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$65 Prepaid USA & Hawaii Travel Sim Card with Unlimited 4G Data (Online Special Only) @ SimCorner




We are offering our premium seller, the $80 USA UNLIMITED Prepaid SIM Card (T-Mobile), for around 20% off of our regular retail price. This includes Free Delivery Australia-Wide.

So what do you get with this offer

Free USA T-Mobile Sim Card
Unlimited local talk & text within USA (No extra local charges for 30 days)
Unlimited 4G Data
Mobile hotspot and Tethering available (Hotspotting/tethering is capped at 5GB but will still be Unlimited on your phone).
Nationwide Coverage, including Hawaii

Unlimited International calls to landlines to over 50 countries*
Unlimited International texts to over 200 countries*
Credit for International Mobiles can be obtained directly from T-Mobile (Online or In-store)
No Extra Charges to receive calls or send text overseas

*Check website for details on which country is covered.

How much am I saving?

The same USA pack would cost you $100USD (approx $115AUD) if purchased from a T-Mobile store in USA - as they charge you at least $10 for the sim card and $10 for the International feature. Therefore you would be saving around $50 based off the USA retail pricing.

How Long does it last?

The Prepaid plan last 30 days from when you arrive in USA. These cards can be recharged online or at any various T-Mobile stores after the initial first month.

What phones can this sim card be used in

You can use our T-Mobile sim card in any unlocked phone. Your phone must contain at least one of these frequency bands of 2G: 850 and 1900 Mhz,3G: 1900, 1700/2100 Mhz to connect to the T-mobile network. Most mainstream Australian phones contain some or all of these bands, But to double check please check your manual or visit GSMArena.

Who are T-Mobile?

T-Mobile are one of the big mobile providers in USA and also the fastest growing. T-Mobile has extensive coverage in USA's main cities- making it ideal for Travelers. The generous Data offered by T-Mobile is unmatched by its competitors and allows extensive use of apps such as Google Maps, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype etc

Where can I check T-Mobile's coverage map?

T-Mobile Coverage Map

When does my sim card have to be activated by?

Your sim card must be activated by 31 January 2015. If you are traveling after this period - we advise that you purchase a sim card closer to date.

What happens if I have Problems?

When you are travelling overseas you would want to be rest assured you are buying from a trustworthy and honest provider. We do not only sell online, but we also have stores inside Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport. If you encounter any issues you can contact our support staff or T-Mobile directly.

Who is SimCorner

SimCorner has partnered with some of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication providers to take the hassle out of international travel by offering country specific international prepaid SIM cards.

Our service have been reviewed by unbiased travellers and this is what they have to say.

News.com.au : How to beat global roaming phone charges

Australian Business Traveller : Beat the global roaming rip-off: buy an overseas SIM in Australia

When will I receive my sim card?

You will receive the sim cards between 3-5 Business days.

How do I get the Discount

Insert the code "ozbusa80" at the checkout page, under "Coupon code".

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  • +1 vote

    Unlimited 4G….


    Does that include 3g too


    Can you hotspot while using this sim card?


    I'll be arriving at LAX early on the 14th of November, can I set my arrival date to the 13th just to make sure it'll be ready to use when I land?

    • +1 vote

      Yes, that will be fine. Just be mindful that the 30 days will begin from the date set. However, if you are going for less than 30 days then it won't make a difference.

  • +1 vote

    Mod, why not offer 40% off like yesterday? Can you down the price to $50 I'm sure it will be more popular and many people will buy.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Netshell,

      If you tried to purchase the same deal on the T-mobile website that it will cost you $100USD (approx $115AUD). We already retail at a discounted price of $80AUD and have further slashed to $65AUD. That's a $50 saving compared to purchasing from the USA. We are also incurring the postage cost too. This sim also gives you Unlimited 4G data in comparison to the 5GB that yesterdays sale offered.

      This is definitely a great deal/bargain and we have already had a large response through our website. Please understand we do our best in providing the best deals that we can.

  • +1 vote

    I will go to US on 5 October. Can I get this sim card delivery before next Friday?


    Sadly too rich for my blood as I'm only in NY for 10 days. Might opt for the $3 a day T-Mobile plan once there since I missed out on the deal the other day.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Carelnet,

      Just remember with the $3 a day option you don't get any international talk or text features nor can you hotspot.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks for letting me know, however, iMessage/WhatsApp is free to those I text and the MyNetFone app takes care of all my phone calls via VOIP. As I'd said the other day, I'd have jumped onto your other deal quickly had I know it were limited stock. Any chance of running the deal again before the end of Oct?


    Wish I'd know about this last year…


    Can you monitor data usage (iphone app)?
    This question may be more appropriate for your other plans.


      Hi chir0nex,

      Yes, you can. If you dial #932#(#WEB#) with the T-Mobile sim it will display your data usage on your screen. You will also receive a text message once you have reached 80% of your data usage.


    Hi rep, is it possible to do a click and collect? My mother is travelling on Tuesday and could use this but obviously 3-5 business day delivery won't work. It's a good delivery time just a bit last minute is all.

    Please let me know and if you can do it ill order right away.



    Great deal. In USA and paid $45 for ATT gophone unlimited 30 day which had only 2 GB at 4G speeds. Then drops to 128 kbps.

    Confirm the T-Mobile SIM is $9.95 US + Tax


    From what I can see the main difference between this and the Walmart US$50 unlimited T-Mobile plan is that this one gives you unlimited 4G, whereas Walmart only the 1st 100Mb is at 4G the rest is 3g?

    I don't have a 4G phone, is there any other benefit for the extra ~A$25 for this deal?


    How annoying, I asked a few days ago if there was a discount going for the unlimited sim when the $70 sim was on sale and was told no, bought the other deal only to have this now pop up 2 days later.


      Hi GreenOllie,

      We apologise for any confusion caused. After the success of our initial campaign, we decided to provide ozbargain customers more deals..

      Having said that, I can definitely help you out with this deal, please private msg me your purchase details.


    What happens after the 30days? I am going for 45days?


    If I'm travelling to the USA sometime during Nov/Dec/Jan but don't yet have dates, how do I go about ordering this deal? Also, I'm getting a new phone in late October but obviously don't yet know the IMEI.

    Any advice on what to do here as I'm keen to place an order.


      Hi bez-54

      You can purchase the sim card now and place your arrival date in USA as 31 January 2015, once you find out your exact travel dates then you can email our customer service team at support@simcorner.com, and we will update our system and have your sim card activated accordingly.


    When does this promotion end?

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