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Moto G 2nd Generation (2014) $268 Unlocked at The Good Guys


The newly launched moto G XT1068 dual sim. This is an 8 GB version with a SD card slot.

Comparison of specs at gsmarena here

Noticeable upgrades over previous version:

5 inch 720p screen over 4.5 inch 720p
8 MP camera vs 5 MP
Better front facing camera
Front facing stereo speakers
micro SD card slot - expandable up to 32 GB
And gyro sensor (which I think will allow new moto G to capture photo spheres)

And guaranteed upgrade to android L

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  • What are the differences with Nexus 5 (2013)?

    Edit: 1GB Ram, 1GB! They have upgraded everything except ram!! How could they!?

    • Nexus 5 vs Moto G2
      4.95" 1080p 445PPI vs 5" 720p 294PPI
      Snapdragon 800 4x Krait 400 2.3GHz vs Snapdragon 400 4x Cortex-A7 1.2GHz
      2GB DDR3 vs 1GB DDR2
      8MP, 1080p, OIS Camera vs 8MP, 720p Camera
      1.3MP Front Camera vs 2MP Front Camera
      16GB/32GB Storage vs 8GB/16GB Storage w/ Micro SD Expansion up to 32GB
      Crappy half-day battery life vs Good all-day battery life
      Pathetic Bottom Facing Speaker vs Decent Front Facing Stereo Speakers
      Starts at $400 vs Starts at $279

      Honestly I'd get a Moto G 4G instead of a Moto G2 unless you need the better speakers, bigger screen or better cameras. I'd easily get a Nexus 5 over both if you can afford it.

      • true. also the 4g moto g (same internal specs as this new one) can be had for under $220 delivered for those who don't want a 5" phone. it can only go down in price too :)

        • There is the single sim v dual sim option for this new 2nd gen opposed to single sim in 4G model.

  • Is it in stock anywhere yet? If I set my location to my local store it says they aren't available?

  • Hate the Australia Tax they have imposed….

    • True.

      TBH, this isn't really a deal, considering that it's most likely standard price.

      Also, it's $180+tax in the US, so realistically, it really should be around $200 AUD or so.

      I imagine it will be much cheaper on sites like DWI and the like, or if you wait for a real sale.

      The description on this 'deal' is wrong -> it should say 8GB (as it does on the Good Guys website).

  • ..and for the typically missing bit; no 4G, 1GB. 2070 mAh
    + betting an ordinary cam sensor & performance for hd.

    • quite surprised they kept the battery capacity the same, whilst increasing the screen by .5", hopefully doesn't have too much of an impact.

    • How big is your data cap that 4g is actually useful?

      Follow up question, if your paying that much for a huge data cap on 4g, why the hell are you buying a budget phone?

      • It's about getting things done quicker, rather than simply using it to leech off torrents.

        • Your 3g must be slow then, or maybe you want to load youtube videos a lot quicker or something so you can skip ahead?

        • @RI4V4N: Open your mind up a bit. Having the choice to use both 4G and 3G is more useful than having 3G only, especially if one is congested and the other isn't.

          4G can give usable speeds of over 20mbps indoors (significantly more outdoors - about 80mbps down, 40mbps up), while on 3G, you'd be lucky to get 10mbps.

          Tethering is better on 4G, as it gives better speeds, similar to a wired broadband connection (it has much lower latency than 3G) - especially since desktops use more data.

          If you're doing work, and uploading/downloading documents, files (etc.), syncing cloud services, then 4G is much faster and more efficient.

          I'm with Telstra, and 4G is miles ahead of 3G if you can get it.

          The internet is more than watching YouTube, you know? Besides, I think that is isn't a good use of bandwidth, which as you say, is limited.

      • Load of assumptions. Put simply 4G supports a higher QoS connection = improved experience (typically for same price paid).

        • Most networks only have 4g in a very few select spots in Australia.
          Unless you mean telstra, but I dont think saying your paying for telstra 4g for the same price as normal telstra 3g is really something to be bragging about.

        • @RI4V4N: If you're with any of the major carriers, then you'll have access to the fastest speeds available, depending on the capabilities of your device.

          When you go with a budget MVNO, then it may be the case that you'll only have limited speeds on 3G.

  • I would buy gen 1 moto x over this.

  • This is only 8GB storage.

    Screen is bigger, but only 720p (same resolution as old one) - so lower PPI (not as sharp).

    Improvement is in the dual band wifi (used to be single band) - so good for less congestion.

  • I'm after a dual sim phone to work with nextG or Telstra network. Does this work or is it a no go? Many thanks.

  • Damn I bought first gen only about 3 weeks ago

  • There's no stock currently available "Ships in 5-10 days".

    This is basically a preorder at full price.

  • Is it the Moto G2?

