This was posted 9 years 8 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle $399 (Save $100) In Store @ Target



Xbox One Console
Assassins’ Creed Unity Download Token
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Download Token
Wireless Controller
Chat Headset
HDMI cable
Power Supply

If you find a cheaper advertised price Target will match it and give you a bonus $10 Target gift card.

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Target Australia

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    • It's a shame you persist on trolling.

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    It's not a ps4, because it's an Xbox one.

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    Not as good as the ms online offer. But it's still an excellent price.

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      Which offer is that? Their price is $499

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        Extra 2 games and 12 months xbox live

    • The Microsoft deal sucks now. You can only get forza horizon 2 and Ryse. You do get 12mths live which is good though. It's not great but just ok for $480 now,

  • Awesome deal! I wish they were doing this bundle + Kinect for $100 off

    • When Big W was doing the $430 offer which is the same bundle plus forza horizon 2… I somehow ended up with the Kinect too. lol

      • How kinect??

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    I reckon the OP is an Ass Creed Unity rep :p

  • Its would better if the games were physical copies. Sucks if you only have 3g data and only1gb. ;)

  • Really nice price.

  • Does this include in-store purchases to enable a lay-by instore?

    • Same price in store.

      • Cheers Thanks. Just wasn't sure if it was an on-line option only with in-store delivery.

        • It is $599 in store, my wife went to Castle Hill earlier and they wouldn't match the same price as their website, they said to order online,so I have just ordered it using click & collect.

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          @mjdawkins: Here is the advert from the paper

          There is no mention at all that it's only available online.

        • @mjdawkins: It was advertised instore in Broadway NSW, picked one up today.

  • So.. whats the cheapest price on overdrive? I'm comparing this to the MS deal and deciding if I'm interested.


    • I know right, I was sold on that deal as well but missed out on Sunset OD…

  • hopefully this is a sign of an upcoming price drop…

  • Might try to see if they price match websites. In which case, I'll show them the Microsoft store….american version ($349).

  • If it included one new release (E.g. Sunset) i'd get it.

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      unity is a new release lol

      • yeah but this is bundled with all new consoles and carries the same RRP as the base console.

  • Currently unavailable online

  • Saw this deal in store (Highpoint, Vic)

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    Saw this deal and went to the Bourke St store in Melbourne.

    When I asked for one, I got this.

    Sorry Sir we are Sold Out and only have the ones with Kinect left. Oh, and sorry they are not discounted.

    Fortunately I am used to deal with this. I said … "Well I just rung up 20 mins ago and the Lady said you had stock. I have just travelled 20 km's here for one"

    Low and behold, they had "One Left". Disgusting behaviour on behalf of the store and blatantly lying to me, but good deal all the same.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Just got the Target bundle ($399) from Roselands which had it advertised in store which was good.

    Also for those that want better games EB games has the limited edition white console with 2 games (sunset overdrive and forza horizon 2) which cost $409 which I would of went for but not that interested in those 2 games.

    I didn't check too see if they had it in stock but I assume so considering its a new promotion that is clearly advertised in the windows.

    • $409? That's a bargain if so. On the website states $499

      • +1

        I went to the mall yesterday and I swear I saw the kinect bundle being sold at $509 on a window sign. I think the website is slow, or it might be an in-store promotion. Decent price by EBs.

        • it seems like it might be a bit of a premature price drop. It's bound to happen with the slim model on the way as well as Christmas coming up. I will be waiting until there are atleast one or two physical games bundled in for this price.

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          I checked. It's $409 provided you trade in an Xbox 360 slim model. Not sure if that qualifies as a bargain anymore. Otherwise it's still $499.

        • @foor: thanks!

  • Not a bad price if you missed the MS one…But I'd rather wait if I wanted a xbox.

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    Just tried to get this from my local Target (Capalaba QLD) and they didn't have it advertised nor did they seem to know about it. The lady who helped me was very friendly and enthusiastic, but kept referring to their currect $599 kinect & 6 games bundle. Not sure if other QLD stores are the same.

    I was ready to grab it today. Not sure why people aren't so interested in this. Realistically, I don't have the time to play and get value out of all the bundled games. I only want Halo MCC and don't want the hassle of trying to sell off unwanted games. I just want the cheapest xbox one and Halo MCC. Kinect would be nice, as I actually like Microsoft's vision for the all-in-one entertainment device with voice control, video chat etc.

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      The Microsoft deal was very good value if you didn't want the games and could sell them off. Personally I am interested in SO but I'd be willing to just sell it and buy it later down the line at a cheaper price. In the end though if you just want the console without the hassle this is arguably the best deal right now.

      I called up a store and they said it was only valid for today? Can anyone confirm?

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