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LG Google Nexus 4 - 16GB (Refurb) With Bumper Case $169 (Delivered with PayPal) @ Kogan


Received this on an email.

$169 delivered when you pay with PayPal. I think it is a good deal.

Free Bumper Case as well.

—- Features (from Kogan site)

Every pre-owned Nexus 4 undergoes LG’s thorough cleaning and refurbishment process before being sold to you at a fraction of the original price.

Includes FREE Bumper Case to protect your phone
Cutting edge hardware
Update-able to Android 5.0 Lollipop
4.7” True HD IPS+ Screen
The LG Google Nexus 4 is designed for beautiful simplicity. Featuring your favourite Google apps, an amazing Photo Sphere camera and cutting edge hardware — the Nexus 4 puts the best of Google in the palm of your hand.

LG has refurbished each phone with the utmost care. Enjoy a fully functional phone for a fraction of the price. Phones may have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches or marks, but everything will be working perfectly.

Kogan is not affiliated with the manufacturer of this product in any way. This Product is an international model imported directly from internationally based distributors. This Product may differ in some respects from other similar products available from local retailers in various countries around the World.

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  • +10

    No mention of a new battery.

    Nexus 4 is already known for its poor battery life, now a "refurb" phone where we don't know how far the battery have aged?

    Spend a few more bucks and get a Snapdragon 400 phone such as Moto G, Zenfone etc. There is nothing worse then getting to 50% battery by lunch time.

    • +13

      Except maybe 49% ;)

      • +2

        I'm currently on 48% :(

        I'm running cyanogenmod with pretty much everything turned off + relatively dim screen + Greenify… Maybe I should give Paranoid Android ROM a shot and see if that improves anything.

        Other than the battery, it is a great phone for sure though.

        • +1

          71% battery here, OnePlus battery life is great :)

        • @Agret:

          60% here. and its 1 day 7 hours since the last charge on Xperia T2.

          This phone has amazing battery life. Got 7-8 hours screen on time after my first recharge, and it was only 220 delivered.

        • @garratt torlesse: so are you using power saving mode?

        • @vijay Alapati:

          Nope. Stamina mode is off, but the location wifi and queue data is on, I did have the low battery mode on for the first day, but turned it off.

          Currently the battery is at 59%, 1 day 9 hours in, and 3.5 hour screen on time.

    • +10

      I own a Nexus 4 and run the latest Paranoid Android ROM 4.6 beta 6. Battery life is excellent, the screen is beautiful, the phone itself still is a very stylish phone and it smashes the Moto G (which my wife has) in terms of performance. Plus..lollipop supported officially by Google.
      An awesome phone..apart from camera which is very ordinary.

      • +4

        Agree with everything you said… except the camera. It is WAY below ordinary.

      • +1

        How many hours of screen on do you average per day? What settings are you running?

        GSMarena rated this phone at 32 hours, compared to the 50-60 hours of a typical phone these days. So while it might be decent enough for two years ago, now is a different question.

        The other issue is the age of the battery, its a 2100mAh, but after degrading for 1-2 years, its easily down to 1900 or so at 5-10% per year with the inherent degradation itself, not including degradation due to usage.

        As to performance, there is no doubt the phone is still a power house. But the type of people buying a cheap 2 year old refurb phone are probably not the performance types. While a snapdragon 400 will easily power through the every day tasks with ease, and with a much better battery life.

        • +1

          I muck around with the phone ( as I'm sure a lot of us do) a fair bit..2 -3 hours maybe?. I am usually down to about 30% by end of day and I only need to charge once a day, some times every second day, pretty happy with battery life and phone was bought Mar 2013 so over 18 months old. Settings? Nothing special, just default.

        • +1


          I think you can only classify that as average/meh instead of excellent these days. The 2-3 hours that you get is pretty much spot on with the 32 hours which GSMarena rated it at. (Their rating is 1 hour of calls, 1 hour of browsing, and 1 of video per 24 hour period)

    • Besides the battery life and camera, this phone is VERY good…

      If you care to read this 'current' review of the phone

      Plus you'll get the latest version of Android!

  • +5

    Such an old and refurbished phone.

    • Much overpriced.

      • +1


  • +7

    Does it come with a sim card from usa?

  • +1

    "This Product is an international model imported directly from internationally based distributors. This Product may differ in some respects from other similar products available from local retailers in various countries around the World."

  • Question is why are they refurbished in the first place?.

    • +4

      Because Nexus's are official google products, most likely these refurbs are returns from customers who purchased their phones from Google and had a hardware fault. LG collects them and resells them to retailers like Kogan.

      • I tend to think they're now dumping unsold stock (New sold as refurb)

  • +1

    I guess the benefits of going with Kogan over Expansys is that the same model which is factory refurbished comes with 1 year warranty instead of 3 months with expansys.

    Kogan also have free delivery so their price overall is better than expansys.

  • Save up for a Nexus 5 (I got one for $180)

    • +7

      From where?

      • +3

        Yes, where?

        • +1

          I got my n5 from ocau marketplace for $210 about 4 months ago.

      • +3

        i am assuming he meant $180 more

        • +1

          Most likely used/second hand from eBay or scamtree

        • +1

          @msmhw: ive had more scammers on ebay then gumtree dude.
          just recently i bought what i though was a nokia lumia 920 from ebay i got it and it's running android and has some radio antenna lol waiting for paypal claim to finish so i get my money back atm.

    • -2

      OP pls

    • +2

      refurbished > second hand

        • +3

          at least refurb has warranty?

