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FREE Location Info & Carrier-Area for Cell Towers in Your Area (We Used to Charge $5 / Area)


This is embarrassing: As we're not able to find [enough] clients perpared to pay for this info, we're no longer able to offer this info for a fee; so, you can go look it up yourself… Absolutely FREE! (You're welcome! :-)

You get a list of Mobile Cell Towers. Click on any of them for a Map & Carrier details. Stay healthy!

Enjoy… (Now, what we'll have to look for a new business idea… or, should we marry into $$$…? ;-)

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    Thanks. This is a useful site.

    • +1

      You're very Welcome, Mate. Over 46 seem to agree, vs only 2 (so far), who were unhappy to see it.

      ('my "best-received" Deal posting in recent months; I -almost- begun to think I'd lost the flair. ;-)

  • +7

    Useful info. Not $5 useful.


    • +1

      So, who's asking to pay $5 ?


  • +1

    The site is running very slowly - is this unusual?

    Also, are you really using a CGI script to generate your web pages?

    • probably been ozbargined…

    • I noticed that… I wonder if they do something like that to get the data they display?

      (In any case, it's NOT one of our sites.)

  • +14

    Faster map here, Click on those blue dots.


    • Nice link… A bit slow to paint the green dots, ie, after a big location jump, but nice.

  • How's the site number work? (Postcode + a number.) Does the number indicate the order the towers were built in?

  • Thank you I have been looking for this

    Edit: Wow. No shortage of base stations around me. One is 400m away but I still struggle to get reception indoors.

  • Gee i always thought you were a Govt Dept.(rfnsa)

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    The site info is good, but not great. If it was great, that would be good.

  • +7

    I go here for details http://maps.spench.net/rf/

    He was going to shut it down a while ago, but its still up.

  • +10

    I don't know what I need this for…

  • +1

    I've been using this site for quite a few years and have never had to pay. It's very slow at the moment so I can't see what data is now available that didn't used to be.

  • +5

    Wasnt this always free??

    At least it was free last year. Did you decide to charge for it recently, then decided to backflip?

    Regardless, thanks :)

  • No free access to the RCSMB for each site?

  • 20 sites around me, all within 200m except one is 280m away… Funny thing is 15 of them are Voda ones, certainly wasn't expecting that, was thinking there'd be more Telstra ones!

  • +9

    IVI, I find this post pretty offensive. I know for a fact that all info contained within the RFNSA is free, and has always been free. I have plenty of friends in the Telco industry that use this site daily… and without charge. How can you possibly say 'we' charged $5 previously?? Who is 'we'?? It costs zero to register, and zero to use.

    • +6

      I agree.
      What did you charge for?
      All nessacary info is and has always been free.
      Must be spam

    • -1

      I'm not sure what you think this website stores but the information available to yourself and the general public is barely scratching the surface of what this site is mainly used for.

      I use this site for work, I don't pay for it, but I gain access as a part of a corporate account. which would be the same for your "Telco game" friends, they don't need to pay because they work for a company that has a proven case for gaining access.

  • +3

    I always thought it was free?
    I like to use mobilesite safety.com.au- shows all the sites on a map

  • +2
    • +1

      Yeah, see the note at the bottom of that site

      Data last updated 07-Jun-2008.

  • I'd actually consider paying 99cents for a nice mobile app that did this.

  • +1

    I usually use:

    Its helpful for quickly glancing which mobile network is best for your location. The distance to nearest towers and the number of towers is really easy to understand.

  • +2

    This data & info has always been free. It was never charged for that I know of.

  • -1

    Beats me why anyone would neg this … cheers OP!

    • +6

      Cause its BS mate

  • The tower near my house was taken down about a year ago yet it shows up as an active Optus and Vodafone tower. :-)

    • Check with OpenSignal. See above.
      I use it and it seems current.

  • I thought the cell tower info was available from any mobile phone store.
    Walk into optus, ask for a map.

  • Not sure how accurate this is, fair few places showing NBNCo towers in towns that are far from having mobile NBN.
    Edit: SOME are actually proposed sites (yet still inaccurate compared to NBN website), others though are just completely wrong; shown in towns which aren't planned or even thought of when it comes to NBN wireless.

  • -2

    Just noticed: I looked into the reason we never got any orders for printed lists of nearby Cell-Towers, despite there being lots of interest in this kind of thing…

    Our ad order / auth never got sent out!

    (Our office manager was away, & a temp seems to have moved it into a Done tray, before it really was.)

    (While we can't do much about it now… I bet this Deal may have spread the word about the Free Service(s) out there. So, we're Happy to be of Service, despite the 4 Neg's (vs 65 Plusses) won by the Deal listing…)

    • Make that 66 mate ;) thanks for that. Personally, i found it pretty useful.

    • +1

      Glad you admit to telling a porky about the $5. There has never been a charge, nor will there ever be.

  • +1

    this site has always been free, so whos the op that says "we charged $5"??

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