[NSW/ACT/QLD] Fuel Watch

This is the fuel watch thread for NSW/ACT/QLD. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.

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i've been paying attention to the cheap petrol prices in Sydney lateley and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) in Sydney!

Combine this with the gift cards from the previous 5% off deal (if anyone hadn't used them all yet) and us ozbargainers are cheering!

Non-everyday rewards e10 price: 125.9c
Everyday rewards e10 price: 121.9c

Non-everyday rewards 95 price: 138.9c
Everyday rewards 95 price: 134.9c

Edit 9/5/19: This thread is now for NSW, ACT & QLD (previously was NSW only).


  • Merged from Cheapest Fuel at Shell Ulmarra in Grafton Region
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    Cheapest fuel at shell service station @ 29 Pacific Highway, Ulmarra Nsw 2462. It’s the cheapest price in Grafton region

  • Merged from [NSW] United Wyoming E10 94 $1.059 / 91 $1.099 / P98 $1.284 / Diesel $1.219 per litre
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    Thought I'd just share this, seems like an amazing price for those nearby.
    Cheaper than any 7-11 price lock according to forum

    Wyoming is located on the Central Coast, just out of Gosford.

    459 Pacific Highway, Wyoming NSW 2250.

    • That’s the cheapest E10 in NSW according the Fuelwatch

    • Should be hands everywhere @ these prices…

      As usual f/all for Melb. folk :-(

    • If in NSW, get hold of the free FuelCheck app (iOS, Android) by the NSW govt. Highly recommended! Set your fuel type and map area and it will tell you the cheapest fuel, shown on a map or by list. The prices in the app are self reported, but if they are reported to be incorrect, they are up for a fine. I've been using this for 6 months and I've never seen it wrong.

      United at Wyoming is currently the cheapest in the whole Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle region. There are a few around Campbelltown that are 109.7 for E10. Coles Express at Sutton Forest has the wooden spoon at 158.9, with about 20 other Coles Express outlets above 148 and competing for last place.

      • Coles Express at Wyalong gets the Wooden spoon with 167.4

    • Can anyone detail their experience with United petrol? My last few tanks have been with them as I've managed to fill up 98 for $1.37L, but my car has felt sluggish compared to BPs 98

  • Cracker prices!
    Westside Toukley (Central Coast NSW)
    - E10 99.9
    - Diesel 99.9
    - Premium 95 115.9
    - Premium 98 119.9

  • Merged from [NSW Central Coast] Westside Petroleum Toukley E10 99.9 | U91 109.9 | P95 115.9 | P98 119.9
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    Best prices across all petrol types. Great for people live there or will be there these days.

    There is a 7 Eleven servo near it (with possiblility to match these).

    • error sorry

      • You also read turkey…

    • Why does diesel not track other petrol prices? It's much more expensive now that the others have gone down.

    • Pricing Error likely. Someone drive there to confirm.

      • Can confirm it isn't. Was this price on the 19th but didn't post as a deal as last one was merged/unpublished.

        Westside has been in trouble lately apparently and that's why they are flogging off fuel cheap.
        No possibility of matching at 7-11 though.

        • Westside has been in trouble lately apparently

          care to indicate where you got this info from

          • @RockyRaccoon: That's why I said apparently. I haven't been able to find any concrete evidence online (haven't looked much) but a few of my work colleagues are saying about the "negative press" they have received.

    • 7/11 is 114 per litre.

      • For e10?

  • Merged from E10 unleaded fuel 99.7c punchbowl nsw
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    Cheapest i have seen e10 unleaded in a long time purchased tonight 10pm 10th january 108-110 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200

  • Merged from [NSW] Vortex 98 $1.387, Vortex 95 $1.307, E10 $1.157, Vortex Diesel $1.479 Per L @ Caltex, Old Guildford Road, Guildford
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    Cheap petrol at the 3 servos on Old Guildford road including the Caltex.

    • Is E10 ULP equal to 91#?

