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Dreamworld/WhiteWater World/SkyPoint Unlimited World Pass $80 (Adult) Valid until 6/15 @ GC Tours (Surfers Paradise)


A better deal than this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/165313

I don't understand why people are denying the truth I stated. Go to any travel agency and you can definitely get a better price. The reason why I did not post this is that even $80 is not very cheap and I did not intend to post free ad for this particular travel agency.

Just confirmed by calling these guys: +61 7 5539 8818. Price confirmed: $80 for three attractions, unlimited entry till 26 June 2015. This is their website: http://www.gctour.com.au/Shop/ (website is in Chinese as this is a Cantonese agency; you'd better go to their office and buy directly´╝Ü2C Office, Level2, 3070 Surfers Paradise BLVD, Gold Coast, Queensland. before you go to the theme parks.)

Agree with me guys? This is definitely a better deal. $9.99 less for half a year more and unlimited visits. I bought the pass from them at their office directly last weekend, and used it at the theme parks as well as the Skypoint deck. Legit company, valid tickets. Be assured.

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    You sound like a man on a mission.

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      lol. What is OzBargain spirit? Mission on cheaper!

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        Upvoting this because the truth was denied

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          lol cheers mate.

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  • Looks legit… kinda… not really?
    What is the kids price?

    • I bought from them at their office directly last weekend, and used the pass at the theme parks as well as the Skypoint deck. Legit company. No idea about the kid price. You can definitely call them and get a quote.

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      No bro. I did not intend to post this until the community revoked my vote on the previous deal. The pass is available to anyone, not only those in QLD. I live in Sydney. I was on holiday last weekend and went to the theme parks. I still have the pass in my wallet and probably won't use it until it expires. Want to see it?

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          OK address added to description.

          One question: Are you sure those who are not able to go to the agent and buy the pass are able to visit the theme parks in GC?

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          @Spackbace: Ease up mate. He's posting an honest bargain, no need to be a jerk.

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        Thank you OP. Holiday GC often, this is a good deal..

        • Cheers mate :)

  • nothing about dreamworld mention on the site plus no english

    • Nothing at all? I couldn't discern Mandarin from Moonspeak and still found it

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        maybe i blind but still i cant find where it said $80, maybe its only for people like you, couldnt discern mandarin from moonspeak and still can found it

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    This is a MUCH better deal, thank you OP.

    • Cheers mate :)

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    Strangest deal I've seen in a while..

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      I agree. This is why I did not intend to post it at the beginning…

  • I would not provide your credit card over the phone or similar.

    If you can purchase this deal when you get to the Gold Coast great! I suspect they possibly purchased a bunch of tickets in bulk as the June pass is no longer offered directly. I doubt this deal will last.

    My deal, of which the OP has taken so much offence at has a longer/confirmed validity and will likely be available for purchase and use over the summer holidays. It is also direct/online.

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      I have also upvoted your deal purely for the LOL's caused. :P

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        Did not mean to offend and IMO no offence at all. But you probably can see the reason why I DID NOT post it as a deal.

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          Not offended all good :)

          It is always about the bargain!

        • @JordanM: Statistically, out of the 3 LOL's, 2 belong to me :)

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    Anyone got K Rudd's email? I'm gonna need some help deciphering this site.

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    Cheers for following through and providing the details :)

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