[NSW/ACT/QLD] Fuel Watch

This is the fuel watch thread for NSW/ACT/QLD. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.

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i've been paying attention to the cheap petrol prices in Sydney lateley and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) in Sydney!

Combine this with the gift cards from the previous 5% off deal (if anyone hadn't used them all yet) and us ozbargainers are cheering!

Non-everyday rewards e10 price: 125.9c
Everyday rewards e10 price: 121.9c

Non-everyday rewards 95 price: 138.9c
Everyday rewards 95 price: 134.9c

Edit 9/5/19: This thread is now for NSW, ACT & QLD (previously was NSW only).


    • There are a lot of stations cheaper than this so not sure why it's a bargain. Use NSW Fuel Check app then select Near Me and voom the map to cover all of NSW then press List in top left to get list of cheapest stations in NSW (note there's a bug where the list will be sorted by price by default but not with prices under $1, so press sort by price again to load the ones under $1>

    • When I posted a cheap petrol deal I was told by JV that it belongs in the forums. The moderators removed the post. But since then I have seen many that remain as bargain posts. Not sure what to do now.

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        Not sure what to do now.

        Report it.

        It belongs in the forums.

  • Sydney:
    Strathfield/Bass Hill/Liverpool/Bankstown/Blacktown Caltex Woolworths stations are currently 95.7-97.9 for E10, if you use the EG Club 5c discount that makes them the cheapest in Sydney (cheapest without any strings/offers is currently 92.9 in Granville). Supposedly that discount also stacks with any 4c discount you might have through Woolworths Rewards (although I haven't tried that myself though so cannot confirm for sure).

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 $0.977/L @Costco Marsden Park (Membership Required)
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    This is extremely cheap as far as I know, $97.7 for E10 is a decent price, E10 is around $145 in all other petrol stations.

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      $97.7 seems very high for 1L fuel

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      E10 94.7 cents if you use 7 eleven app.

    • E10 is around $145 in all other petrol stations.


    • E10 94.7 @ Edgeworth 7/11.

    • I believe it is still cheaper at Metro Petroleum (96 Hoxton Park Road, Lurnea) @ 94.9c / L. In fact, dare I say that this is the cheapest e10 in the whole Sydney Metropolitan area when I posted this.

    • I paid 0.93 the other day, it's been cheap since Covid started.
      NSW fuel check app is useful

  • [QLD] Unleaded $0.89.9/L @ Metro Clontarf
    [QLD] Premium Diesel $107.9 @ Liberty Margate

  • Merged from ULP 98 $1.51 @ Pearl Energy Durack [QLD]
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    Pearl energy in durack currently has 98 for less than 95! Pretty cheap compared to other servos today

    • I paid 1.37 for premium yesterday lol

    • Belongs in the forums…

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      • Bastards are trying to recoup money they lost from this time last year in 2020..

        • Now I look at the Syd prices…. They are the same price for Shell, Caltex and BP. The thing that makes Syd prices look cheaper is the large number of independent stations.


          Big Oil : $1.90/L
          Ind : $1.45

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      Do you not have a chopper?

      • I got the Aldi one last year.

    • 139.7 at all 7/11………

  • Merged from [QLD] Unleaded 91 $1.479/L, Premium 98 $1.599/L @ Mega Fuels, Rocklea (Brisbane)
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    Got U91 at this price this afternoon and Petrol Spy still showing both at the price in title so thought I should post it! Address is 1384 Ipswich Rd but recommend you use your GPS as it's not that easy to find.

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      That’s crap. My helicopter gets 134.7 for ULP.

      • What location is that please?

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      This ain't really a deal though…

    • https://projectzerothree.info/

      U98 154.7
      11-Seven Croydon Park
      Croydon Park NSW 2133

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      147.9 for ulp? That's rubbish pricing. Don't understand how this could be posted as a deal

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        That's a bit harsh isn't it? These prices are very good for Brisbane atm with one place only a few hundred metres away selling U91 for 174.9 and U98 for 195.7. I would peeved if I filled up there and then drove past this deal.

        • You can get it cheaper if you set your location to somewhere else in Australia with the 7/11 lock-in feature.

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            @Mr-X: Thanks Mr-X. Makes sense now. Sounds like I need to work out how to hack my location for the 711 app.

        • OMG what a rip off price… cheap at the moment in NSW

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      Anything is better than what we get in CBR… its 171.9 at the moment

      • get the chopper mate. Cheapest and ozb way

      • Really?? I am in CBR and just checked 7-11 (no chopper) and can get $1.51.

