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[DSE] Apple Mac Further 14% off after 10% Discount


Pricing error or not, the apple mac range are 10% off atm (discount reflected on price) combine with the discount code for an extra 14% on top of it.(Thanks to whirlpool poster for the info)

Further Discount with cashback from CashRewards.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
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    Just keep in mind the upcoming Apple Launch event where a whole bunch of product lines are expected to be updated.

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      We're betting some/all Mac's will have touch-scrren & big prices.

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        Apple: We did it again. We revolutionized™ the computer and are the First™ to bring touchscreens to a desktop AIO

        PC industry: Er…But we already did that…

        APPLE: I SAID, WE ARE THE FIRST™ not "first". I mean 150 million customers cant be wrong right?

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      Also keep in mind that prices will likely rise due to current state of the Aussie dollar. Look at the rMBP, which went up in price despite a price cut in the US.

      If they do update it, most likely you're looking at $1199 or $1249 for the new base model Air ($899 USD = AU$1034, now add GST and Australia Tax) vs. $850 for the current one at Dicks.

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    This is insane, no excuse not to get a Macbook Pro if you were waiting for a while.

    • That's a long time you've been waiting lol

  • Are the MacBook Pro (Retina Display) 15.4" likely to get a revamp in the next few weeks!?

  • new macs coming out next couple of weeks, good deal or not, you wont be happy once the news ones are out

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      It's a vicious circle isn't it

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        Still, Apple makes quality laptops that are built to last and work well. Never had a problem with my MacBook Pro or Air. I recommend holding off on purchasing the iMac and Mac Mini and even the MacBook Air. All are due to be overhauled by the end of the year. The Macbook Pro with Retina Display 13" and 15" are the best deals as they are very recently updated and are exceptional buying at nearly 25% of RRP. I used to think 10% was a good discount too…

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    I think the MBP 15 inch with retina display was only recently updated so probably not. That said, I did a mock purchase and it brought the 15.4" 2.2GHz to $1934.23 which is a great price given I paid $2149 back when it was only the 14% a few months back.

    • Bear in mind that model hass only 256GB storage.

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    Have they taken away the 10% discount? Tried to get a 13 inch mac , it shows up as 1979.10?

  • apple official site for MBP is 1999 and 2499, but dicksmith is 2249 and 2699, what's wrong?

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    Just did an order for a Mac plus Iphone6 and extremely happy to see that the 14% off also came off the Iphone too! Did a dummy order and doesn't work on the Iphone as a single order though

    • The wouldn't honour it. Once dse gets wind of anything they don't like they just cancel the order or make up some credit card excuse to cancel the order.

      EDIT: Tried doing what you said and discount does not come off iPhone, only Mac.

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      Good luck with this being honoured by the shady second-hand car salesmen over at dick smith headquarters

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        Either they cleverly put all these glitches in on purpose as they realise it increases spending (likely) or the website is run by a bunch of incompetent buffoons

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    @sauce2k -

    Use APPLE14 code - brings it to $1,702.03

    • Referring to 'base price' before discount?

    • yeh sorry my bad. I didn't read Op's post properly. The model I'm getting is priced as $1849 on the apple site but 1664.10 is 10% of the full price.

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    Pulled the trigger on a MBP 15" 2.5GHz for $2,321.23.

    They might get updated this week but still a great price.

    • great deal! I just picked up the same model at JB for $2,600 last week,

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    This is going to end in tears.

  • I thought there were beefed up 17 13" MBPs out there… Am I crazy? Where are they >_>

  • Bought it without the 10% off yesterday. Still in the sealed box. Anyone knows if they accept return?

    • Should be fine. I once ordered one online at Myer, took it back in store, returned it and used my work discount + gift cards. XD

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        Myer is not DSE and DSE do not normally accept change of mind returns.

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    Just an FYI, the "APPLE iMac 21.5" 1.4GHz" doesn't show up under the apple section. However, if you type that into the search bar on the site, it will show up, and it's in stock and included in this sale.

    Brings it to a total of $1044.13

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      Yeah pretty cheap for an iMac, never seen one for about $1000 before. Its pretty underpowered though and most reviews recommend buying the next model up which is significantly faster and more future proof.

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    so annoying that I don't need anything

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    didnt know there are people still paying over $2k for a laptop :S

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      Well they do if they want a high quality one.

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        Very true but why are they buying apple?

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          The Best.

  • Some people need clarification. DSE's base prices are 10% off the RRP price for Macbooks. It's not specifically mentioned but if you look at the Apple Australia site, you'll see the difference.

    • Went to the dick smith store yesterday - the price in store was the same as apple.

      I think theyve only removed 10% off the online price today.

  • My sister went to Myer today and somehow got the latest Macbook Pro 13.3 inch version for $1200!! I knew it was a pretty good price, but after seeing this, its a REALLY good price considering it was Myer.

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      You sure it was the latest retina model? Why was it so cheap?

      • +1

        Maybe it isn't. I'll have to confirm tomorrow. If so, I'll get a receipt for you guys in the forums to PM it.

        EDIT: I can confirm its 13.3 inch retina screen, 8gb of RAM, 128gb SSD and 2.6ghz processor( think it was i5 ) not sure if that info helps.

        • Yea that would be the latest one.

        • Wow, how did she manage that?

        • +2


          I don't know. She's asleep otherwise I'd get the receipt, that is what she swears she paid though. I'll grab it tomorrow after work and post it up if its legit. I know she got Apple care for 3 years for about $150 on top of the $1200 so maybe she didn't get that good of a deal and they factored in the Apple Care price?

