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Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBV4000100) AMAZON US $119.99


Cheapest I've seen these - bought five and came in at ~USD$9.50 Shipping per drive.
Limit of five*

*per Amazon account.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Only if AUD was as good it used to be

    • +3

      Yeah hey, works out to $156.17 AU delivered to SA…

      • +1

        I recently bought 3 of these drives for work at $199ea local retail, so $156 delivered is still quite nice.

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    I bought a Seagate 4tb for this price 12 months ago from Amazon, hoped they'd have dropped a bit more since then.

  • I got this delivered for aud 148 on ebay with the sunday coupons.

  • Does anyone know if the power supply can handle 230V and comes with pins for Australia?

    • Check out the last post, basically its a variable transformer, but only us pins…you need a 2 dollar adaptor…

      • Thanks for that

  • Does anyone the speed of the drive inside
    5900 or 7200

    • It's a STBV4000100, and is apparently not 7200 RPM. The 3 TB one supposedly is.

      Also, it appears that STBV4000100 is the American model and we get the STBV4000300 here in AU. Not sure what the difference is.

      • +2

        Stay well clear of any Seagate 3TB, unless you're buying it for someone you really dislike.

    • Its a 5900…and comes out relitivly easy…

  • Don't waste too much time thinking if you want to import HDDs at the moment.

    My 5 day deliberation cost me +$35 in my Hitachi CoolSpin order ($970), luckily I saved another $35 over the following days as the $AUD tumbled further - critically that kept me under the magical $1000 mark.

    Long story short, the AUD is southbound. It's not dropping off a cliff but it's almost certainly staying under 90c here on in… I expect it to settle around 85-88c for the remainder of 2014 and possibly touching high 70's in the second half of 2015. Days of parity are gone, a readjustment is in process (long term AUD average is around 75c since floating)

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    Not to really bash on this post, but with the Good Guy 20% Off Sale in 4 Days, I think it'd be best if everyone waited since this will be under Australian Stock with AUSTRALIAN Warranty:


    The 4TB works out to be $150.60 AUD (NOT USD), which is already cheaper than this by ~$6 (depending on currency conversion). With the benefit of it coming for a good retailer in AUSTRALIA, I think the best option would be this.

    Sorry Protecon for Negging!

    Note: Although yes, it can be argued that there is a possibility that prices will be adjusted and it won't actually be cheaper. But for a roughly same priced item, in AUSTRALIA Stock, I think it's better that way personally. Negg away if you don't agree :)

    • +3

      and easier to return it if faulty

      • +2

        and quicker delivery

    • Came here to neg you, but that's an excellent find on tgg, posted it on that deal for you…a Neg is probably a bit harsh though…

      But certainly worth posting, good job!

      • Check out my:

        Sorry Protecon for Negging!

        Comment AHAHAHAHA!

    • The Amazon deal is still better for me because I bought a total of 12 for the NAS.
      TGG deal caps out at $100 per transaction, in a maximum of three transactions ($300 total).

      • +2

        You use 4TB Seagates for NAS? I prefer WD for NAS honestly. But fair call, since you bought such a large quantity.

        • Never had a problem with Seagates (inc the 3TB).
          These will be replacing a mix of 2TB (9) and 3TB (3) Seagates in the 12-bay Synology (RAID6) currently @ 33616 hours.
          Was looking at the Coolspin for ages, but with the dollar continuing to drop in value, I don't think they're going to get cheaper than current pricing.

        • @protecon:

          I bought 5 coolspins from my deal, the tumbling dollar really hurt but it's even lower now so I don't feel too bad. Only 3 more needed later. You are right though, the dollar has ensured they won't get cheaper.

          My other NAS won't be filled with them though (too expensive), I'll take my chances with WD or Seagate next time. It's the less critical of the two boxes and will be backed up to the coolspins as well as off site so the cheapest option should be fine.

    • For the record, TGG price went up marginally prior to today, at $153.18 inc shipping - still cheapest option for 1-2 drive purchase.


    • +3

      If you're gunna scream at us, at least make sure you get the words right.

      You'll find the Capslock next to the "A"… far left side of keyboard mmk?

      I do however agree with your ramblings and prefer WD myself as well.

      • +3

        I haven't had the BO issue with any of my hdds, I'd be sending those ones back. It could be a plumbing issue or a break down of general hygiene, hard to say.

        Whatever it is, he sure is angry about it.

    • +1

      Have you tried deodorant?

    • only every had to send WD drives back and had a few fail, my 4x2TB Seagate's still going strong after 5 years of almost 24/7 operation,
      just grabbed these on the last deal and again will be putting them into a 24/7 server, trust them much more than WDs.

      • +2

        Different people will have different drives fail on them. If someone always uses one brand obviously they will want to switch to the other. Moral of the story, no storage solution is reliable without backup(s).

        • +1

          Not to mention possible BO issues with WD.

        • @Click_It: Haha, my bad forgot about that, scratch everything I said. Go seagate they come with antiperspirant.

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