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OzBargain Turning Lucky 8 - Send in Your Happy Birthday Greetings & Win Gift Card Prizes



Closing Date 30/11/2014
Draw Date 02/12/2014


Description Gift Cards or PayPal Credit
No. of Prizes 8
Total Prize Pool $2,144.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership
Announcement of Winners

Here are the winners to our birthday competition this year:

  1. crunchy — $568
  2. Thoroughmas — $368
  3. wheresmandy — $368
  4. tonytone — $168
  5. tightarse — $168
  6. msmhw — $168
  7. PJC — $168
  8. nonbeliever — $168


Original Post

November is OzBargain's birthday month, and on the 27th of November we will be celebrating our EIGHTH BIRTHDAY! Yes it is all about the lucky 8 — pronounced similarly to "prosper" or "wealth" in Chinese. While OzBargain is not really about wealth creation (please contact a financial adviser on that), your money does go more miles by spending wisely, and this community is here to help you find the cheapest price and all the latest sales.

So this year we have decided to run a birthday greeting competition, similar to the one we did last year. For the next 3 weeks you can get prepared for your Happy Birthday greetings — it can be in the form of a

  • poem
  • photo / graphics art work
  • animated GIF
  • video

Or maybe you can get a suggestion from last year's winning entry — hanging an actual banner over a busy motorway.

However to celebrate OzBargain turning the lucky 8, we'll give out bonus points if the number 8 is included in your birthday greetings.

OzBargain 8

There will be eight winners this year totalling $2,144 in prize.

  • 1x 1st Prize: $568
  • 2x 2nd Prize: $368
  • 5x 3rd Prize: $168

"68" apparently sounds similar to "on the road to prosperity" in Chinese so there you go. The winners can claim either PayPal credit or Coles/Myer or Wish gift cards.

You can submit your entries in the comments below. Make sure you do that before Sunday 30 November 23:59 ADST. Moderators will pick winners, make announcements and send out the prizes the week after. Other rules:

  • 1 prize per person but multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Content need to be publicly viewable.

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  • +18

    Ozbargain Ode.

    A day of joy and happiness,
    An 8th birthday…
    My money is gone,
    as is my wife.
    My credit is depleted
    on the deals I've not needed.
    So enjoy your moment of glory
    while I wallow and wait
    for the next deal to eventuate.
    I'll spend without thinking
    And reflect as I rue
    the bargain
    Screw you.

    • End part of Your poem looks similar to song "You ruin me"…lolz..

  • +7

    Here's my entry, a tribute to all those unnecessary Eneloops, impulse-bought Chromecasts and obsessive ING Paywaving :'(.



    Your forums are great
    We all take the bait
    So good one mate
    for Birthday number 8

  • +1

    Here's my entry

    Now you're EIGHT!
    It's never too late,
    Your bargains are just great
    So It's time to celebrate,
    And next year we'll need a bigger cake,
    just popping in to say HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY

  • +1
  • -3

    Here we go…

    Ozbargain, you turned eight
    To that I say, u wot m8?
    LOL joke, pls dont hate
    Happy birthday Ozbargain
    Hope you get lait(d)




  • +4

    Happy 八th birthday, Oz八gain!

  • +1

    Here's my picture contribution:


    Happy 8th Birthday Ozbargain!
    Here are 8 candles for you
    And also some posts in the past which contain "8" as positives votes
    8 for infinity of Blessings and prosperous in the years coming ahead!!

    Thanks for saving us some $$$$$$$$$

  • O Ozbargain, google of my firefox.
    You have brought out the stinkin' GELDA in me :)
    For those of you who don't know, Gelda is an Arabic word meaning 'Leather.' It refers to the piece of rubber found in faucets to keep water from draining out of the pipes and, when applied to humans, means incredible tightarses who keep all the $$ in the pipes of their pockets, never letting a cent drain out.
    That is my case with ozbargain. In less than a year of following this site I won 10 of the 100$ tigerair vouchers and sold 5 of them on gumtree. I also got and sold 40 of the good food and wine show in Melbourne. I got many free samples of stuff but eventually decided the quantities were too little to justify all the keyboarding (effort means i will need to eat more food which costs money). Last couple of days alone I won some balls (yes :)) from the instant win competition and today I won Beats by Dr.Dre Studio Headphones which I will be selling on gumtree to buy a second hand plasma TV(the prize i originally wanted to win) and save the rest.

