This was posted 7 years 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Toshiba Multi Function Cooker RC-18NMF, $99 with Free Shipping from Kogan


Best price I have seen so far for this rice cooker. It was $139 last week. You can get it with free shipping now. Not sure how long this deal lasts for.
I bought one and thought to share.

Free shipping ends 30th October 2AM AEDT unless extended further

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    • +10

      A Tiger rice cooker for $99? Post it up bro, and sign me up for 5!

  • +1

    any good deal for a pressure rice cooker?

  • +3

    The great feature of the Toshiba is the die cast bowl. 99% of rice cookers have a non-stick coated bowl that will eventually flake off.

    I was looking for a rice cooker a while ago and what stopped me from buying this one was that the only place I could find one was Harvey Norman and they wanted $199 or so.

    The Tiger rice cookers are considered the best but very expensive and hard to find.

    • +1

      I was shopping for a Tiger or Zoji and willing to spend $300 for an entry model (family is picky with rice) but ended up buying the Toshi purely because of the die cast pot. Paid about $130 from Costco Docklands some time last year.

      I've only had it for a year so can't comment on quality but it does cook decent rice and it's held up fine so far. The only negative feedback I have is the rather poor manual.

      • paid $150 from harvey normal about a year ago.

      • Well, over in the West, we couldn't get good/top of the range rice to cook in top of the range 'pressure rice cooker' by Tiger or Zoji, hence settled for the Toshi. And still waiting for it to arrive. Currently using Tiger for the last 10 years now.

  • +4

    I got this one but purchased for $159 from Costco. Good quality, no issues. This Kogan deal is a bargain

    • yep same! got one at costco as well. Great quality.

  • Thank you OP! I just purchased one as well. Been thinking of replacing my rice cooker for a while.

  • Just thinking - Seeing it's kogan is the plug AU?

    • Yes, our one came with an AU plug. The cord is removable anyway.

  • I got this when they last had it at $99 + shipping. It's a great unit and makes pretty good rice. The only flaw is that when you open the lid, the water from the collector pours out.

    Does anyone know to change the battery on this thing? The manual's next to useless!

    • maybe you use too much water ? I never have this issue.

  • +2

    I've had the smaller model (6 cup vs 10 cup) for close to 10 years I think with absolutely no issues! The thick pot is truly excellent and I believe it still has a non-stick later but hasn't shown signs of coming off.

    This is by far my longest lasting one and rice comes out perfect :)

    Only slight negative is even in "Rapid Cook" mode it takes approx 40 mins to cook 2 cups. Normal setting takes an hour or so.

    • Wow 40 minutes to cook 2 cups of rice - I'll stick with the 15 minute microwave which does a great job (have to stir twice though)

      • +2

        Yeah errr…sometimes it's not about the taste I guess.

  • +2

    You can download an PDF version of the User Manual here:

    As stated in the manual, the lithium battery should last 4-5 years if the unit is plugged in to power, but you won't be able to replace the battery when it died. You can still cook rice except that the screen goes blank when not in use.

    Typically, the best 4 branded rice cookers are (in no particular order) Tiger, Zojirushi, Panasonic, and Toshiba. The current best sellings are divided into 3 types of cooking method: Microcomputer Control, Induction Heating (IH), and Steam. This Toshiba falls under Microcomputer control.

    • -1


    • As stated in the manual, the lithium battery should last 4-5 years if the unit is plugged in to power, but you won't be able to replace the battery when it died. You can still cook rice except that the screen goes blank when not in use.

      You CAN change the lithium battery.
      The manual you linked to doesn't say anything about not being able to replace the battery ?!?

  • Okay I caved in and brought one out of curiosity
    It seems like a good price for a 3 in 1 appliance!

  • This is a very good rice cooker, I have one and the bowl is heavy duty not some thin metal pressed crapola. It cooks the rice good as well

  • +3

    "Here comes the Fun Cooker!"

  • -1

    It is not a good cooker. cooking rice for 42mins? wot a pice of crap!

  • It says bread maker on kogan website,but I couldn't find any info In the manual.

  • if you always cook rice, and want something durable, get this rice cooker.

  • I dont why I bought it,, but I bought it anyway

  • +1

    Lived in Japan for two years in "rice country", didn't want to spring for a Tiger back in Aus, got this last year at Costco for $140 or so, no complaints at all. Rice is always perfectly cooked.

  • There are some youtube videos on this model

  • +1

    Got a similar (maybe newer) model of Toshiba rice cooker from Bangkok. It cost me $35 + carrying back to Aus in my quite empty suitcase. It's absolutely a fantastic rice cooker with thick inner pot.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • I have this exact unit, takes 40m to cook up rice, ~32m on 'rapid'. Still good, just a bit slow.

  • thanks op
    seems like good value!

  • +1

    Hv you thought of using an electric pressure cooker to cook rice? I've been using my kambrook pressure cooker ($89) to cook rice since 2 yrs ago. Only takes 2 mins to cook! Perfect rice everytime following the water level guide within the pot for number of cup of rice used. Minimum I've cook is 2 cups of rice.

    • +1

      I'm a lazy bones bachelor - 7 minutes using Pot in Pot method - wash just a small pot instead of the hulking heavy pressure pot ^_^

      • What is this method I've never heard of? Please share!

    • +1

      I often want rice to go with what I have cooked in my pressure cooker so may not be as convenient but the reports of 40minutes to cook rice on this model is what is stopping me….I can't say I pay attention to how long it takes in the saucepan on the stove but it cant be 40 minutes

  • Am I likely to find a better rice cooker/ everything else for a cheaper price? Not sure on what sort of research to do for this purchase.

