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165 $0 Kindle eBooks: Various Categories For Everyone


A nice collection of eBooks to download, and best of all they're FREE. Won't stay that way long though, so grab them quick. Be sure to double-check before clicking the 'buy-now' button, as these often revert to full price without notice. Enjoy :)

us au 3 Tales of Peter Pan
us au A Princess of Mars
us au Great Expectations
us au Ride Tall, Hang High
us au The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
us au The Iliad
us au The Phantom of the Opera
us au The Scarlet Letter
us au War and Peace

us au First Dawn
us au Leaving Liberty
us au Master Over You
us au Patriotic Duty
us au Poison Town
us au Prelude to a Wedding
us au Rushed
us au Secrets of a Side Bitch
us au The Measure of Katie Calloway
us au The Potluck Club
us au The Scent of Lilacs
us au The Song of the Mockingbird
us au Torch Ginger

us au Basil Recipes
us au Cookies You'll Love
us au Cooking Recipes Complete Boxed Set
us au Easy Grilled Cheese Recipes
us au Easy Vegetable Snack Recipes
us au Farm-To-Table Dinner Recipes
us au Gluten Free Desserts
us au Hearty Soups
us au Home Brewing
us au Kombucha
us au Lemon Recipes
us au Preserving Meat & Making Bacon
us au The 5:2 Diet Cookbook
us au The Best Pumpkin Recipe
us au The Dump Cake Mastery Cookbook
us au The First Timer's Cookbook
us au The Low Carb Slow Cooker Bible
us au Wine Fermentation for Beginners

us au Anti Inflammatory Diet
us au Fast Metabolism
us au How to Stop Farting
us au Hydrogen Peroxide
us au Running
us au The Hashimoto Diet
us au The Herbal Fast Diet
us au The Vitamin D Miracle
us au Yoga for Beginners

History & War
us au Early Israel & Surrounding Nations
us au Myths & Legends of Japan
us au Queen Elizabeth I
us au Rangers and Pioneers of Texas
us au Spoils of Olympus
us au The Battle of Stalingrad
us au The Chernobyl Disaster
us au The Expansion of Great Britain 1715-1789
us au The NASA Deception
us au The True Story of Noah

us au Backyard Chickens For Beginners
us au Baking Soda
us au Bare Bones Organic Gardening
us au Composting
us au Cool Things to Do with Wine Bottles
us au Dog Training Mistakes
us au House Cleaning Secrets
us au Non-Toxic Home Cleaning
us au Sewing Room Ideas
us au Small House Living
us au Soap Making
us au The Backsliders Guide to Organization
us au The Joy Of Minimalism

Info Tech
us au 40 Rules for Internet Business Success
us au Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin
us au HTML & HTML5
us au Mastering Evernote
us au Raspberry Pi For Beginners
us au Social Media Marketing

us au 21 Fun Crafts for Kids
us au Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
us au If I Had A Car
us au Julia Jones Diary
us au Lily Lemon Blossom
us au Norbert
us au Orangey the Goldfish
us au Search for the Pirate's Treasure
us au Squidge
us au The Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Bee
us au The Magical World of Sebella
us au The Mystery of Smugglers Cove
us au The Rise of Agnil
us au The Secret Letter Society

us au Beyond the Snows of the Andes
us au Caged
us au Daddy
us au Fred's Diary 1981
us au Incidents in the Life of a Slave
us au September's Child
us au The Life of Frederick Douglass
us au Wellington: A Military Life

us au Boost E-commerce Sales
us au Debt
us au Financial Planning For The Not Yet Wealthy
us au Get Out of Debt
us au How to Work for Yourself
us au How to Work from Home
us au Make Money Online
us au Money
us au Think Rich

Mystery & Suspense
us au Adrift
us au Blindsided
us au Children of the After
us au City of God
us au Death by Desire
us au Engulfed
us au Midnight Harvest
us au Monarch
us au Murder! Too Close To Home
us au Out of the Past
us au Primal Fear
us au Rise of Angels
us au Seep
us au Take the Monkeys and Run
us au The Last Call

us au Caring for Aging Parents
us au Free Kindle Fire Educational Apps For Kids
us au How To Draw Funny Animals
us au Parenting With NLP
us au Peer Pressure
us au Your Baby's Diet

us au 8 Types Of Natural Light
us au Correcting Facial Flaws
us au Digital Photography For Beginners
us au History & Practice of the Art of Photography
us au Photography Lighting for a Home Studio

Self Help
us au 33 Life Lessons
us au Depression: My Battle
us au Five Secrets Of Happy People
us au Gratitude
us au Happiness Without Limitations
us au Holistic Fitness
us au How to Flirt
us au How to Get Motivated
us au Mastering Your Mindset
us au Morning Ritual
us au Stress Management Techniques
us au Supercharge Your Body Energy Level
us au The Loneliness Cure
us au The Positive Thinking Secret
us au You Can Make It Too

us au Cambodia Solo & Single Adventure
us au Full Time Travel Tips To Save Money
us au My Top Five: Tokyo
us au Travel Resolutions

us au 35 Años, 35 Historias
us au Antes de Aprender Fotografía Digital
us au Crear un Libro Para Kindle
us au Del Gris al Blanco
us au El Séptimo Niño
us au Fábulas del Crimen
us au Give My Regards to Black Jack
us au Hecho
us au Leer o Morir
us au Marcado
us au Sol de Plata

Please see comment from em5500 re 'Give My Regards to Black Jack'.

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  • -1

    Why no Paleo books ??????

  • +11

    us au Basil Recipes

    Are these Faulty ?

    • +3

      Are these Faulty ?

