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MSY: Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE $319 Was $349


Father's day deals… another excuse to spend some hard earned cash.

Some other specials are :

Xperia Z1 4G LTE $389 was $409
Xperia Z2 4G LTE $569 was $619

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  • O msy,o msy
    Such pleasure do you bring me!

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      Dear all,

      Before any of you look into buying this phone look into the issues of reported random screen breaks! lots of complaints online and sony NOT replacing screens. I bought a Z Ultra from sony store when they were $400 and only 2 months later screen had large hairline crack in screen top right corner. Was always in a case and only carried around in my blazer pocket. Other people saying temperature change was an issue with theirs. Also it is glass. not even hardened glass I don't think.

      This is not worth getting unless you are willing to take the risk… and the risk is extremely high.

      • Thanks for the heads up.

        I find that Sony's phones are always style over substance. I've had 2 Sony phones in the past and both have had issues.

        The pre-smartphone Sony I had would just randomly restart even when not using it (ie. it would vibrate in my pocket making me think I have a call only to find it in the process of restarting when I take it out).

        The Xperia Arc I got a while back developed a crack in the upper right of shell where the light sensor is and the screen is slightly lifted on one corner compared to the other 3. These 2 are common problems that a lot of users encounter.

        It's really put me off buying their phones.

  • Damn this is so tempting…

    • Yeah, tell me about it, I am in the market but thinking about holding off till November 5 so I can buy a phone on a good deal like this and claim TRS. There would be no chance this deal will last this long but could be possible the Z2 starts falling into my budget…one can only dream.

    • So this is damn tempting

  • Wow damn, and only a week or two ago I helped a family member buy a Z1 for $409…

  • Any news of a Z Ultra 2 coming?

    • Coming out in November

    • Pretty sure It'd be called the Z2 Ultra.

      • The ZU suffered from really poor sales worldwide, so it's unlikely a sequel will come in the short term.

        If it did… it would be the Z3 Ultra.

      • its the Z3 Compact Tablet…. trying to find out if it still makes phone calls…

        had my ultra for over a year now bought it when it was 700 bucks with free battery case… dropped it heaps bot no hair line crack yet touch wood.. don't know if I can go back to less screen estate. starting to get tired of finding pockets that fit this thing though…

  • Great video of the display comparison between z1 and z2 incase you are wondering why z2 is so expensive;

  • Hmmm this or wait for the Moto G2..

  • Literally took at least 10 minutes of loading pages to order. Fingers crossed they ACTUALLY reserve it for me :P

  • Really good review from Pocketnow.com . Have a look before you buy. http://pocketnow.com/2014/08/27/enjoying-the-z-ultra-one-yea...

  • How this for reading comic books? Is the font too small? Full page at a time.

    • Full HD, so the text will be very crisp, not too sure about viewing a whole page at a time though.

    • I have a 7 inch tablet and I find it's perfectly fine for reading comic books. This is 6.4inches and has an awesome display so I'd say you'd have no problems with comic books.

      • Cool, i use my 2013 Nexus 7 which is about perfect but hoping to have 1 device instead of carrying a tablet and phone.

        • I was in the same situation. Then I bought this ZU, dumped my table and the old htc phone, download manga storm from play store then you are set to go. work out perfectly for me. Pay attention for the camera part though, its as told, not very good.

        • @kid0717:

          also the bezel on this phone is much less than all 7 inch tablets so the device feels much smaller while the screen is not actually that much smaller.

  • No camera flash is a little bit down for me. But for the price is good.

  • Bought at $349 a month ago. Bargain at that price. $319 is really good.

    Tip: make sure you get a screen protector or tempered glass protector on it right away as the ASF prone to scratching.

  • Can;t find the Z2 on the website?

  • What's the warranty on this?

    • Its Aussie stock from Sony. So whatever local warranty from Sony is. Assuming 1 year.

    • Should be 2 years warranty from Sony Australia. I bought my Z from MSY and in the box it had a paper that said it was 2 years warranty.

      • The paper was probably defective. You should get replaced under warranty if it's still less than an year.

  • Now i have to decide between this and asus zenfone 5 16gig for $195 delivered. I really need dual sim though.But this seems like a nice phone.

    • Sony's build quality and style kills the Asus… Software updates are also awesome on the Z Ultra. I got 4.4.4 before my wife's Nexus 5 via OTA updates.

  • Kogan had Z2 for AUD$500 on ebay (not now) but that was grey stock. Z3 is due to be announced this Wednesday (Probably Thursday in Australia).

  • I can't believe this has no flash. I would have thought an LED flash would have been a essential feature for any phone in this day and age.

  • So tempted to buy the Z ultra. The crack screen problem is the only thing that is holding me back.

