specs that Pledge refers to.

        • The Razer Goliathus is available in two versions:
          Speed - Slick, taut weaving, less friction: faster mouse movement
          Control - Heavily textured weaving, more friction: better mouse control

          Texturing and weaving of the mousepad can impact the performance of your mouse. Your style of play is another factor you need to consider when choosing a mousepad.

          There are a lot of variables to choosing a suitable mousepad. Basics: Stability of a mouse, Fast initial motion and Stopping.

  • It's a shame that only the smallest mouse mats are on special. I've got 2x four year old Goliathus mats that need replacing, but I need a bit more room than the Omega provides.

  • Omega Fragged Refresh Edition: 270mm x 215mm x 4mm
    Omega is the size, Refresh and Fragged are the different rehashes

    Note: There are different iterations of the Razer Goliathus, this is what the Razer Goliathus - Fragged Refresh Edition is suppose to look like. The predominantly green pad is the 2014 Edition of the Razer Goliathus.

    Razer Goliathus 2014 - Omega: 270mm x 215mm x 3mm

    • Just to clear some things up…

      Razer Goliathus - Fragged Refresh Edition - Omega: 270mm x 215mm x 4mm
      Razer Goliathus 2013/2014 - Omega: 270mm x 215mm x 3mm

      Here is a comparison of the three rehashes of the Razer Goliathus

      Textures are either: Control or Speed Edition
      Omega was the size reference in previous the generation; Extended, Alpha (Large), Standard (Medium), Omega (Small)
      2013/2014 Edition: Extended, Large, Medium, Small.
      Second refresh of the Goliathus were titled: Fragged Refresh

      It's not exactly clear which edition MSY is selling (pic of new edition but uses old references of previous generation mousepad)

  • I spent so much time online getting 4 Micro sd cards last time from 2 of your stores (Auburn and Haymarket), but they didnt have stock and refused to backorder. were very rude and said your confirmation number is not worth anything!!

  • awesome will pick up the mousepad

  • Wonder if the Orbweaver is good for StarCraft 2 with macro keys?
    Don't see many Pro Gamers use it..

  • I have razer kraken headphones and it's great value at that price! the sound is really really good and they're extremely comfortable.

  • Just bought the razor control mousepad in Brendale QLD, the size depends what they have, I got 1 is mid size, not the small one. Good price.

    Still thinking should have kraken headphone or not……..

  • WTF, card has been pre-auth but order status says payment error.

    • This happened to me when I ordered the MicroSD cards from the last deal, and then 2 days later it was clear.

  • Razer Kraken Neon Red/Green (008708) Anolog Music and Gaming Headphones $39 (Was $58

    hows the headphones anyone????

    • Great sound quality and very comfortable. I bought them for full price and have no regrets. The ONLY problem is the very short cord (1 meter) which can be easily fixed with an extension cord and there is no volume control on the headphones.

    • I brought the 7.1 USB - short answer - after a week I sold then on eBay

      They are not suit for any large adult . I found they didn't cover my ear 100% .

      The top bar look fat but really the soft cushion it on top of the plastic strap . So your head is touching head> plastic not head >cushion> plastic bar ( if you know what I mean)

      Sound ok

      But because I had to kink my ear to fit 100% inside the cup or wear then like over ear the pressure on the tip and Earlobe hurt

      I think ther only suit for under 15 year old ( I am 25)
      Ps the mic are great

  • Mechanical keyboard here I come!

    • The mechanical keyboard is still overpriced for what it is.

      • Anything under around is in the cheap range as far as mechanical keyboards go in australia, don't see whats wrong with it.

        Depends if you like the switches or not, some people like the new ones, others hate it. But seeing as its pretty unique unlike cherry switches you really want to try it before buying it.

          1. The switches are not new at all (they are variants of older switches)
          2. A keyboard with switches from the same manufacturer can be bought for $50 (look up AULA mechanical keyboards)
    • +2 votes

      Please dont get this one, it's one of the worst Mech KB's you can get. Have a look in the sidebar of /r/mechanicalkeyboards for some better ones around the same price.

  • Can you buy online from MSY yet?

  • Razer is overpriced crap.

    • Paying for the marketing.

      The deathadder is their best product imo. Just take away all the marketing baloney attached to it and it'll be good as chips.

  • Just picked up a new mouse been keeping an eye out for another razer, I'm still using my diamondback that I got free with my dell 2407 monitor 7 years ago.

  • is this the blackwidow with the new orange keys?

  • Its frustrating to have to drive to MSY, line up and find out that they are sold out. :|
    Not happy Jan…

    FYI I called before hand, but they didn't answer..

    • Same here. Got an email confirmation, drove up to the store in Dandenong (which is a little out of the way for me), had to wait in line for 15 min only to find out they don't have any in stock since they sold it off to whoever came before. All for a $5 mouse pad.

  • mate can you tell me which msy u went to?

  • are the kraken on ear or over ear?

    • got the headphones. i think they are meant to be over ear, but my ears are too big, so dont completely fit. the sound is defs good for the price tho. so happy days