    Cheers for any help.

    • -1

      too late now deal will expire in 15mins!

      • It says 3am AEST.

    • +3

      For that price and the feature set it's good. It just depends on how far you are able to stretch your budget. If you would make use of a rice cooker all the time, but can't spend $300 on a Tiger, then get this :)

      It's got a 2 year warranty too! In Japan this retails for about ~$95AUD at yodabashi, so you are getting a pretty good price on it and the features it offers.

      • +4

        I was just in Thailand, and the everyday price there is also ~AU$95

        Rice cookers are definitely hit harder by the "Australia Tax" than some electrical items, so this seems like a reasonable good deal for an Aussie…

  • Does anyone think it is worth paying the extra to get the Premium Freight Protection? Or is that just not really worth it?

  • +1
    well look like this one has the same function but cheaper $5 with local stock. Pana vs Toshi i don't think there is any different between these two Japanese brand

    • die cast bowl vs. non-stick coated bowl ??

      • by the way, what is die cast bowl??? and why is it so important?? can't find any info about it on google

        • +1

          Alea iacta est.

          Some time one is crap. Ask Mr. J. Bond

          Any way a real answer which you may have seen

          Die casting, for mass produced items and can have very fine finish where as non stick have coating, like space shuttles used - Teflon.
          just saw 52 comments hope I man not repeating sorry 007 times if I have.

        • all i saw was double O's in that pic because i didn't really understand your post

        • @m9: just ignore the double O part and focus on the wiki page

  • bought 1.. replacing my 10 year-old one

  • I've owned both a tiger and the toshiba rice cooker and both cooks just as well. We've bough our toshiba from overseas for about 90USD and have had it close to 8 years, it works a treat.

  • Now that I've got time to decide, another to go with my last question. Thanks for the help with the last one.

    Would I really notice the difference in rice quality between this and a cheaper unit that might not do as good a job?

    We currently eat mainly brown rice if that matters, this one doesn't seem to have a particular function for that.

    • +1

      Can't compare it to crappy Kambrook style rice cookers. I have never gotten decent rice out of one of those. This cooks it perfect every time, can set timers, can set for different types etc.

      I have started eating brown rice now because this cooks it so well.

  • Does this cook just as well if theres some existing leftover rice from previous meal?

  • Too late.
    Sold out.

  • Sold out

  • No leftover.

    • +1

      no fried rice then

  • There you go, decided for me :)

  • Out of stock now. Looked like a great price.

  • Damn it! The one day I don't go onto ozbargain….

  • Had plenty of stock last night. Bought 3 units!

  • +1

    A real ozbarginer uses their existing heavy based saucepan on their gas stove (cheaper) and the absorption method (excellent results as good/better than rice cookers) and saves the money on rice cookers. Plus, save the effort of pulling out the rice cooker from your storage every time you want rice.

    To serve two.
    1 cup rice. 1.5 cup cold water. Put in small heavybase saucepan on smallest hob. Heat on high, stir occasionally until water comes to a boil.

    Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook on low for 15 mins. Remaining covered, stand for 10 minutes.

    Tip. Do not open lid until after the full 25 minutes cooking.

    Scale to suit needs, but increase pan size and hob size to suit.

    • Look, I am a ozbargainer, I have no time to waste on cooking rice. Spending 30 minutes on cooking rice per day is not acceptable as you have to refresh the New Deal page every two minutes, otherwise you snooze you lose.

  • Has anyone received any email or anything about it being shipped?
    No word from Kogan for me :/

    • Nothing but multiple junk mails per day.

      • +1

        Yeah, I received a shipping email last Thursday evening and it just arrived this morning here in Perth.

        Must admit, it looks really good and I can't wait to try it out tonight.

      • Ha and a bunch of phone calls because I accidentally clicked an option on checkout and the damn thing faded away and I could not longer uncheck it. Sneaky buggers…

    • I couldn't find my order history after log into Kogan, which means I can only wait for email?

  • I am still waiting as well, have not received the shipping email from them.

    • Nothing yet but two emails requesting me to do a survey on this purchase, doesn't Kogan realise it hasn't been shipped?

  • Guys,
    I just received an email from Kogan saying they are unable to deliver the rice cooker. They are offering me a $20 gift voucher code and the following 3 options:

    1. Kogan will change my order to the Kogan Multi Function Cooker (1.5L) and provide $30 refund for the price difference.

    2. Issue immediate credit voucher to the value of my cancelled product. My credit voucher can be used to purchase anything from

    3. Issue a full refund.

    Needless to say, I responded with option 3.

    • same here

    • Any ideas on what to spend the $20 voucher for?

    • Me too, very disappointed.

  • Same here, chose option 3. And now $60 worth of gift vouchers, still much rather the cookers though sigh.

  • Kogan fail, oversold and no stock. >:{

  • +1

    Are there alternatives that are similar in quality and price? I see Panasonics around $100 on ebay, not sure if they are any good.

  • I wonder how many they oversold. I got the email too.

  • i got email too. :<

  • me too.. it sucks.

  • Yep got it too… still nice of Kogan to give us a $20 voucher though.
    Sign - i really wanted to play around with this thing :(
    Any ideas on an alternative… not going with the Kogan version at $69 looks cheap and crappy

  • +1

    same… myer has a similar model, BRC460, good reviews..

  • I got my order of this rice cooker….but I can't work out how to actually cook rice, nothing appears to be happening (no heat/steam, timer doesn't countdown….ugh).

    • Well I figured it out, the normal cooking method is just really really slow, fast cooking is what I needed to do to see results.

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