  • for a few extra bucks, i rather shop with expansys.

    dispatch on the same day and receive within 2-3 working days, even for WA.

    • +4

      What about the additional 9 months of warranty with Kogan?

  • i went through 3 of these, since i was the first batch who purchase it, the first two phones i brought has those strange humming noise defect, hence a majority of these refurbish device should be the first batches of the phone that rumour to be quart million of them.
    I got my current (third) device 6 months after its release, so effectively after 2 years 2100 battery has an estimated 1600 capacity left. once last two days now only last 10 hours or so give or take, a power bank is a must on early out trips in case juice run out.

    It is still a very capable device given the 2GB ram and Quar core CPU. runs Android 5 fine according to early reports.
    it was 300 AUD at the time and for half the price now.. i say reasonable for the spec

    • +5

      i went through 3 of these, since i was the first batch who purchase it, the first two phones i brought has those strange humming noise defect

      So buy one of these and you might get your old phone back :)

  • +2

    bought one of these 2nd hand for my mum - hasn't had an issue.
    only thing to watch out for is the glass back - prone to cracking easily.

    • +2

      i had the official bumper case, it allow the phone to survive dozens of drops with no damage inside
      however, i put a extra layer of sticker on the back to cover up the thin glass to add strength

  • +2

    And the front glass is very weak, a friend has gone through 4 screens from small drops.. i keep telling him to get a protective case for it :p

    • +1

      Really depends how you drop the phone. I've dropped mine numerous times on concrete… Besides a few chips as expected, it hadn't cracked or shattered.

      • He must be unlucky, or using non OEM replacement screens

  • bought one for wife. Don't forget qwibble has 0.6% cashback. ok so not much but hey better than nothing :D

  • +3

    got one for $150….thanks op

    good timing, kogan just sent me a voucher for $20 and full refund since they couldn't provide me with the Toshiba multifunction cooker. so the voucher brought it down to $150, hopefully they can provide me the phone this time round.

    • +1

      You mean $149? You could use the extra $1 for a frozen coke at Hungry Jacks.

      • You're right it 's $149 :)

    • My pleasure :)

  • Bummed I couldn't get it from Kogan but didn't think I'd see the same deal again. Good work though OP.

  • Can someone who bought this please report back if it came as sealed and with US plug too, wonder it is same stock as expansys deal.

    • They don't even sell brand new Samsung phones sealed…

  • +2

    Got one from expansys. Unfortunately, unlike other people, I got a bad one. There is one section of the touchscreen which does not respond to touch or click at all. Then, there is also the intermittent phone freezes. The only way is to turn off the phone and turn it back on. As for people saying it looks brand new, the phone might look that way, but if you ever owned a brand new Nexus 4, you can definitely tell it is NOT brand new.

    I just want to let people know these are really refurbished phones. I regret not trusting my own experience (I had bad experience with refurbished products before). Anyway, I will find out how good/bad expansys' customer service is.

    • +1

      I got couple of bad experiences with brand new device while great experience like the others with refurbished ones . Sometimes it dependent on your luck but yeah agree with refurbished devices the chance of getting faulty device is higher. I hope everything go as you want.

      edit, by the way this is Kogan deal not expansy

  • Deleted

  • Phone is still available but its no longer free shipping. For me shipping now comes to about $25

  • +1

    when mine arrived I could not get it to turn on but found this thread on how to wake it
    phone wont turn on
    it took over an hour and about 10 updates from 4.2 and now running lollipop smoothly and it looks like a brand new phone.

  • +1

    I got one - its a great phone. Looks brand new and all working great.

  • Got the Kogan garbage in my mail and not impressed. Before I comment further, let me qualify by comments by informing you of my recent purchases of five of these refurbished phones from Expansys for the family and now one from Kogan.
    1. Got the Kogan phone in an unsealed, pale, dusty, crinkled and compact white box. Expansys sent the original crisp new black box with contents sealed inside - one wouldn't be able to tell that it is refurbished.
    2. The Kogan version is definitely the oldest batch made by LG whereas Expansys stock is more recent. Some of the Expansys batch might even be brand new, passed off as refurbished by LG to clear old stock.
    3. Expansys sent all original accessories sealed inside the box (genuine US charger and usb cable) with a bonus AU 5V 2.1A charger block. In contrast, with Kogan, all accessories were just shoved into the parcel bag with not a single accessory being original - charger block is Kogan branded which fail easily, USB cable is a BlackBerry one and a shoddy looking travel adapter thrown in for don't know what (it's not like they gave me the original US charger). Makes the whole experience feel so second hand and underwhelming.
    4. Not sure why but Kogan had already cracked open the bumper case packaging. Expansys sent new and unopened.
    4. Expansys customer service was prompt and first rate. They promptly financially compensated the missing AU charger blocks on two of key phones, no fuss.

    Kogan didn't send the original charger block as listed on their website.

    "Google Nexus 4 (16GB)
    Nexus Bumper Case (seal opened)
    USB cable (got a BlackBerry one)
    Charger (not sent)
    AU/NZ Compliant Generic Charger (received)
    AU/NZ Compliant Generic Adapter (received) "

    Complaint time.

    • +1

      Got the Kogan garbage in my mail and not impressed.

      Thats totally the opposite experience from what I had. My Kogan Nexus looks brand new

      • And that's Kogan for you, inconsistent. My phone is clearly from a cheap "seconds of the seconds" junk from LG judging by the missing accessories.

        The only plus with Kogan is the 12 month warranty compared to 3 months by Expansys.

        • Oh and the battery life on the Kogan one is rubbish compared to the Expansys one, running same apps.

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