    • Haven't had any issues since getting mine about 10 months ago. I carry it in my front skinny jeans pockets as well. Never carry it in my back pocket though.

  • It's likely the Z Ultra 2 will be much higher spec than the current Ultra.

  • Will Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE put the new iPhone 6 in shame?

    • This generation or next gen Ultra?

      If you're talking purely about specs, then most probably.
      iPhones however have never been about specifications, or battery life or camera quality, it's mostly about the brand prestige, OS/UI, warranty and after sales service.

    • In terms of the price yes, as there are rumors that iphone 6 will be even more expensive than 5s!

  • What android version can this update to?

    • Don't know which phone you were looking at but my Z Ultra is extremely fast with no perceptible lag. Battery life is kinda awful though.

      • Battery life was about 2 days when I first got mine but it has dropped a lot since then. Not sure if it's because of wear and tear or os updates

      • I thought the battery was incredibly small for the size of the phone.

  • Have had a z1 for 9 months now and love the phone, especially the waterproof features. Great under water shots, though droplets can sometimes turn the video recording on and off.
    May want to see if you can price match elsewhere though, msy are as famous for their poor customer service as they are for their cheap prices

  • Good price! Some good info about the phone here http://Xperiazultra.weebly.com
    Camera is average at best but with very quick Android os updates the phone still has excellent support from Sony.

  • Best gadget to read novel/manga inside a bath tub or a pool! Every one should get 1!

  • Would get this if I didn't already get one fur $399 a few months ago. Hard to justify getting the latest phone for $600 when this is so damn close in features and performance for half the price. Even has android 4.4.4 from Sony.

  • One of MSY's better deals ! Thanks !

  • Loving this beast, thanks OP!

  • I have one of this. The size of screen is good, but the ghost clicking problem is driving me nuts!!!!!

    See the discussin below. I think this is hardware problem.

  • I got it for $312 from Kogan/eBay on 20 July during the eBay's toy 20% off campaign :) . A great phone/tablet. I always prefer Motorola or Sony over Samsung.

    • Samsung isn't bad but it's bloated and you pay too much for the hyp and brand name. LG, Moto and Sony are far better value.

    • +2 votes

      I really think some Samsung's app offers are useful, such as 50GB dropbox and navigon

  • Anyone using the Z1 with CyanogenMod CM 11?

    I want to find out how the stock CM 11 camera app stack up against Sony's.

    Would serious consider this phone if I can get quality photos and videos in CM11.

    • Haven't used pure CM, but tried SlimROM and PA. First time you boot up the camera is hit and miss. However if the camera works the first time after you boot up it'll continue to work properly til you reboot. I think ISO controls are limited to the official Sony camera app also. Haven't done any detailed comparisons of quality but they look about the same in daylight.
      I've gone back to stock now, with some debloating and xposed its bearable to get a reliable camera

  • The atom based Netgear NAS for $273 at MSY looks like good value too. CBF starting a thread.

  • Z2 is sold out in white and black everywhere.


      I was in plympton store not 20 minutes ago and there was 2 on the shelf.

    • Price match at JB I did it for a friend, they barely batted an eyelid.

  • Can anyone confirm what the delivery times from MSY are like (ordering online.)

    A friend's flight on the 10th - should I hope it will come before that or after.

  • Bought one last night, got an email this arvo that it was ready for pickup. Went to pick it up and they say it won't be ready until tomorrow! If they weren't so cheap and if my past experiences weren't good, I'd be pretty pissed off.

  • Seems rapid battery loss for my sony's, Sad!

  • Great price for the Z1.

    • I think the JB $386 Z1 compact 4G is better I reckon.

      • Save $3 for a display that's 0.7inch smaller& abit lighter…
        I'd rather the 5" Z1. It's not going to make that much of a difference in pocketability.

        Each to their own.

        • The ZU and Z1 Compact have AH-IPS LCD Screens compared to the Z1 which has a TN-IPS LCD screen - i would avoid the Z1 all together for this reason as it is highly critisised for having such a poor display (bad viewing angles and colour production).

  • Anyone have the ultra shipped by MSY? Ordered the phone yesterday morning and it hasn't shipped yet, I'm used to have HK stuff arrive in 2-3 days but I don't think that will happen with this lot!

  • I used to have an xperia Z

    I loved how rich the colours were, (better than those on the Note 3)

    Waterproofing is definately handy, especially for a limited warranty grey-import

    The bigger downer is the overheating/cracking screen. It happened to me and many thousands of others.

    The Z1 Ultra's camera isn't so good either.

  • just bought the ultra. will pickup from hurtsville nsw

  • Anyone knows how much is the shipping to Sydney?