eBay Weber BBQ Sales

Following on from the discussion here yesterday about a particular ebay users weber BBQ sales.

A quick calculation on his sales.

Good luck to him ! (Hope it doesnt go pearshape on him)

Item Unit Price # Units Gross Sales FVF P/pal Fees AO Cost Profit C/Rewards (4%) Profit inc. Cash Rewards
Q1000 $375 149 $55,875 $5,531.63 $1,385.70 $40,081 ($269) $8,876.67 $1,603.24 $10,370.91
Q2000 $500 317 $158,500 $15,691.50 $3,899.10 $116,973 ($369) $21,936.40 $4,678.92 $26,615.32
Q2000 $540 16 $8,640 $855.36 $212.16 $6,368 ($398) $1,204.48 $254.72 $1,459.20
Total 482 $223,015 $22,078.49 $5,496.96 $163,422 $32,017.55 $6,536.88 $38,445.43

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  • What are the chances he happened to have 482 BBQ's lying around? Best case scenario he is a drop shipper, worse case, well…

    EDIT: As per below, drop shipper. Sounds legit.

    • Also, How did he get around the monthly sales limits? for most folks it is only ~$5000.

  • +4

    Just got this email from the seller (I purchased a weber Q1000):


    My name is Tom and I run the BBQ Sale store on ebay. This is a generic email to all people who have send payment for your BBQ through paypal to help clarify some of your queries and concerns. I know many of you have already been in contact and I am working hard to get back to you. This is not instant because I have had some 700 BBQ emails today.

    I can see some of you have brought multiple BBQ or you have contacted me saying you and your partner/friend have purchased two by mistake. I will be working to refund anyone who this has happened to ASAP. Please don’t lodge paypal disputes but rather reply to this email with the problem and which one you want cancelled.

    Another issue is that some people have had problems with the ebay coupon code and have either forgot to put it in or it hasn’t worked. Please note that this is out of my hands but if you contact ebay and they should be able to sort it out for you. A quick way to get in touch with ebay is through their facebook account https://www.facebook.com/eBay.com.au where you can send them a private message.

    Also there is some confusion where people think they have paid twice but really only once. Please check your bank/credit card account balance to confirm as your paypal account will show the full purchase price not the discounted price you are actually paying.

    I have also received a lot of questions about how to cook on the BBQ and whether certain parts fold up or down. Please not that I hate cooking and I don’t own a BBQ so I cannot help with that sorry. But the good news is your BBQ will come with instructions.

    The next question is how it is possible for me to have so many BBQ? Well this is easy. I don’t have any BBQ on hand in my tiny apartment but I will be ordering you one and it will be sent directly to you by a reputable BBQ seller (More on that below) or Perth pickup from me if you wish.

    Now the question is if I don’t have your BBQ, who does? I have multiple shipping options but am primarily looking to use a company called http://www.appliancesonline.com.au/ they are a subsidiary of a very large appliance retailer. To explain in simple terms they are like a Harvey Norman (massive) but without any actual stores, only large distribution warehouses (room to store lots of BBQ). If you check out my feedback on ebay you will see I am so impressed with them that I even use them myself. One advantage is that they run a very professional delivery network of drivers who they employ directly, so your BBQ gets to you and not someone in the other street.

    Now to Shipping. I know some of you have purchased the BBQ by mistake as you live in TAS or NT and I also know some of you have purchased and are not sure if the BBQ can be shipped to your location.

    Please follow the below links to your BBQ:

    This allows you to put in you postcode and check whether shipping is free. Should shipping not be free or unavailable then I will process a refund for you ASAP alternatively you may fund the shipping cost if you still wish to proceed. Remember that the delivery network is large so not too many of you should be affected by this.

    Weber Baby Q1000 BBQ


    Weber Q2000 LPG BBQ


    Weber Q2000 Natural Gas BBQ


    Whilst checking that postage is free you can also see which delivery days are available at your postcode. This is achieved by clicking:

    Add to Cart (Green Button) >>>> My Cart (Orange Button) >>> Go to Checkout (Green Button) >>> Checkout (Green Button)

    Note available delivery dates are shaded black on the calendar.