      • E10 is 94 octane from what I remember

    • Oh man, I put in $50 of E10 at well well over that price and I am 5 mins away. Crap.

    • +1

      @Caltex Guildford should suffice in title.

    • +1

      In nsw use the FuelCheck app to search prices

    • Bass Hill woolworths petrol has vortex diesel for 137.9

  • Merged from E10 126.7c or 122.7c with rewards at Caltex Cleveland Street Surry Hills Sydney
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    Cheapest price I’ve seen east of Lidcombe. Given most around greater Sydney is around the 160c mark, this was a good accidental find.

    Have no idea why it’s so cheap by comparison.

    • https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php

      E10 120.9 11-Seven Worongary Carrara QLD 4211

      Cheaper without having to use any discount vouchers if you're willing to drive up to the Gold Coast.

      • In my younger days I would for the laughs

    • Ummm E10 is 121.5 @ petersham caltex before any discounts.

      Even BP near Ashfield was 121.9 for E10.

      Caltex @ Burwood is 121.5 or 121.9 for E10 I last saw.

      • +1

        Fine lol - east of Stanmore! Still saved me $20 over average price east of City Rd. ✌️

  • E10 97.9 cents

    U91 105.9 cents

    P98 123.9 cents

    Diesel 127.9 cents

    At Metro Fairfield

    130 Hamilton Road, Fairfield NSW 2165

  • Merged from [VIC] ULP 91 $1.309 @ Coles Express - Corner of Ferntree Gully Rd & Stud Rd, Scoresby
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    Drove past the service station and saw the sign still says 130.9c/l. Everywhere else around there is 171.9.

    Hope it will help some of us.

  • Merged from NSW - Premium 95 Petrol 141.9 c/l at Woolworths/Caltex Kogarah (4c less with coupon)
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    Prices have jumped to over $1.80 for 95 but these guys are still pretty low

    • +1

      $1.399 at Kings Park

    • +1

      Can we petition to turn this into a 7-11?

    • 141.7 at 7/11 Revesby South if ya wana lock it in 😏

    • It's a bit far from Kogarah, but this is where Costco kicks ass. Their price seems to remain consistent - you can save over $20 for a full tank if the locals jump to what they did on the weekend

      • Is there any way to see what Costco price is?

        • https://petrolspy.com.au/ is the best I know of, but it does rely on people manually updating it

          Edit - OP's link will tell you too. https://www.fuelcheck.nsw.gov.au/

        • Comes up on the fuelcheck.nsw app/website - I just zoom over to Casula/Marsden Park. Note that they don't have 95, just E10 (128.7 currently), 98 (145.7) and diesel.

          The stations nearby also tend to be on the lower side (at Casula at least), thanks to the Costco competition, if you've got a reason to go to them instead

    • 98 only for my car, because it's a shit box

    • This is not much of a bargain if you can drive 3.5km to South Hurstville 7-Eleven and get it for 140.9c/L.

  • Merged from [NSW] Unleaded 91 Fuel 129.80c Per Litre @ Sparkles Petroleum Clovelly
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    First time poster

    Found a good deal for the petrol in Sydney Eastern suburb area. Hope it helps the other drivers.
    I just filled the full tank and save me at least 10c/lt to the next nearest competitor arround here.

  • -1
    Merged from Supreme+ 98 for $1.439 and Unleaded 91 for $1.259 @7-Eleven (Kings Park, NSW)
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    Time to pay a ride to Kings Park, NSW for Fuel Pump. Not historically cheap, but at the current market rates, these rates are considered cheaper. Use your OzBargain vehicles to virtually drive there and lock the fuel. Newbies, reach out if you need any assistance.

    Address: 363 Vardys Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148

    • +1

      I was there yesterday! Seems like surrounding areas such as blacktown is also the same price. Everywhere else is just a ripoff

  • 9 Elizabeth St, Clontarf, QLD, 4019

    Supreme+ 98 for $1.419 cheapest at moment.

