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12 Bottles of Roos Leap Barossa Chardonnay for $25 Delivered with Coupon @ Winemarket

  • Barossa Chardonnay from a major Barossa winery
  • Top quality Barossa Chardonnay at Cleanskin prices — Limited quantities (261 cases at the time of posting)

It's $50 for a case of 12 bottles with $5 delivery charge. However, if you use code WINE30 or QUICKFLIX, you get a $30 discount, ending up paying around $2 per bottle.

Oh, and you can get 9.50% moneyback (aprox. $2) LOL

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  • can the coupon code be used with any product or just this one?

    • the coupon code gives you $30 discount on any order that includes any product.

      • Good deal

        • when do you enter the code? after putting in the credit card details?

          • @dy4me: yes, just right after this.

  • Damn, that's cheaper than buying bottled water.

  • Codes not working anymore?

  • Only for new members

  • I signed up now, and still the code is invalid

    • Neither code worked for me, yet I found another code at Buckscoop for $20: VRM2205

      W00t. 12pack of whine for $35 total. That's $2.91 a bottle!

      I was pleased with the wine I bought the other day on ozbargain, hope these are just as satisfying!

  • sorry mate neither of the above CODES work! was at the end of checkout but no luck :(

  • i'm pretty sure the owner of winemarket invalidated the codes…

  • it worked for me when i applied it (a few hours ago)

  • They say "Don't Pay! $167.88", but how on earth is that possible?
    Misleading at the very least.
    You won't find this "brand" anywhere except in liquidation sales.

    But further in, it gets more honest:
    "you could buy a case to keep the back door open so you can hear the phone when you’re gardening, or use it as a foot stool when you're watching tele,"

    It has to be better than the drain-cleaner CotD sells.
    If the local shop was selling it, I might buy a bottle to try first. But a whole case of blind-date??

    • Well it's like many online retailers massively over-quoting RRP to make it an obscene bargain. ShoppingSquare - this means you!

      However, I think that anyone who pays less than $3 a bottle for wine (delivered!)has no reason to complain. :-)

      If it's no good, just drink it when you're already destroyed enough to lose all sense of taste. Or use it to make a big punch. Or bathe in it…

      Put it this way, nearly all Aussie wine in a bottle is quite drinkable. However I'm a bourbon drinker so may have no sense of taste left.

  • Does not work

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