    But the best thing about Ozbargain is that it is a free form of entertainment. way better than the exhausting Hollywood blockbusters which make me waste my $$ on panamax (I watch Old dvds for free from the public library). And it is for sure better than outdoor exercise which makes me hungry.
    Long live Ozbargain!

  • +17

    I stay up too late
    Perusing Ozbargain
    That’s what my folks say
    That’s what my folks say

    I blow off too many dates
    Eye strain is giving me headaches
    At least that’s what my folks say
    That’s what my folks say

    But every session
    I can’t stop refreshin’
    Don’t wanna be regrettin’
    Missing a deal
    And so I’ll stay awake all night

    ‘Cause it shoots up my heart rate, rate, rate, rate, rate
    When I purchase something great, great, great, great, great
    Ozbargain, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

    My pupils then dilate, late, late, late, late
    The deal was really worth the wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
    Baby, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

    I never miss a deal
    It really makes me squeal
    When I get something for a steal
    Something for a steal

    I’m shopping on my own
    (shopping on my own)
    Buy everything I want from home
    (thing I want from home)
    Now I might need to get a loan
    I might need to get a loan

    Cos every session
    I can’t stop refreshin’
    Don’t wanna be regrettin’
    Missing a deal
    And so I’ll stay awake all night

    ‘Cause it shoots up my heart rate, rate, rate, rate, rate
    When I purchase something great, great, great, great, great
    Ozbargain, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

    My pupils then dilate, late, late, late, late
    The deal was really worth the wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
    Baby, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

    Hey hey hey
    Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the long queues
    and the pricy, pricy shops of the world,
    You coulda been logging on to this great site.

    Ozbargain has a birthday soon
    I’m like “oh my god, congrats on making eight”
    Let’s find a cracking deal for a crate or two of beer
    We’ll drink together for another eight, eight, eight.

    ‘Cause it shoots up my heart rate, rate, rate, rate, rate
    When I purchase something great, great, great, great, great
    Ozbargain, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

    My pupils then dilate, late, late, late, late
    The deal was really worth the wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
    Baby, thank you for the eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
    eight years (eight years)

  • +1

    At eight I slept and ate all day,
    It's great to be eight, hey?
    My teenage years, there was mail drought,
    And I thought that stalking posties would help out.
    As I grew- the bills did too,
    The drought was broken but not in the way I was mad about.
    Then I discovered some cheap Eneloops,
    Whilst browsing the site during a poop.

    For the first time in a long time, my mail box wasn't just a place where dreams died,
    Pricing errors (or generous companies), useful/useless gadgets, some freebies on the side,
    You've reached such greight heights in your little life-
    As you help increase the weight of our pockets,
    I add you onto the list of useful addictions, unlike to chocolate.
    With barely a wrinkle on your page,
    I look forward to the journey as you age.
    For now, know many lives have breathed easier because you have lived!

    Thank you to scotty and the team for raising this community so well for the past 8 years, oh and also to everyone who has ever posted a helpful deal :)

  • +7

    Happy birthday Ozbargain! Although I only joined recently, I've been lurking for a long time and had a great year of bargains! Here's my entry: I made a prezi (first time, hope it works!). There's some background music too so please turn your volume on. It's probably best viewed in fullscreen because some of the text is small. You can either navigate through by arrow buttons on the panel, or turn on autoplay (bottom right corner, 4 seconds delay is ideal). Happy birthday again!


  • Happy beighted birthday you cheap bastard OB…. :P

  • OzBargain for the Deals's pride
    OzBargain for the times we Cry
    OzBargain gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
    OzBargain for the city streets
    OzBargain for the hip hop beats
    OzBargain oh I do believe
    OzBargain is all we need..