        • for 98 yes, but I had the chopper fly over last week for 154.7

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          Dm. Will help setup chopper

            • @janoski: was meant for djkelly69

              • @fantoo: All good then, maybe I should DM you and compare choppers haha

          • @fantoo: Can i DM you as well? Interested in finding out how to identify the best place to land the chopper

    • This isn’t a deal, unless you ask your Premier to open the border and let me fill up.

      • Surely cheap petrol is an essential reason to cross the border????

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      copter is my best mate, always get me a ride to find cheap fuel nationwide.

    • U98 is fetching 178.9 in Tassie at the moment :'(

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      149.7 for premium 98 at Costco Brisbane today
      134.7 for diesel
      135.7 for e10

    • Bit of a sidestep, but why are we still paying $1.7x per litre when that drone strike that caused the initial price hike was nearly 2 years ago? Surely the supply has stabilised by now..

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        Supply and demand with a whole lot of market manipulation. Price fixing basically.

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        I paid 86 for 98 last year.

        Back to the 90s :D

    • Wtf just paid 1.27 today in Adelaide

      • any 7-11's nearby?

    • Freedom fuels kuraby
      U91 131.9

  • I suspect that prices in the Newcastle area have peaked, and a few outlets are starting to drop (but very slowly)

  • Merged from [QLD] Unleaded Petrol $1.339/l at JIO Underwood
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    The petrol prices in QLD are really high at the moment (ave $1.75/l). Looked on petrol spy and drove around to a few locations that they said had discounted petrol below $1.40/l in Sunnybank Hills and Acacia Ridge but those price had been updated to closer to $1.50/l. This was the only petrol station that I could find cheap petrol on the south side of Brisbane, never heard of JIO but the station seemed relatively new and decent amount of bowsers.

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      When petrol prices are $1.75 in QLD, I just use my chopper fly to another state and lock in a cheaper price at 7-eleven.
      Then I fly back to QLD to fill up my car.

      • Can I borrow the chopper? PM please

      • You must be a person of some influence, getting around the hard state borders with ease.

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          Must be Scomo

        • @BartholemewH If you are associated with master131, you can obtain exemptions to hard state borders pretty easily.

    • Was passing by Underwood today and saw the line and thought heck what is going on..
      Diesel was cheaper by 5c/l but went to 7 eleven + velocity points rather than waiting the que.

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        Is that you, Manuel?

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        Go early in the morning. Hardly any queue. Otherwise, try the old Freedom at Kuraby. Good prices too. Last time I was there, the regular diesel pump was broken. Use the hi flow one

    • Filled up at 131.9 for e10 at Liberty Karawatha (Compton Rd) this afternoon.

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        E10 might be a few cents a litre cheaper but you get 10% less fuel economy compared to 91.

        • It's more like 3%

          • @Raynes: Have to agree with alignd. E10 is 10% ethanol, meaning it's only 90% unleaded petrol

            • @Benjamin7711: Correct but suggesting that ratio results in a lofty 10% lower fuel economy would erroneously imply the ethanol has zero calorific value.

          • @Raynes: 3%, 10%, the point I was trying to make was the 2c per litre cheaper doesn't justify the loss in fuel economy. Over the course of a year, you will end up filling up more often and paying more money filling up with E10 as opposed to 91. Some people also say ethanol isn't good for your engine.

            • @aligind4h0us3: It is not good for your exhaust system as ethanol atteact s water and hence potential for premature rusting.

      • It was just a public service announcement. Liberty takes Shell Card, which is useful for me and might be for others. OP also stated:

        This was the only petrol station that I could find cheap petrol on the south side of Brisbane

    • @ Metro Tarro 2322 NSW, E10- $1.29.5, 91- $1.31.5 on PetrolSpy

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      Get to the choppa!

      Oops, wrong thread

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        Who's chopper is this?……..
        Who's Zed?
        Zed's Dead……..

    • JIO is a partnership between BP and India energy company.

      • Actually if you look at the abn it isn't.

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      I have been monitoring the fuel price from this servo and they have been immuned from the usual price fluctuations observed in other places, consistently being the area's cheapest fuel.

      • As they are a new brand that does makes sense. They don't have any regular or repeat customers so this is one way to get them - to be known as transparent and flat rate pricing.

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      Price has gone up.