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[Expired] FREE Sample of Hairy Lemon Energy Tablet


"Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation for people who feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle.
It may also be of assistance to people who have trouble concentrating throughout the day. Hairy Lemon may be used as a vitamin B formula to help relieve periods of nervous tension and stress.
Its strong recovery action also helps those recovering from a late night out."

sounds pretty good
why not get one now

Sorry, unfortunately no more samples are available.

Mod - marked as expired.

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  • Always wanted to try this, thanks for the link.

  • Shame ACT isn't listed in their dropdown field - no freebies for the nation's capital! ;)

  • On their web site it says "Free Sample Request" under "Competitions" section.
    It makes me think that they may not send the sample by simply saying that you haven't won the competition.
    But they will get a large date base of names, e-mails and addresses.

  • I got a message that no more samples were available (8am Aust est 2/9).


    expired… :(

  • why is it expired?? why??? =(

  • OzB make those samples out of stock so fast :D
    +1 for OzB!!!

  • I received mine today! It came in a padded Jiffy bag which I thought was very nice. I dunno how much would the bag add to the postage (and the cost of the bag itself) and to their marketing campaign but certainly it was nice getting it so quickly.

    Yes they spelt my surname wrong (I guess the person who prints the address labels needs Hairy Lemon) but thanks a lot for 2 free tablets.

    Probably because they were in effervescent tablet form that's why they came in a jiffy bag (they were still slightly cracked nevertheless). otherwise I guess a standard paper envelope would suffice.

  • Received mine today too (that was quick!), excellent packaging as mentioned above, was quite surprised they went to that much effort. Better than it arriving in a crumbled heap though.

    It's 2:55am and I have work in the morning so I'll give these bad boys a go tomorrow. Berocca works well for me so I'll see how this goes!

  • enjoy hairy lemon guys

  • just got mine today, woot!

  • got mine today, yay! that was quick :)

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