    This is a quote from their website about delivery


    •We deliver with our own trucks from our own warehouse.

    •You can request a specific delivery day.

    •We are not able to deliver to Post Office Boxes.

    •All items must be signed for and your driver will need to sight photo ID (this can be a representative of the person who has placed the order).

    •Our drivers are fully trained in handling all goods.

    •Your driver will call on the morning of delivery before 10am with an approximate 2 hour delivery window, and will call again 1 hour before delivery (unless delivery is before 11am, in which case the driver will call 1 hour before delivery only. Or before 8am, in which case the driver will call you as they leave the warehouse, endeavouring to give you as much notice as they can).

    •If stock is not available from our local warehouse, we may arrange for it to be delivered direct from an interstate warehouse or direct from the manufacturer, to avoid delays. (We will let you know, prior to delivery, if this is going to happen.)

    Another question I have been asked is regarding the ‘no returns’ policy as stated on my eBay listing. Please note this just means no returns to myself. Should you experience problems with your new BBQ than you will still be entitled to you full rights under consumer law but this will be between yourself and Weber or Appliances Online. You BBQ will be genuine, brand new, with full manufacturers’ warranty and you will receive a receipt with your name on it. Without paining you with the Harvey Norman example again, If for example you buy a BBQ from Harvey Norman then when it breaks you don’t take it around to Gerry Harvey’s house for repair, it goes back to the Harvey Norman shop or the manufacturer.

    I hope I have covered the main points.

    I have most of your names and addresses from PayPal however some are PO boxes or company names and some are missing letters. So to ensure your BBQ gets to you or to your preferred address where someone will be available to sign for the BBQ please reply to this email stating:

    1) First Name

    2) Last Name (These will appear on your BBQ receipt)

    3) Mobile Phone Number

    4) Alternative Mobile (If you have one)

    5) Landline Phone (if you have one)

    6) Full Address

    7) Suburb

    8) State

    9) Postcode

    10) Your preferred delivery date (Checking what is available on the website, see above)

    Once this is received I will get your order processed ASAP.

    IMPORTANT: Until I let you know that your BBQ has been ordered please don’t contact Appliances Online asking them about the status of your order. Once I have placed your order I will provide you with details and then you will be able to contact them should you need to.

    To everyone else who is not able to have BBQ shipped or has any other problem, or has solved a problem since we last spoke; please reply to this email so I can follow up and know that you have read this email.

    Speak soon


    • I can see some of you have brought multiple BBQ or you have contacted me saying you and your partner/friend have purchased two by mistake. I will be working to refund anyone who this has happened to ASAP. Please don’t lodge paypal disputes but rather reply to this email with the problem and which one you want cancelled.

      To clarify, refund outside of PayPal, is that only limited to the portion which the buyer pays rather than the 'full amount' (Buyer funded + Ebay funded portions)?

      Another question I have been asked is regarding the ‘no returns’ policy as stated on my eBay listing. Please note this just means no returns to myself. Should you experience problems with your new BBQ than you will still be entitled to you full rights under consumer law but this will be between yourself and Weber or Appliances Online.

      Referring to the above, I thought the contract of sale is between the buyer and Ebay seller regardless of whether they use dropshipping or other delivery methods. Therefore, shouldn't it be within legal rights of the buyer to seek returns/exchanges with the Ebay seller? Keen to hear other people's thoughts on this.

      • +1

        To clarify, refund outside of PayPal, is that only limited to the portion which the buyer pays rather than the 'full amount' (Buyer funded + Ebay funded portions)?

        You would be refunded just the cost you incurred (i.e. 50%). The seller would refund through PayPal so only the net cost to you will be refunded to the same account/credit card you were charged.