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          I spoke with her this morning. Turns out she lied to me because she knew I would get annoyed she didn't ask for my help first to find her a good deal. I'm sorry all if I got your hopes up. I should've known better!

        • +1

          lmao not sure if punishing herself or trying to punish you

        • @furythree: still trying to work that one out lol.

  • do they take Amex for cashrewards?

    • Dick Smith accepts Amex and there is no surcharge.

  • We could claim TRS as well right?

    • Yes between two people

      • What do you mean between two people?

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          Max TRS for one Australian leaving and returning is $900 item but you can split the TRS on more expensive items apparently if you travel as a couple.

        • +1


          Doesn't appear to be true on Customs.gov.au ?

          "Is there a maximum amount I can claim? No"

        • -2

          Clarky is just being silly or he works at customs.

        • @FOX:

          Customs have said the same thing to me as they did to clarky.

        • +1

          You have to pay GST back if you are bringing the laptop back to Australia.
          Unless you lost / gifted it overseas or it fit's under $900 per person GST free allowance.

        • @ryanhunt:
          The point is you have to pay GST when you bring the item back unless it's under $900 per person.

        • @FOX: my statement is that you have to pay the GST when you come back into the country. Sure you can claim TRS on any sized amount but the last time I flew the guy grilled me on my items over $900 and instructed me to claim maximum $900 amount. In the past I have managed to claim more, but you are supposed to pay the GST back again when you enter. A fellow OzBargainer posted on here once that you can claim a higher amount between two people, ie you and your children/wife etc. I haven't done this.

        • +3

          @ryanhunt: from TRS site - "
          If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring in up to A$900 worth of general goods into Australia duty-free, or A$450 if you are younger than 18. Families travelling together can pool this allowance (so a couple with a child can bring in a total of A$900 + $900 + A$450 = A$2250 worth of general goods into Australia without paying duty or tax). This is called your Passenger Concession.

          If the total value of the goods you are bringing in is greater than your Passenger Concession, including goods for which you have previously claimed a tax refund under TRS:

          you must declare all of these goods
          for goods where you have previously claimed a tax refund under TRS, you will need to pay that refund back"

          Hope this helps

  • I've been waiting for a good deal on a MBP, thanks OP :)

  • the 27" iMac with gtx 775m is a good deal after 14% 5% gift card and 2.25% cash back $1750

  • I would Click&Collect this if possible- so it less likely your order doesn't get cancelled.
    - Its clearly a price error.

    • +2

      Click&Collect works better for price errors because the people in the store are usually clueless and just hand over the goods. Ordering online, they have more time to check over the order and make sure you are not getting a cheap deal like the recent $0.01 Forza 5 codes

  • Wow! This is very tempting!

  • I don't know if I want to get the retina now or wait until next year's update with new processors…

  • +1

    Damn this is good… Looking at the entry level MacBook but I managed to snag the $500 MacBook air from kogan a few months so I'm not sure I actually need a dvd drive etc with a normal MacBook. Doubt it's a price error the price seems believable unlike 90% or something.

    • Loving my $500 air, its the perfect machine at the perfect price. Will keep great resale too when you come to sell it eventually too! 11" is the perfect size for a laptop I reckon, really is a portable powerhouse built to perfection.

    • Pull the disc drive out and put a second hdd in

  • +1

    Code not working…think they realised its a pricing error.

    • +1

      it was only limited to the first 500

      • +1

        DS will be happy to sit on orders worths $1000s of dollars before deciding to refund a few weeks down the track

  • +1

    Andddd it's gone.

  • WTH couple doesnt work anymore……Lucky I checked the price before I checked out

  • Expired

  • Ugh, missed out by seconds. Dick move. Hopefully they honor those who already used the code.

  • +4

    I checked out with the code working but the amount I actually got billed was without the APPLE14 coupon. What the hell :| Sent an email to them but due to their appalling customer service I highly doubt they will actually honour it, I just hope they will refund me and not actually send me the macbook.

    • +2

      When that happened to me in a recent promo, they refunded the CC after an email. They were very good about it and even called to confirm everything went through OK.

      • Did they give you a full refund or send you the product and refund the amount the coupon would've been discounted by?

        • +3

          They refunded the coupon discount. They were very cool about it.

  • +1

    Man!!! They fixed it just so quick, I was about to pay! F!!!! missed it. Hope all people who already paid for that, dont get cancel by DSE.

  • Gone! Come on dse bring back elvis!!!!!

  • +1

    Was limited to the first 500 people. It was on their home page. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Wrong. It was extended today by popular demand and this is what it said in the email:

      Terms and Conditions: Offer ends 11.59pm AEDT 12/10/2014. Excludes built-to-order machines. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. While we aim to ensure that the information in this email is correct, sometimes errors do occur for which we apologise. At our sole discretion, we may choose to cancel your order at any time and refund any monies already paid for an order where there is an error or incorrect labelling of products in this email. Prices include GST unless stated otherwise. All savings shown are off our regular prices.
      This email was sent by: Dick Smith 2 Davidson Street Chullora, NSW, 2190, Australia

      • Did it get extended to 500? Or did they extend it to a few more people above 500? They seem to be rather vague on that point…

        • The terms and conditions were initially first 500 orders https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/164923 but the deal was extended as I have posted above and there were no restrictions on order numbers, just that it would end at midnight.

  • Well, according to this website, it was limited to first 500 customers only: https://www.ozvoucher.com.au/store/dicksmith.com.au/

  • -2

    No longer working?… anyone else getting this to work?

    • +1

      Terms and Conditions: Offer ends 11.59pm AEDT 12/10/2014.

  • +1

    THE CODE worked. But my order was cancelled by dick smith. What a biii!

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