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360 Degrees Rotating Time Lapse Stabilizer for GoPro DSLR USD $17.09 Shipped @ Newfrog


Newfrog has this timelapse device for $17.09 USD, so roughly $19.62 AUD. Seems like a pretty cool little device. Is able to support up to 3.5kg so should be able to support most DSLR's provided you arent using a ridiculous telephoto lens, which you wouldnt use for a timelapse anyway.

You'll need to use the coupon NF1118 to redeem. Normal price is $23.45 USD, or $26.92 AUD.

From the description:

Create 90°degree (15 minutes), 180°degree (30 minutes), 270°degree (45 minutes), 360°degree (60 minutes) sweeping time-lapse films.
Universal 1/4 screw holes, easily fixed on a tripod, etc.
Support multiple 360TL superimposed accelerated rotation.
Suitable for DSLR, ILDC small camera, Gopro sport cameras, iPhone, Android smartphones, etc.
A compact size, easy to carry.

Time setting: 60 minutes (one roll is one hour)
Setting direction: Clockwise
Running direction: Counterclockwise
Mounting screw: 1/4"
Max. load capacity: 3.5kg / 7.72Lbs
Remind lasting time: Above 3 seconds

Hope this is helpful to somebody!

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  • How anout DIY with IKEA timer

  • Thanks…just bought one. Hopefully it will get here before xmas :)

  • Awesome, been wanting something like this, thanks heaps :)

  • Thanks OP, been looking for something like this too.

  • Wow, didnt realise you could get these so cheap. Is it purely mechanical (clockwork) or does it have batteries? Cant seem to see mention of batteries so guessing mechanical.

    I wonder if it has much play in the movement that might make things look a little shaky between some frames.

    There was a site mentioned on Gizmodo recently with a good tutorial on taking time lapses of the night skies. http://www.lonelyspeck.com/

  • so, if i want to make a 360 timelapse, the only option is for it to be 1 hour? Can i adjust the rotation so that a 360 timelapse takes 2 hours or 30 minutes?

    • yeah Im a little unsure as to whether we are getting 1 roll or 2. You seem to be able to stack 2 together to change the rotation speed.

      • apparently you stack 2 together to add time, so you use 1 "thing" to get 15 minuts, 2 to get 30 and so on.

        • I believe it works the other way around….. Stack two, and it'll rotate twice as fast… Stack 4 and you'd be able to do 360' in 15mins…

  • I don't get it, what does this do exactly?

  • AU$20.34 at checkout.

  • And now that I've bought one…….. What other non start gazing everyday uses will I have for this? (I have a gopro):S

    • Aside from the usual slow timelapse pans of street/harbour/sunsets etc, I guess you could mount a plate to the top of it instead of using it on top of a tripod. Then use it to do time lapses of rotating objects (that are sitting on top of the plate). Stuff like ice/butter/ice cream melting whilst revolving, ants eating something etc… anything that happens a bit slower over one hour but might look interesting when sped up. Unfortunately, watching mould grow on a rotating apple is not going to work.

      Or how about a muddy bush motocross track deforming over time during a race, if you can get your camera into position down low right next to the track it might look interesting as the tracks from the bikes get laid down.

      • Why can't I make a time lapse of mould growing on a rotating apple?

        • Well you could but you wouldn't see much growth in an hour. Unless you kept resetting the device and then you would likely see some odd little jumps in the resultant movie unless you were very exact.

  • Lot of stock on ebay for the same product at $23.55 free shipping from china


    Thx anyway

  • don't need one but bought one anyway.

  • So how do you attach your go pro to this thing?

  • Once you're done with it you can make it double as an egg timer :)

    Or modify and egg timer and and stick a camera on it (if you only need one speed). Or stick multiple egg timers on top of each other.

  • Got my time machine device today
    Took 9 days from the shipping notification email, which is pretty impressive.

    • Hmm.. I haven't received shipping notification yet.
      When I use http://www.newfrog.com/track.html to try and track my order, it says
      "Sorry, we can't find the order with the email and order number/item number you input."

      I'll try and get on live chat with them tomorrow. Has anyone else had the same issue?

      • For some reason I got multiple emails telling me it had shipped. I was wondering if they were going to send me multiple units.

        • Live chat told me it was shipping on Nov 24 and even gave me a tracking number which was unexpected.
          Did you guys get any tracking info in your emails?

          Latest scan was departure out of China on Nov 27 so hopefully it'll arrive soon so I can play with it over the Xmas break too :)

        • @unco: I did get a tracking number, but I never looked at it

        • Ok these clowns actually sent me 2

    • Just received mine as well. Surprised, since items I've ordered from China before (via ebay) tend to take around 3 weeks to arrive. Looking forward to use it during the upcoming festivities.

  • Mine finally arrived today and it doesn't work :(
    I followed the instructions, rotate a full 360 degrees and then turn it back to the setting required but then it doesn't do anything.
    Did you guys have any problems?

    • Works fine, what do you mean you "turn it back to setting"?
      You only twist it to set the timer, then it rotates itself back into position.

      I only wish there was a timer that did a 180 deg pan over a longer period of time. Oh and also wish I had a cheap mechanised slider.

      • Yeah that's how I figured it was supposed to work, just like a normal egg timer, just set and go but it didn't work.
        I checked the instruction booklet and it says:

        Operating instructions:
        1. Twist the dial one full turn in a clockwise direction.
        2. Then turn it anti-clockwise to the minute setting desired.
        3. The alarm will ring when the time elapses.

        Tried steps 1 and 2 thinking that was my problem but it still won't start ticking away and rotating back to position.
        I think I have a faulty unit, the two pieces aren't sitting perfectly on top of one another.. rather tilting a little bit to one side.
        Bugger :(

  • I spoke with Newfrog's online chat and had a quite frustrating time with them.

    Some of the notable moments.

    Topic: Hi, I purchased the following item from you: http://www.newfrog.com/p/360-degrees-rotating-time-lapse-sta...
    My order number is ########## I have just received the item but it isn't working. I twist the timer to set the time but it doesn't rotate back.

    sales1 12:46:35 PM
    pls wait, we will check
    Me 12:46:49 PM
    Ok thankyou
    Me 1:00:28
    sales1 1:01:08 PM
    can you tell us your problem about the item again?

    sales1 1:08:19 PM
    sorry, we need to confirm it
    Me 1:08:27 PM
    And how long will that take?
    sales1 1:09:12 PM
    sorry, up to now we don't know. we need to wait the reply from our supplier
    we will answer you as soon as possible when we get the answer
    Me 1:09:52 PM
    Yes but does that mean I have to wait online today? Or will you email me in future?
    sales1 1:10:36 PM
    you can choose, email or online?

    sales1 1:13:48 PM
    pls listen to whether there is a tick sound
    Me 1:14:02 PM
    There is no tick sound
    sales1 1:14:40 PM
    pls wait, we will check again
    Me 1:14:55 PM
    I set it to the 30 minute setting and I waited. Since then it hasn't moved at all
    sales1 1:21:04 PM
    pls flap it with the hand to see whether can rotate
    Me 1:21:25 PM
    what do you mean flap it? shake it?
    sales1 1:22:48 PM
    pat it use your hand

    After 50 minutes, I got offered for another unit to be sent then to be told it was out of stock.
    Finally got a refund, phew!