        Referring to the above, I thought the contract of sale is between the buyer and Ebay seller regardless of whether they use dropshipping or other delivery methods. Therefore, shouldn't it be within legal rights of the buyer to seek returns/exchanges with the Ebay seller? Keen to hear other people's thoughts on this.

        Technically you are correct that the legal rights for returns lie with the seller. However, in reality should your BBQ become faulty who would you likely contact first: Webber, AppliancesOnline or some random seller on eBay with 80 +ve votes?

  • What bothers me is just that the eBay listing said that it includes delivery. Now he's saying that if delivery ISN'T free from Appliances Online then we'll have to pay for it otherwise he'll arrange a refund. If it only affects the minority of customers, why not fund the delivery himself? He'd most likely still make a margin on it.

    • +1


      On one hand i have zero problem with him taking advantage of the increased demand due to a promotion like this. His honesty in stating his business model is admirable.

      On the other he has a responsibility to deliver the goods promised and can't palm off issue/extra costs to appliances online.

      • +12

        Kogan started his business the same way. Thats the great thing that about the internet you don't need stock. I worked as a driver for appliances online for 3 years. From memory they had heaps webber of stock and even if they sold out it would only take a few days to get more. I'm pretty sure 99% of all his sales would be free delivery as they only charge for really remote places.

        Where he will fall into problems is paypal. I did a similar thing when the HTC Desire was first released in AUS 3 months before the USA. Heaps of yanks wanted the phone and I ordered 50 grand worth of phones from Telstra and JB. I pre sold all the phones and then paypal froze my account. Stating that I needed proof of stock to release the funds. Needless to say I was screwed. I had over 500 100% positive feedback score and they flagged my account as suspicious. I managed to borrow some money to purchase some stock and emailed them the receipts and pictures. Took ages. I was so pissed that they treated my money as their own.

        As long as paypal release his funds he can start spending his money. Appliances online will honour their part of the bargain for sure. He might even get a large discount for such a big order. Smart man.

        • +3

          Hi tom

        • Catch of the day drop ship most of their stuff. what annoys me the most is that i know for a fact that some of the companies they use ship for free yet we get hit with a massive shipping fee.

  • +1

    Good on him for taking advantage of this. I purchased this based on the availability described on eBay (delivery date) If I get my BBQ within the next 2 weeks, I'll be happy. Here's hoping that applicancesonline.com.au have enough stock..

  • +13

    Clever guy. Stupid promotion.

    • +2

      Actually, I just realized Ebay wasn't stupid to have done this. This seemingly stupid promotion likely to have been done intentionally by Ebay. It is to try and attract more future seller to sell things on Ebay so Ebay generate more future revenues. I think Ebay will probably continue to do similar promotions in the near future, and ending them slowly once the number of Ebay listing has reached a certain target.

      In this promotion, it means Appliance Direct would have been the one making the big profits if they have listed their items on ebay at a higher price.

      • +11

        looks like nobody agree with my thinking

  • -3

    It's gonna backfire on him massively. The ATO will be watching too. I wonder if he even consulted with AppliancesOnline before selling nearly 500 BBQ's he expects them to ship.

    • +2

      The ATO will be watching too

      The ATO won't even register this guy exists. The only way his dealings would be reported to the ATO is through PayPal's reporting and there are millions of records in that report each day. Don't assume he was the biggest seller on eBay that day - there are much bigger fish to fry.

      It's gonna backfire on him massively

      I don't see how. Worst case his eBay account is cancelled and all orders refunded. Big deal - just set up a new eBay account. There are no laws broken and the hundreds of unhappy customers have nowhere to complain. It wouldn't surprise me if Tom isn't his/her real name.

      Good luck to him/her/Tom, I hope they find enough stock to fulfil the dropshipping then everyone will be happy!