  • Eight Birthday's to rule them all
    Eight Birthday to find the deals
    Eight Birthday's to bring them all and Eight birthdays to win them!

    (Any resemblance between this poem and epic works of literature is purely coincidental!)

  • Wow Ozbargains eight, isn't that great.
    New deals every day, getting it free or heaps less to pay!

  • Happy Birthday OZbargain, I Love you so much that you are part of my daily life !

  • OzB, m8! It's gr8 to hear you're turning 8. May this wish reson8 across the st8s. Happy 8th!!!

  • HBD

  • I don't get the significance of the tiny picture above, of the clock showing 7:43:39 :). Happy birthday anyway.

    • Oh I get it, 7 + 4 + 3 + 3 - 9 = 8. Surely there was a more obvious photo.

  • To the Oz Bargain site
    I am just a stupid wife
    Who loves to spend lots of money
    My husband says "Hold up Honey!"
    Why do you buy stuff you don't really need?
    But then I plead!
    That I really do need
    And add to my collection
    All my stuff and inventions
    of crap and trash
    That I spend with my hard earned cash
    So keep up the great site

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22EHOmtWNwI

    The simpsons "number 8" parody of the Beatles "Number 9"

    Go on, watch all 10 minutes of it lol

  • +6

    My entry .. my new personalised plate if i win in Orange black (OzBargain style). Didnt know how to extract the plate pic from the website so took a screen shot

    it resembles OZBargainbirthDAY


    On my orange Lambo


  • +1

    Ozbargain is eight
    and I want to help them celebrate
    by looking on their site thats great
    and buying all these amazing deals with credit card, Paypal and Paymate
    theres another million posts I want to rate
    so for gods sake
    dont post any more deals mate
    cos Im really worried I wont be fine
    by the time Ozbargain turns nine :)

  • HB OzB

  • Happy Birthday Ozbargain! I probably spend 800% more time on OzBargain than on Facebook and I've got 8 deal posts though I probably spend the rest of my time just reading 888 posts and spent $888 minimum on deals I've found here.

    This is such an amazing and underrated website and I hope it stays very much alive and buzzing until 88 at least!

    • Well… Scotty will be 88 soon, so maybe that can be the next "8" milestone ;)

  • +2

    Ok so here's my entry- JV Hi-Fi with many specials starting from $8 to $888 with special added JV comments
    JV- you've done it again!
    Please let me know if you can't see the video

    Futjitsu batteries:
    Sony a6000
    COTD voucher with BDAY code

    • It's "you're", not "your".

      • Yeah I realised that just after I published it :/

  • +1

    Ozbargain is eight
    It makes me stay up late
    My wife she might hate
    I may battle click bait
    And though my eneloops were late
    My LED torches were great
    E-books collections inflate
    Enough Udemy courses to conflate
    More toys on my plate
    I'm much richer to date
    So thanks very much mate

  • +1

    Please organize a meet up to celerate the 8th birthday.

  • Eight; The amount of Eneloop deals I see daily

  • +12

    here is my entry, hope you like it,

    This the best I can do due to the exams I have and other things. will see if I have free time will try something else later.
    Everything in the video bought from OZb. Everything done by myself, except the music, its from youtube.
    all the personal information are true, I born at the 8th of the month …etc

    good luck to everyone :)

  • +1

    Fly a banner from a plane with " Happy 8 birthday Oz Bargain " from all your loyal followers.

  • I wrote, performed, produced and directed this video:

  • +8

    Hi All,

    THis is my submission. I decided to do it as a slowmation video.


    • Love the background music!

  • +7

    For my celebration of OzBargains 8th Birthday, I threw an OzBargain themed 8th Birthday Party.

    I stuck with the theme of 8 by having 8 cups, 8 sets of cutlery, 8 lolly cups and of course 8 Eneloops as candles for the cake.

    The photos can be viewed here:


    • Awesome!!!!

  • Dear mods, can I please get my hands on an EPS or high res JPG of the logo?



    • +1
      • CHAMP! thanks Neil.

