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Display-It Rotating Swivel Storage Mirror & Bookcase $134 Syd PU/$156 Shipped* with 10% off @ DD


Have ordered one of these as a surprise for the wifey, we currently don't have a full length mirror in the house.
They list regular price as $199 but from googling the next best price I could find was around $250, with some stores selling it in the $500-$600 range.

Current sale price is $149 with $22 shipping to most places I checked, incl. Perth (but Broome did come up as $44), so YMMV.
Prices in title include current 10% off code VIP10SEP, not sure when this ends.

Hope this helps someone earn some brownie points. ;)

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    definitely not a rrp of 500+ and if it says so is totally bullsh$t

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    definitely not a rrp of 500+ and if it says so is totally bullsh$t.. i bet those stores selling these for that price are yet to sell one

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      I agree it's not worth nearly that much, just thought I share what I found (and I did point out what do call their regular price)

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    Wow that's such an awesome idea!

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    By full length, the website means 165cm. Just fyi.


      What can I say, my wife is short ;)
      But really this should be tall enough for most people to see what they look like.


    That's a great price for one of these do-hickies. Our bathroom is tiny, so have looked at these as a possibility in the past.


    Thanks so much for posting this deal ozdavo! Mine's getting delivered today :D

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