      • +7

        Wrong about the ATO. Any annual sales over $10k are reported by eBay directly to the ATO and this is applied retrospectively also. Cash coming through PayPal is also reported. As most dales are digital there is a massive trail for everything. Also in order for this guy to accept all that cash he has to go through a massive PayPal vetting process. Otherwise PayPal locks up the funds. There was an eBay seller s few years back who did a runner with $200k and eBay/PayPal changed their processes.

        I run a decent sized online business and I had a letter from the ATO reminding me about my reporting obligations and an email from eBay saying they sent the info the the ATO. I'm all legit so no issue but there are heaps of people who have been caught out and had to pay tax.

        • +3

          As long as this bloke reports any profit as part of his taxable income (or his company's, if he has one), I don't see it being an issue, do you?

        • +1


          Exactly what i was going to say

  • i don't understand why cash rewards included in this calculation.

    i thought it's for the buyer not the seller ? and it's only 2% at the moment for ebay ?

    edit: ok just realized it's cashback for applianceonline lol.

    • Appliances online has 4% cash back. Presumably he will get this when he purchases from them direct for his drop sell purchases…

  • +9

    Can't lie. I'm jealous.

    No way I'd ever be able to take that kind of risk though. Selling that many items he doesn't physically have or own yet? Eep.

    I'll be watching with interest… lol

    • +5

      He has minimal financial risk though. He received everybody's money up front, so the worst that can happen is that he will have to refund the money. I doubt he would place a buyer's order with Appliances Online if the buyer hadn't paid yet. Then the BBQ goes directly from AO to the buyer, it doesn't need to go through his hands unless the buyer opts for pick up. The only risk is his eBay and Paypal account "reputation" but as others have said, nothing is stopping him from fading into the internet abyss and then creating a new account.

      • the risk will be after he placed an order with AO the buyer changed his mind and wants a refund.

      • +2

        I was thinking more the risk of AO not having enough stock to fulfill the number of orders he's committed to, or orders stuffing up along the way (with delivery) and having buyers hassle the eBay dude rather than AO, or any issue relating to customer dissatisfaction… with 500 customers, the odds of having some PITA people to deal with could be worth considering, no? lol.

        But yeah. I'm far too overly anxious to do even low risk things like this guy. I'm jelly.

  • +3

    Gotta be the stupidest promotion ever. I'm actually less likely to use Ebay in the future purely based on how bad of an idea this was.

    But yes, good luck to the bloke above!

    • +6

      Yes, what the hell were they thinking? Good to know they are using the exorbitant listing fees they charge us to fund massive payments to a select small group of legit BBQ sellers, small entrepreneurs and scammers!

  • I hope he contacted Appliances Online with stock availability first :P

  • +3

    plus 163,422 FF points if he pays by numerous credit cards.

    • FF points are easy to generate.

      • Care to go into detail on your statement?

        • Well, Turd has 165k worth of credit cards ready to use…

    • Unlikely they have $165k worth of credit cards available for use.

      • +2

        I do

      • You can always load up the cards into credit then go spending. You'll still get the points.

        E.g. transfer the $165k from Paypal to his credit card. Then he can spend it all.

  • He will have to pay tax on that.

    • +2

      ..if someone reports him.

      • +1

        ato actually will request seller data from ebay if his sales exceed certain threshold, which in this case he did, so he will have to pay gst.

  • -3

    If Appliances Online is reading this, they can simply raise the sale price by 10% or more. This eats into his profit while he has no other choice but to take the offer since he has committed to nearly 500 purchases now. Appliance Online might not have that many stocks and therefore could raise the price marginally once their existing batch of stock is exhausted.

    • is it possible that he was buying from Appliances online through the day, each time a new order came through?

      • That's possible too if Applicance Online does stock so many Weber.

    • +1

      he has no other choice but to take the offer

      He could just not fulfill the orders and refund those unlucky buyers. Always has this choice.

      • +1

        Yeah that's correct. I was thinking more like he will still fulfill the sale despite smaller profit margin (i.e. Less profit is better than nothing and it's still a good profit).

        • Good point - a profit is a profit.