  • -1
    Merged from [QLD] Unleaded E10 $1.255/L @ 7-Eleven (Mango Hill, 4509)
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    1.255 is a pretty good price considering everyone else is 1.70 plus

    Lock in Quick

    • +2

      Quick check of Projectzerothree suggests it isn't cheaper..Guildford 122.7

  • Merged from [NSW] Unleaded 98+ $1.347/L @ 7 Eleven Yagoona
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    [NSW] Unleaded 98 134.7 @ 7 Eleven Yagoona

    Credit to projectzerothree

    • +5


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        Rude, but you're right.

    • Normal price.. my local BP has it for 134.5

    • +1

      A fair amount of Coles Express in Sydney are around $1.39-$1.47 so with a minimum discount of 14c (Flybuys + Carsales + shopping voucher) brings it down to $1.25-$1.33

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      Hey op, you must be new. Come back and let us know when 98+ or 95 price is the same as 91 price. Only that is considered a bargain, this is regular price.

      • To be fair, this would probably be a decent deal last week, see 1, 2, 3, but not anymore cause of the current oil war

        • Let me know when you can lock in a price in the future.

          • @chewkl: If you read up on news, oil prices are going to go lower with the oil war and Saudi Arabia ramping up oil production to gain market share.

            I foresee prices for 98 will drop below $1.30 by April.

      • +4

        Come back and let us know when 98+ or 95 price is the same as 91 price.

        I will be at your service, sir

    • +2

      App is not working getting a message saying newer version for upgrade , but in play store its not showing any newer version.

    • Speedway in the Fairfield area is very cheap. The Sackville/Hamilton Road intersection has a Speedway and a Metro, both are cheap at 113.9 or 114.9. Diesel is around 123.9 or 124.9. 98RON is 134.9.

      The Speedway opposite Patrician Brother's High School, after the bridge/KFC on Horsley Drive is about the cheapest in the area 112.9, 123.9 and 131.9 for 91, Diesel, and 98 respectively.

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 Fuel $0.953/L @ Speedway Auburn
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    Cheapest in NSW according to Fuel app. Given other stations are selling this now below a $1 look around. According to Fuelcheck you can pay upto $1.65

    Even BP (Fairfield) is selling it under $1 its 97.9c

    No shortages here….

    • +1

      E10 in our area went up to 160

      • Avoid anyone Petrol stations trying to abuse this carona virus. Petrol should be @ 1bout $1.15 - $1.30

        Any higher than that, boycott!

    • Same price at Granville.

      I think we can expect these prices everywhere soon (and lower). The cruel irony being is that we won't be able to drive anywhere.

      • Not exactly, we will be able to drive anywhere, just wont be able to get out of the car😀

        • +1

          Other countries are limiting all non-essential movement, even in a car. 😔

    • 94.5c at Speedway South Granville now

  • +1

    Boycott any servo charging 1.50+

    Woolworths Caltex at airport west vic charging 1.60 a litre! Shame!

  • Merged from Unleaded 91 for 95.9 Cents @ APEX PETROLEUM VILLAWOOD
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    Cheapest fuel I have seen in Sydney, not sure how long the waiting line is on Woodville Road. This is a damn bargain if it's on your way.

  • Merged from [QLD] Unleaded 98 $1.159/L & Unleaded 91 $0.959/L @ United Virginia
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    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap

  • 1.57 in The Hills but 1.09 in Blacktown wtf

  • +1
    Merged from 95 Cents Unleaded E10 1780 Sandgate Road, Virginia QLD 4014, Australia
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    95 Cents Unleaded E10 1780 Sandgate Road, Virginia QLD 4014, Australia

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 89.9c and Regular Unleaded 99.9c a Litre - Metro Milperra
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    Metro at Milperra have insane fuel prices until 9pm tonight (Saturday March 21st)

    E10 89.9c
    91 99.9c
    95 126.5
    Diesel 109.9

    • Unleaded at Costco here in Kilburn (SA) is 87.7!

      • Our local Costco only has e10 and 98, e10 is 101.7

    • Costco was 0.88.7

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