expired Aldi Tevion Brand Cordless Headphones $40 - Only Where Stock Remains


Cordless headphones, uses 2 x AAA rechargeables, pretty clear broadcasting, can walk to other rooms … or parts of house and still hear it, 3 channel selection, base station is a recharger.

These headphones went on sale a few weeks ago. Your local store may or may not have them in stock. Mine still had a few when I visited today.

Thoughts: Excellent if your tv has RCA audio out and no 3.5 mm audio out … since the base uses RCA audio slots, you can get an RCA audio to RCA audio cable easily, and get this set to work with your tv.

It uses 2 x AAA s … in my case, I have a fast charger for AAA s and AA s, so I will just fast charge the batteries once a week rather than leaving the base on all the time to charge.

The ear phones are padded nicely and the handle is also padded too :)

It's not in the instructions but I found my pair is designed to extend.

I'm using them and I got my dad a pair for Father's day … :) THey are pretty good :)

Energy saving feature may cause a little "fun" when using these with a computer. The device turns off after 4 mins of no signal. So if your computer doesn't play any music, sounds etc for 4 mins, the device may turn itself off until you decide to say, watch a movie. At that point, you may want to turn your headset on and off to resynch.

The broadcasting range on these things is … well … I walked 2 floors away from the unit, with a door shut in between … and it was still coming through nicely …

Another thought … cordless headphones (not bluetooth) are often about $80 and above (at least, when I checked, JB Hifi, Dicksmith and Tandy). These seem really nice and are a great price :)

Good luck getting the last ones if you want them :)

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    Yep, I held off posting it till:
    - my dad had time to use it for a while (letting me see that they are good items I don't have to return)
    - I had time to get back and get myself a pair :P


    I saw them today at my local Aldi and it was actually $39?

    Aldi has some great bargains at their clearance section from time to time, I saw some electric blankets going for $15/$20 a couple of months ago.


    I think mine was $39.99 or $39.95, so I just wrote $40 in the title :)

    This isn't discounted from their original price a few weeks ago; but I thought was a great price compared to other products that do a similar job.

    I am also impressed with this product compared with what I could find from Tandy and Dick Smith. JB Hi Fi I wouldn't compare against. Sennheiser and nearly $200 … so not really the same thing :)

    Still the build is quite nice :)

    Also discovered that on playing a video, after the power saver feature activated, my headphones were still synched … I didn't need to turn the headphones on and off


    For watching tv, this overcomes a few issues:
    - mono speakers … the headphones are stereo :)
    - you can have multiple headphones listening to the same tv set, but each person can set their own volume
    - if someone leaves the room, for whatever reasson, they can still hear the broadcast while they are elsewhere

    I realize I could probably be out in the garden and hear the broadcast.

    There is a possibility, if the neighbours got the same devices, we could hear what each other was broadcasting.

    The cable that comes with them, is RCA (to plug into the broadcaster) and 3.5 mm to plug into your device. So you could plug it into your CD player, MP3 player etc … Also comes with a 5.56 mm adaptor for pro audio systems.

    Maybe this could be used with electric pianos too :P


    hope my local aldi has one, thks


    Hi Scotty, how is the snapshot software working out to just display the main image for the page? :P

    (I am impressed it has the logic to work that out by itself)


    @foundit - do you know what kind of wireless transmission system these headphones use? Given the range you've described, I would guess 2.4GHz?


    I just dug out the instruction manual … I remembered it was a little different

    UHF stereo, 900 MHz, 70 metre range open area

    It was the weekly special a number of weeks ago … I guess you could try ringing ALDI and see if they have any in stock, maybe ask HQ and/or your local if they can get the unit to your local ALDI … :)

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