  • He sounds like he has contacted appliances online by what he has written. Will be very interesting to see how it goes.

  • +1

    Hope it works out for him, he's taken the time and has the initiative to do it, it's the bags of crap that have purchased 4 or 5 bbq's that I hope get burnt including me lol I purchased from tgg and him

  • He would need an ABN now since total sales > 75k

    • +1

      I think you mean he needs to register for GST since total sales above $75k. However I understand dropshippers don't count the purchase price in gross revenue, so his total revenue = $60k with costs $22k. Therefore doesn't have to register for GST, based on this deal on its own.

      Plus, it sounds like he is making the purchase online from AppliancesOnline using the name/contact details of the purchaser, that means the purchaser is likely to receive a tax invoice in their name from AppliancesOnline. And the tax invoice should be for the AO sale price $269/$369/$398 which would not be great for buyers who might be expecting a 10% GST refund on the price they paid the seller ($375/$500/$540)

      • He has to register for GST if annual sales over $75k. Regardless of the cost to purchase stock.

        • He didn't purchase any stock. He dropshipped and therefore took a commission. Dropshippers don't treat stock purchases like retailers (they don't warehouse it or need to keep track of it). Dropshipping is pure commission/affiliate income for accounting and tax purposes.

          Besides, at the end of the day Australia's tax system is self-reporting so it's up to the taxpayer to determine sales methodologies.

  • +1

    Kudos to him if everything works out. If there's no stock, worst case for him is he refunds them and gets a few negative reviews. In regards to the law about getting taxed and all, fingers crossed for him. I would think Appliances Online would do what they can to get the required number of stock needed. After all, it seems like a win-win for the two of them.

  • +5

    Thanks OP for posting this thread - it's a very interesting read!

  • +3

    I called Appliances Online and they mentioned they have 83 Q1000 stock on hand and 0 Q2000. They will be receiving 16 Q2000 more this week. Either the seller reserved all of the stock or AO actually can't fulfill all orders.

    • I would imagine they don't have that many stocks. How many Weber would you expect to sell on an annual basis? They aren't cheap to stock and in comparisons Masters are selling bigger BBQ unit for less or at the same price as the Baby Q.

      However I do think there is a chance that Appliance direct may offer his upgraded/downgraded model for the same/reduced price so buyers might need to make decisions on individual basis.

      Either way, it's still worth the hassle for the seller to pocket that $40k profit.

  • Something to consider is that this will probably become his eBay 'burn account'. Similar to a burn phone, once he's done with this, this account will be dumped for a new one. He'll receive too many negs for orders that can't be fulfilled.

    He'll make money on the orders he can fulfill, PayPal will refund on anything he can't, and there's a considerable high chance he will get audited by the ATO as eBay will report any activities over a certain amount. I know this for a fact, as a long time ago I was reported after selling off way too many things in one financial year, and as such was audited, but it worked out well for me, as I turned my eBay hobby into a business that I now run as a full time job and enjoy doing it.. most of the time!

    Good on him for seeing the financial advantages of this opportunity, it'll probably end up a mess but at least he's giving it a go.

    • Awesome, post the link to your store

      • +1

        Haven't you heard? He's been trying to sell his mum on eBay..

        • Is she the sexy lady that sells paint protection at ford dealerships

        • Haha sadly they don't let you sell people on eBay, however parts of her old stupid washing machine are on there!

          Don't know if I'm allowed to link my store on here? Don't want to be in the naughty books with the mods.

    • My experience and through talking with other eBay sellers is that eBay will report anyone who has sold goods and services to the value of $10,000 in a financial year to ATO. It used to be a $20,000 threshold but changed in 2012 I think. However, this reporting may not happen until the next financial year as the ATO will have to provide the individual with the opportunity to self-report.

      • "his reporting may not happen until the next financial year as the ATO will have to provide the individual with the opportunity to self-report."