    • One plus for some is that it is getting the Android L update, which is meant to be the biggest visual change since ICS with lot's of improvements. Would like to try that out. Is the 1st Moto G or 4G Moto G getting that update? If anyone knows, is the original 2012 Nexus 7 and or Nexus 4 getting the L update? Here hoping for all units for me and so many other enthusiasts out there :-)


      The 'Moto G2' turns out to be called Moto G (upgraded one).

      So 'yes' it's the updated Moto G, called the (new) Moto G.

  • Is this really a deal? Seems to just be RRP, which is way over the US one.

    I'd wait for DWI and friends (.. or a phone with more than 1gb ram in 2014 :i)

    • it boils down to Aus stock vs grey import. Personally id prefer an invoice i can claim the GST back with, and have comfort knowing i can walk into a local retailer if something goes wrong - rather than have to deal with a faceless entity.

  • +4 votes

    Really don't see why you should get this, over a Moto G (1st gen).

    Differences: This one is more expensive, has a larger screen (with the same resolution), is physically bigger, has front facing speakers, and better cameras. That's it; same battery, processor, ram…

    Not worth the extra $$$ unless you really need front facing stereo speakerz in my opiniones.


    Just me, or are phones getting expensive?

    I remember getting my Nexus 4 last year, for $300.

    Even though it's old, it still has a more powerful processor than this (which is nearly $300). It's also got more ram.

    At this rate, the 1st Moto G is the true bargain warrior.

    • Problem is that this really isn't a good deal. It's full price.

      Once it's on special (e.g., 20% off), it will be fine, considering that it has notable improvements over the 1st gen Moto G.

      For starters, it has expandable storage AND dual SIM, as well as 5GHz wifi.

      The icing on the cake is the front facing speakers, and bigger screen - but at the cost of increased size and weight (I thought the previous model was a good size).

      Still, if I liked this model, I would wait for a sale, and the 16GB model. There's a lot of room to move price-wise, considering that the 16GB model in the US only goes for around $200 US.

      8GB isn't good enough for me, especially since apps can't be installed to the SD card.

      • Same here not seeing any reason to upgrade for my Nexus 4. No deals match it's value for money and it would feel wrong downgrading for the same price. The original moto G is very nice however.

  • Personally if I needed a new phone, I'd pay the extra $40 for the Z Ultra. Way better specs for not much more cash.

  • Are accessories available? Looking for the Motorola flip shell (http://www.motorola.com/us/consumers/accessories-protection-...)

  • Just a word of warning with some of the new Android operating systems after v4.0.3 and having low built in RAM/Memory in the phone. Some of the new versions of Android only allow apps to be installed on the internal memory. The option to move the app to external/Expandable memory is not available unless you root the device (which voids your warranty). I recently purchased a HTC desire with 4gb internal +32GB external card. The built in memory size is a bit of a gotcha as this is mostly consumed by all the inbuilt apps and operating system. On a brand new phone after it set its self up it only had about 1gb free. I was unable to move any apps (Inbuilt or downloaded) to the external memory. Fortunately I purchased from Vodafone and they were unaware of the limitation but refunded my money thankfully. According to the websites I found, Android/Google view external storage for use for music/photos etc not for apps to run from. So if you are looking for a new phone make sure it has lots of internal memory. In the end I purchased a Moto G 8GB which is a great phone. Even then a 8GB phone only gives you about 4gb of usable internal memory. Its ok for me, but may not be suitable for others.

  • ^
    All this can be avoided with Titanium Backup

  • Yes, need root.

    I've got a Huawei G526 with only 2Gb for apps, and I just dump all apps over to my 32Gb SD card.

    Works great, some apps don't work - like widgets and I wouldn't move sensitive stuff like file managers there too.

    But another great feature is you can update your system ROM apps like Google+, Google Play Music, even the Play Store etc. and write the updates back to the ROM.

    So, your updates don't take up space in your valuable apps partition.

    Of course on the more expensive phones you probably don't need to do this and a lot of people couldn't be hassled, but there is nothing stopping you from making those budget devices with small app partitions loaded with apps.

    Of course you need the sd card slot, and that's where the first Moto G was a major letdown.

  • Why do they have to have Moto G 4G and Moto G 2nd Gen? I wonder if it is a limitation to put all the goodies together… One has dual sim but not the other and one has 4G and not the other … can't they just combine those and make it super?

  • Dick Smith have the original for $199; basically the same thing with a smaller screen and much better battery life:


    See this battery life comparison from ArsTechnica: http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/New-Mo...

  • Anyone know where to find accessories for this model? Difficult to search for them since the name hasn't changed. Looking for a tough case and screen protector…

    • it would be pretty hard to find stuff considering the phone was only just released. However, search for the model number, should help you differentiate the searches… think it's XT1068?

  • Ebay 15% off will make this phone $228 vs $179 for moto G from DSE - any suggestions which one I should go for? it's for my mom who only use the phone for general browsing, very casual games, photos, call and text.

    Also considering Nexus 5 - is this too good for a "mom"?

  • For anyone still watching this thread and bought one, how are you finding the visibility of the 5" screen in daylight?