      You actually had me checking the links… then I got the joke. Very good jv :)

  • +5

    I just worked out that with all the free kindle books I've collected, if I read one a week, it will take me almost 150 years to read them all !!!

    • +3

      So read 3 a week and you may just make it before you reach your final resting place :)

    • How manyhave you got at the moment?

    • +2

      Time to get a free e-book on speed reading.

  • Good work TA as usual :-)

  • +2

    us au Backyard Chickens For Beginners

    reviews for this one are foul

    • +1

      You're on fire tonight jv. My missus is actually laughing at your comments! Is Mrs v just as funny?

      • +3

        Is Mrs v just as funny?

        No… :P

        • +2

          …..cause Mr v spends too much time on Ozbargain, lol

  • +1

    do you type all markdown links manually TA? Or use some kind of markdown link generator / text expansion software? It must be a real pain the arse (no pun intended) to have to create those clickable links for those ebooks.

    I'm a big fan of the Markdown table generator but I still haven't found an easy way to batch create links easily.

    • +10

      do you type all markdown links manually

      Copy and paste onto an Excel spreadsheet. This post took just over 2 hours to compile. Hardest part is finding the books.

      • +4

        Copy and paste onto an Excel spreadsheet.

        Is that better than Lotus 1-2-3 ? I've just upgraded to it from Multiplan…

        • +2

          Your age is showing, jv. So's mine actually. :)

        • +1

          What about VisiCalc jv?

        • +2


          I was already using Multiplan when VisiCalc was released.

        • +1

          @jv: Some of my favourite software back when I was but a wee young 'un was made by mob called Beagle Bros, on the old Apple II+.. your avatar reminded of that software company!

  • +1

    Thank you. Great work TA.

  • 33 Life Lessons

    1. Free, cheap or bust!
  • thanks

  • TAnx

  • The blurb for "Caged" has me really intrigued:

    "Memoirs of a cage-fighting poet"


  • +5

    us au How to Stop Farting
    Maybe tightarse had a few lessons from this book :)

  • Preserving meat back to $3.49

  • us au How to Stop Farting

    Queue Mr Methane

  • +1

    Not to be a killjoy

    Available scientific evidence does not support claims that Kombucha tea promotes good health, prevents any ailments, or … works to treat cancer or any other disease. Serious side effects and occasional deaths have been linked with drinking Kombucha tea.[1]from Wikipedia and must be right.

    But I have downloaded book. Next step brew.

    • Yes, very true. There is some preliminary research supporting better foods for supporting good intestinal bacteria. This then may help prevent serious diseases, like diabetes and heart disease etc.

  • Princess of Mars and Peter Pan now expired

  • Financial Planning For The Not Yet Wealthy is no longer purchasable.

    Says Pricing information not available.

  • +1


    Give My Regards to Black Jack

    Just wanted to point out that it's not just book 1. All books in the 13 book series (in Japanese) are ¥0. Sorry, $0.

    Thanks tightarse!

    Edit: Link added.

    • Very nice em! Thank you for the link.

  • awesome..thanks..

  • +1

    Hey thanks again TA, nice work - here are some revisions for this list;

    Financial Planning for the Not Yet Wealthy - au link seems broken?
    Baking Soda - back to full price
    Five Secrets of Happy People - back to full price
    Tyou Can Make it Too - typo in first word should be 'You'

  • A Princess of Mars is now $1.13 http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00L8FG6YK

    Classics are always great to re-visit! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    pennypacker, Michael15286, lostn, em5500, cim85 & skywards… thanks for the feedback, post updated.

  • Thanks

    Revision: Mastering Evernote has expired, now $3.99

  • Awesome! My first post ever.

  • TA do you post books that have been previously free before in your other posts ? Just wondering if I should go thru all your free ebook posts or just keep downloading your new books and my library will be updated and complete if I've missed anything in the past ?

    • +2

      All books should be unique to this and other posts.

    • +1

      The only ebooks that are permanently free are usually the classics. Everything else has a time limit.

  • This was one of the funniest lists so far. I love how the cover of the 'correcting facial flaws' photography book is a woman with a hood covering most of her face.

  • At this rate, Amazon might as well make their entire collection free.

  • Family Caregivers (Caring for Aging Parents

    such a hard labour of love. Hope there is some insights in this book.

    Thanks TA.

    and look forward to [and if] SyFy/Fanatsy/Horror/ come upagain

  • +1

    Thanks @tightarse!

    BTW the following are no longer free

    -Anti Inflammatory Diet: Effective Anti Inflammatory Diet That Helps to Get Rid off Inflammation, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, and Joint Pain for … Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Joint Pain) [Kindle Edition]

    -Happiness: Without Limitations - How To Be Happy Unconditionally [Kindle Edition]

    -How to Flirt: The Beginner's Field Guide to Seduction (Become a Master of Communication, Influence, and Leadership Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

    -How to Get Motivated and Stop Procrastinating: 51 Ways to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Fear, and Lack of Motivation (Self-help for Overcoming Procrastination And Being More Motivated) [Kindle Edition]

    -Mastering Your Mindset: How To Use Your Mind To Overcome Procrastination And Achieve Your Goals (stop procrastination, be more productive, stop being lazy, … cure, productivity, laziness) [Kindle Edition]

    -YOU CAN MAKE IT,TOO! A Journal Writing with motivational self help lessons from my experience. Tip&tricks to personal transformation and boost your self esteem. [Kindle Edition]

  • Thanks TA :-)

  • +1

    That one click payment is dangerous, just paid for a book that was no longer free, as I wasn't looking close enough. Good thing it was only $1.13. (HTML & HTML5)

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