        Wrong. There is no such requirement under taxation law. The ATO will have the information and the individual will self report in a tax return, there is no requirement to give the opportunity to self report prior to getting information from third parties.

        Ebay would be sending bulk updates to the ATO on a quarterly basis most likely.

  • -2

    Eat my shorts

  • -2

    Some people have to much time on there hands! :O

    • This is how people get rich. And thus buy mutiple properties in Sydney

    • +2

      How much time do you "waste" on earning $40000?

  • +5

    Too many jealous people

    • quick post another deal less then $19.95 delivered ^_^

      • Soon

  • How come this seller is not an ozbargain member yet?

    • +11

      scotty won't admit it was him

  • +1

    What a clever mofo, I too am seriously jealous of this sellers tenacity!
    Nice breakdown by the OP :)

  • +1

    Personally I don't see much difference between this and half the other stuff on eBay. The only real difference was that eBay were putting up the money he was making. And AO would certainly be happy with the sales figures.

  • Anyone heard anything from this guy yet? I'm still waiting to hear confirmation for my order.

    • +2

      He/She has been a busy little bee. Thousands of emails and 500 orders to get through, if each order averages 10mins to process (check payment received, contact buyer, confirm shipping address, order dropshipping and double check everything to not make a mistake) that's 5000mins or 10 x 8 hour days. Now assume he/she has a day job - where on earth will they find the time to reply to everyone? If I ordered from Tom I wouldn't be surprised to receive zero contact for the next 2 weeks. Not great, but reality.

      • +1

        Oh you will find ways/time.

        It's not hard.

        • +5

          for ~$40k im sure they can afford to pull a couple of sickies to get most of the stuff happening

        • @nosdan: exactly!

      • +2

        Yeah, all the Ebay emails + Paypal emails + Buyer emails and Appliances online emails…. His inbox would be a nightmare.

        I picture him in the foetal position in a corner rocking back and forth…'OMG WTF have I done'

        • +4

          For $38k profit plus frequent flyer points i would think not!

        • +2

          True - a heck of an incentive.

          I'm barracking for him :)

        • some folks are going to be waiting a long long time

  • I'm confused. How does he make money again ?

    • +5

      Via the 50% discount from the ebay deal.

      • He sold via drop shipping for $500
      • ebay buyer only paid $250 with ebay 50% discount
      • Seller receives $500 for sale (Ebay eats the other $250)
      • Seller buys product from Appliances online for $369
      • Seller puts ebay buyers details on the order with Appliances online (Drop Shipping)
      • Appliance online ship directly to the ebay buyers address
      • Seller profits the difference
      • Multiply by # units sold
      • Add cash rewards (dont know if he used them) for an extra 4% rebate
      • Clever ! and great reply. Thank you.

    • +1

      Don't play dumb, we know its you Tom!!!
      Jokes aside, using Q2000 as an example. The other Tom listed it up on Ebay for $500. Ppl were buying it on Sunday for $250 (ebay Sunday 50% off bbq special). Tom then buys it from applianceonline at $369 and addresses the bbq to the buyer. He gets paid $250 from the buyer and Ebay pays the other $250, meaning he gets a profit of $131 per Q2000 bbq.

      Everybody wins here, except Ebay. Buyer gets a cheaper bbq ($250 delivered instead of $369 from Applianceonline. Applianceonline gets a massive order of over $223,000! (They weren't selling at a loss). Tom profits after the ebay/paypal fees.

      One must now ponder whether EBay would have such a big discount promotion like this ever again…

      • +1

        You have to wonder if ebay didn't take this scenario into account? - and are simply chasing market penetration with loss leaders, albeit at significant cost.

        (PS: The AO order was approx $163,422. The $223,000 is the gross ebay sale figure)

        • These promotions are fantastic and they've sucked me in good. I look forward to these Ebay promotions every Sunday now. So the Big Sundays better continue. haha
          I think they probably anticipated the projected total from the bbq category. They probably didnt realise a man named Tom would post up so many bbqs. Maybe applianceonline should consider an Ebay account.