  • +8

    I like to think of this as a three-pronged philosophical comment on obsession, the devil and bad music videos simultaneously.
    HBD OzBargain.

  • +3
  • +3

    Here is a quick birthday message from me! All handmade with the stuff around my house just like the the cheapskate I am =)


  • Ozbargain my dearest,
    On thee, how much I spend!
    Like hush money, I most fearest-
    That it will never end.

    Eneloops and undies at the start,
    Now 20 Cheezel boxes more wise.
    The undies no longer fit the part,
    Perhaps a blessing in disguise?

    99c tool cards to 16K SPSS,
    I really thought I saw it all.
    But WAIT! 1c coffee, you jest?!
    You always surprise me with more.

    Your vibrant orange hue
    Sure strikes a chord within.
    Communities like this, I've seen few.
    We're such good friends, and almost kin.

    Happy birthday OzzyB!
    In the blink of an eye, you'll be 9.
    But each time I checkout, gee…
    Is it really your birthday or mine???

    And the answer to that is… por que nos los dos! Mexican girl cheering( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Happy birthday 8th Ozbargain! Hope to still see y'all 72 years later at woolies buying half price hard 'n' soft taco kits on Ozbargain's 80th birthday. :-)

  • +2

    Got married last year and during the wedding speech, unfortunately my best man had checked my ozbargain account during the wedding and found that I had 'last logged in' 22 minutes ago and made it public knowledge during the speech. The wife had a taste of things to come!

    This is an ode to either how addicted I have been over the last 8 years with ozbargain and/or how great the website and community is.

    Keep up the gr8 work ozbargain!

  • +74

    Here's my video entry: Tony Abbott loves Ozbargain

    • +2

      omg yes u gotta win

    • +3

      Someone give this man a medal

    • +4

      Just saw this featured on OzB Facebook page. Competition is over guys. Good job

      • +1

        Haha oh man that makes my day.

    • +5

      This is bad. Now my kids have been chanting "happy birthday happy birthday 8 8 8 8 8…"

      @koreainhyuk — it's far from over. Many good entries come in at the last minute, and we have 8 prizes.

      • "happy birthday happy birthday 8 8 8 8 8…"

        happy 8irthday, happy 8irthday, oz8argain is gr8

    • That was pure gold and going to be hard to top. Well done.

    • Get this tune out of my head……

    • +1

      Crunchy - This HAS to be your Avatar from now on!!!

      • +3

        Done :)

    • This is gr8

    • man i laugh for non-stop for 2 days!!

    • +1

      What if crunchy is Tony Abbott in disguise?

  • Hi everyone, here is my adjective-Acrostic to OZBARGAIN:


    Oh dear ozbargain, Iam not just "loco" for taco but also for your bargains :D, Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy *8 Birthday! :D

  • It is really great
    That you've turned eight
    You've grown up so fast
    And your here to last

    Oz Bargain oh so bright
    You are my great delight
    All the fantastic deals
    Bought with your approval seels

    I am quite happy
    'cause your a nice chappy
    And deliver each day
    An amazing array

    Your antidotes are amusing
    Your forum enthusing
    With helpful topics
    And comps of the tropics

    I'm totally for filled
    With the guide you did spilled
    Engrossed in the reading
    My habit you are feeding

    On to my screen
    Like a shot of codeine
    It takes away my pain
    'cause I'm buying again

    Now for a gift
    You would not have to sift
    Thought the daily soup
    I found you eneloop.



  • A Haiku

    Eight Years of OzBargains
    Always upvote
    Refresh website for new deals

  • +3

    Here a link to my little creation for your 8'th Birthday


    Not a man of many words

    But hope my birthday wishes are accepted

    " all the BEST"

    • A true ozbargainer with his trusty stash of eneloops

  • Gday Ozbargain,
    Thanks for being a good M8,
    Bringing me all the special deals that i must purchase, Its been GR8!
    Here's to more wonderful years of GR8 bargains!

  • +2

    Happy Birthday Oz Bargain!

    here is my entry: http://imgur.com/aC3QheH

  • +2

    I've only just come across this site,
    And I believe that I just might
    Have found the best place for a bargain or sale
    But when I see the ones I've missed, I just wail!

    All I can say is Ozbargain is GREAT
    Can't believe you're about to turn 8!
    So have a great birthday and many more,
    … and now I'm off to the Amazon store :)

  • +2

    Long time reader but posting first time on your birthday !!!

    I have made a small video for you !!!

    Happy birthday


  • +32

    G'day Scotty & team. Congratulations on 8 fantastic years.

    Here is my contribution to the competition.

    No offense jv… it's all in good fun :)

    • Hahahahhahahaha :-D

    • LOL - WWJVD?

    • Lol

    • +9

      Did I just get identified with that man with silly mustache? Damn.

      We'll make sure BOTH jv and tightarse turn up to our next Melbourne meetup.

      • +3

        I'll bring the popcorn

    • what…. no more eneloops O______________O

      I think I'm gonna be sick…

    • +1

      I just watched that at work with my headphones in, I started laughing so much my coworkers were all looking at me. That was sensational!

      • Glad you enjoyed it :)

        • +1

          I got to the stage where it was ugly face laughing! I had to hold my nose so I would stop. (I am behind a petition)

        • @17731773:


  • +1
  • +1

    Happy 8th Birthday Oz Bargain, it seems so surreal
    Over the years you have been generous and genteel
    To help us find deals
    That are full of appeal
    And make us squeal
    That we feel
    It's Unreal!

  • +7

    Now 69 is a very fine position
    But here 68’s a finer proposition
    Apparently it signifies prosperity
    And OzBargain doesn’t promote austerity
    So post your deals correctly, uniformally
    Or JV wil ask how much are these normally
    Neither Tightarse nor King Tightarse are near to Balls
    Yet all realise when an outstanding deal calls
    What about Altomic whose posts are atomic
    A great bargain vulture is our easternculture
    To learn the latest tricks follow TRENT86
    Mobile in your pocket? Bagman could unlock it
    If tech is causing grief Scrimshaw might have relief
    Don’t be a passenger buy some cheap Slazenger
    Staying inside the loop for yet more Eneloop
    Trying to live cheaper, pockets getting deeper
    Spend under twelve-fifty? Now you’re being thrifty.
    Stocks become depleted? Orders getting deleted?
    Posts don’t get repeated if that’s how we’re treated!
    Buy when it becomes wise spend to economise
    Stock up when it makes sense saving dollars and cents
    The greatest deal some days may be Catch Of The Day’s
    Get stuff you dream about not have to scream about
    Popular posts could be a really good freebie
    You can blow your bugle about being frugal
    And don’t let DSE become your OCD
    Keep striving for thriving F5ing reviving
    When ducking and diving OzBargain high-fiving
    We’re jiving and saving is more than surviving
    There’s nothing here to hate real easy to relate
    Buy before use-by date try to get cash rebate
    Saving money is great don’t let the deals abate
    OzBargain even has a member called headphones
    Normally active on the bargainhunting scene
    The number Eight is how many pairs of headphones
    I purchased since January 2013
    Spend over twelve-fifty? No I’m being thrifty!
    Now older than seven and still younger than nine
    Not too late mate celebrate this website so fine
    OzBargain we are great OzBargain is aged eight
    Our combined IQ rate exceeding 888!

  • Happy webdays and I hope you go to infinity and beyond!

  • The cat can say it better


  • Happy birthday and thank you so much!

  • +1

    Happy B'day Ozbargain!! Don't think I have ever said happy birthday to a website before lol.

  • Happy Birthday Ozbargain, love you 4ever !

    • Happy Birthday Ozbargain, love you 5ever!

  • Happy "8" B'day OzBargain!
    Looking for more Bargains.
    Cheers mate.
    Jack. ……

  • +3

    Happy 8th birthday Ozbargain!
    Thanks to all the admins, moderators and staff behind the scenes who help make this such a fantastic website!
    Good luck to all who have entered this competition too :)

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