          Oooops, mistake duly noted, thanks :)

      • Hope so I could us another bbq at a discounted price but I doubt ebay will be doing this again in a hurry

  • -1

    What if Appliances online decide to jack up their prices?

    • The ebay guy is in the box set.

      In fact, I would suggest he is in a position to negotiate a better bulk buy price based on 482 units.

      The seller can afford to burn his ebay user ID. If appliances on-line (AO) don't play ball, he could just walk away. All the buyers money gets refunded via paypal. No harm, No foul.

      But - Appliance Online are looking at 482 sales. Even if he negotiated an extra $10 of each unit, that's another $4,820!

      Would AO want $163,000 in sales or none ?

      • this - can't imagine AO not wanting his business if there is 0 risk for them

        • +1

          1/4 of a million in sales? you bet they would want it.

  • Will this guy still be up for ebay fees if he can't fulfill the orders and refund payments? Do ebay use debt collectors or just write it off?

    Most likely PayPal will freeze his account and ask for proof of stock or something.

    • +1

      If the sales are reversed, all Ebay and Paypal fees would be reversed as well.

      You would need to go through the ebay and paypal T&C's with a fine comb to see if they have any other recourse.

  • Updated email from Tom this evening:


    My name is Tom and I run the BBQ Sale store on eBay. This is my second bulk email to everyone who has ordered a BBQ from my eBay store. I would like to say I am glad that my first email was warmly received by most people, and I’m sorry if this email doesn’t apply to you but I feel an update doesn’t hurt everyone.


    I did ask last time for you not to lodge a dispute if you needed a refund. However in light of system refinements it is much easier if you still have an outstanding refund request to lodge a request through PayPal and I will immediately accept. I want everyone who wants to or needs to get a refund to get it as soon as practical. My apologies for this confusion.

    I must remind everyone that you are dealing with myself Tom as independent sole operator of the BBQ Sale eBay store. That means you should not be contacting anyone else about your BBQ. If you ring Harvey Norman they won’t be able to tell you when your BBQ will be delivered or how much stock they have at the store because you are buying it off myself and not them. I am struggling to understand why a few of you can’t understand this concept. Also if you go around to Gerry Harvey's house he may not appreciate that but then again maybe he will let you pat his new horse??? (Probably not)


    Moving on. So I have good news about BBQ supply. I have preliminary confirmation that everyone who wants a BBQ will get one.

    I am currently arranging for the correct number of BBQ to be delivered to each state (ACT. NSW. QLD. SA. VIC. WA. + the special one up to the NT) so that they can then be delivered to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will keep you updated on this process.

    Finally to everyone who confirmed to me my 10 question delivery information from Bulk email 1. Thanks that makes life at BBQ Sales HQ a bit easier.

    The main problem for those who didn’t is that I need at least a mobile phone number that you will answer on the day of your delivery. As the driver will call you on the morning of delivery to allocate a FIXED delivery window. Some of you only have a home phone number on your eBay account. I also need to know a day that you will be able to accept and sign for the delivery. Please note if you don’t have a mobile phone we will work something out.

    I will be working my way through all of your individual outstanding communication today with the hope of getting any issues resolved promptly. I know some of you would prefer to receive this message through the eBay messaging system however for purposes of efficiency I hope you understand. Please feel free to message me through the eBay system if concerned. You will be communicating with the same person, myself Tom, on both occasions.

    Speak soon


    • +6

      Good update.

      I hope he hasn't had many cancellations :(

      Thanks that makes life at BBQ Sales HQ a bit easier

      Enjoy his writing style lol

    • if buyers cancel request a refund, who pays for the PayPal fees, the seller or buyer?

      • +3

        neither, if a refund happens fees are also refunded

    • from that i'd assume he's asian, or a non-native english speaker (just out of interest…)

      • ahah I typed that in a hurry and didnt prove read it and I can't edit it.

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